Notable Links: 04-05/13

Roger Ebert to White Heckler: Don’t Tell Asian-American Directors How To Represent Their People

Roger Ebert, writer and film critic, has died. An unparalleled and conscientious figure in the field of film criticism, he’s owed a debt of gratitude by all of us who believe that pop culture is at its best when it’s critiqued and put in context with the society that produced it. He is survived by his wife Chaz Ebert.

NYPD Commission Ray Kelly ‘Wanted to Instill Fear’ in Black and Latino Men

State Sen. Eric Adams, a retired NYPD captain, took the stand Monday in the landmark stop-and-frisk federal trial to testify about a 2010 conversation with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. During his testimony at the Floyd vs. City of New York trial, Adams said Kelly purposely targeted black and Latino to men to ensure they knew were being watched “every time that they left their homes.”

45 Years Ago Today Dr. Martin Luther King Was Killed By the U.S. Government

Today April 4th 2013 marks the 45th anniversary that Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated.. I want folks reading this to be crystal clear about a couple of things.. First, do not mention King’s death and reduce it to the work of a deranged man name James Earl Ray..If the local or national corporate backed media talks about Dr King’s death in those terms, then they are negligent. In fact its safe to say they are complicit in helping cover up what should disturbing to all of us.. Dr Martin Luther King was killed by the FBI.. he was killed by our US government.. He was one of many victims to the FBI’s Counter Intelligence program best known as Cointel-Pro..

Training Day & Easy Prey: Controlling Black People Through Police Intimidation

On March 21st, some residents of the Ida Yarbrough Apartments were frightened and traumatized when police officers in camouflage pants and blue jackets fired blank ammunition and threw flash grenades as part of a training exercise near their homes. Some residents in the soon-to-be demolished housing project were not informed of the drill in advance. The training exercise even included fake blood.


8 thoughts on “Notable Links: 04-05/13

  1. as far as king’s murder his attempts to bring attention to poverty was the last straw. if he was able to get poor whites to listen to his message. maybe they would have stopped voting for policies that disenfranchise them as well due to the at least we are not black group think

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