Mainstream Music Movers

The following is a list of names, courtesy of Rap Rehab’s petition against the music industry, are the people who are currently in charge of the mainstream recording industry:

Jay Stevens, Radio One
Doug Morris, Sony Music
Monte and Avery Lipman, Universal Records
Stephen Hill, BET
Steve Bartels, Universal Music
Joie Manda, Def Jam
Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Records
Jeff Smulyan, Emmis
Ebro Darden, HOT 97, NYC
Rocko (left), A1 Recordings
Doc Wynter, Clear Channel
Rick Cummings, Emmis
Jimmy Steal, Emmis-LA
Craig Kallman, Atlantic Records
Julie Greenwald, Atlantic Records

Why does it matter who these people are?  The people who control the largest media companies are all white males. They own at least 95% of the mainstream media networks. The content you see on the magic box are all owned by a handful of wealthy white men. So, what you see is from the perspectives of sheltered white males.

As you can see from the list, the recording industry’s movers and shakers are a tad bit more diverse. Yet, most of the people on this list are white and male.

Does it matter who controls the entertainment and news media? Unfortunately, yes. In a racist, sexist, classist, homophobic society such as the US those issues are still present not only in real life, but newsrooms and recording studios. Ideas for news shows and movies and certain songs may see the light of day. It all depends on who decides what gets shown to the public.

Some stuff that filters through the process will entertain certain audiences while offending others. Is it due to the fact that most of the people behind it are white and male? Part of it. However, there are diverse producers and directors who will cater to the wants of white audiences while leaving maginalized people hanging or insulted.

Music is by no means an exception. For instance, most of today’s music by black artists, especially rappers, are virtually the same glorifying the ills that destroy society, the black community in particular. Most videos feature rappers almost completely tattooed, wearing bling surrounded by mostly light-skin black women and nonblack women booty shaking and showing lots of skin. Most songs only cover how much stuff they (supposedly) own, how many women they have or will fuck and how much crime they (again, supposedly) have committed or will commit all while portraying themselves as ‘hood’ or ‘gangsta’. And this is what you will hear and see 90% of the time.

Even if it has some influence on the youth, it doesn’t matter. “It’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor what they’re listen to or looking at,” or so the cop out goes. Here’s the deal, there are parents who do their part, but not all young people have responsible adults in their lives. Hell, some hardly have any guidance. Period. How many of these music industry folks have children of their own, and how many of them take care of them and follow their own damn advice?

Is some of what you see and hear an illusion? Yes. Some of ‘artists’ are not – as it’s constantly excused – keeping it real. It is all smoke and mirrors as they don’t have any of that shit. Is it racial stereotyping black men? Of course. But none of that matters to the rappers, their audiences, the music execs, the people behind the scenes in charge of beats, videos, etc. and the stock holders invested in the company. Money talks and bullshit walks.

There needs to be a balance, something for all people. Mainstream rap mostly caters to young white, suburban audiences. Let’s be honest. It’s almost like a modern day minstrel show in that regard, becoming stereotypes for the entertainment of for white people. Of course, the usual excuse as to the lack of balance is because anything else won’t sell. It’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

Is it the reason why mainstream rap and the music industry in general is failing. That’s part of it, but there are other factors. Nevertheless, I – for one – got tired of the same old stuff, especially if it has nothing to see or say that hasn’t been new. It’s like reading the same book over and over again. People are starting to get sick of mainstream music as well. At the end of the day, the industry only has itself to blame for only obsessing with certain images, including the racist and sexist ones.


6 thoughts on “Mainstream Music Movers

  1. This white music executive and radio station owners don’t care about the garbage that destroys the psyche of the black youth. I am glad Reebock broke it off with Rick Ross. I despise Jimmy Iovine. When he is judging on American Idol his commentary is always negative when a black person sings something positive. He will make disparaging comments. He just comes off as racist to me. I just don’t know what to make of Stephen Hill.

  2. as you wisely pointed out bro the same minstrel act of the past. why because they have to believe these stereotypes are will to have something to laugh at besides themselves. its an excuse to have white pride in a past that is completely evil. and it also shapes the ideas of the black youth who as you said some have no guidance. i am 38 they made it cool to kill ourselves and boast about it. now they make it seem cool to be a complete fool. and of course whites based their entire opinion of these stereotypes nothing has changed.

    1. Exactly. White pride of this nature is nothing short of bullying to make whites feel good about being white, hateful and ignorant. It is a mindnumbing sickness.

  3. They have a total monopoly on the industry. These people love putting out negative images of blacks. The problem is we don’t control our own images. These whites(Jews) do everything they can to keep their power and control. Nothing but devils in my opinion. Screw them! They can all go to hell!!

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