The Choice Was Yours

We all make choices, good and bad, smart and dumb. That’s what comes from being a human being. We all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect. Yet, in order to grow you must acknowledge the mistake made and work on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

With social ills certain people unfortunately face, those with certain privileges, in all their self-righteousness, feel the need to lecture the victims on the ‘wrong’ choices they’ve made, as if they didn’t know any better. However, sometimes the victims were harmed or offended by those with society-based privileges. Yet, it is still their fault, and they are given an unrequested, condescending dressing down on why.

The privileged offenders will have defenders. People will try to justify why it was they did what they did. They will excuse their bad behavior while putting the victim(s) on blast. The subject of choices only appears when a point is made that “someone else did it, and that person wasn’t lashed at or punished” the way the offender is being.

There are even times where the privilege will choose to blame those for reacting to actions against them. If they get mad, it is still their fault. The privilege expects the lesser privileged to behave in ways according to them. The lesser privileged can never get upset or mad if they are insulted in a way that cuts deep.The privilege seems it is their right to be assholes, and if other people don’t like it, they can go fuck themselves.

If this is about choices, let’s confront it entirely. It was the choices of the more privileged to oppress, marginalize and demonize certain people for being – certain people. It was the choices of the privileged to see certain people as single-mind monoliths. And it was the choice of the privilege to become haters of humanity.

It’s a choice to become a racist, sexist, misogynist and homophobe. It was never a choice to be born with color, a gender or a sexual preference.

5 thoughts on “The Choice Was Yours

  1. @ Brothawolf

    ” The subject of choices only appears when a point is made that “someone else did it, and that person wasn’t lashed at or punished” the way the offender is being. ”

    This reminds me of the defenders of Chris Brown pointing to Charile Sheen.

    I’m most disturbed by non-white people that almost defend the privileged person’s offensive statements by saying that only someone that fits the described stereotype would take offense. I’ve read middle class BW on-line say that misogynist rap music isn’t talking about them but only those other BW. They do not fit the description of the evil hobgoblin black female hood rat of urban black folklore, therefore, they are emotionally above it all and unaffected. This puts the BW that is critical of toxic hip hop culture on the defensive with the privileged person and the BW that has basically come to his defense.

    The republicans have taken to “renting negroes”. They’ll find a black conservative to wag his finger at those lazy black people and lecture us on how dysfunctional we supposedly are. People have a tendency to get emotional and angry when asked to defend their humanity for the 99th time. Any anger or emotion will be used as proof that “those people” are irrational and not capable of having an logical rational debate. I love how these people throw the words “rational” and “logical” around. This tactic envokes a sterotype threat response in a non-white person or white woman.

  2. Not sure if you linked my post as a way to illustrate that I think I’m “above it all” but anybody who has read or who truly understands any of my work, knows that I advocate against and write a lot about respectability politics. My post on black feminism is ME railing against those who think I need to BEG for my humanity.

    Not sure what the intention is here, for embedding my post… if it’s not in an accusatory way, then I stand corrected.

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