Guest Post: Hank Aaron and the 700 Club

by Lavern Merriweather

Since the start of baseball season 2013 is currently upon us, I thought I do a post reflecting the sport particularly a major event that happened in 1974. That’s when the great Hank Aaron hit his 700th homer, tying then surpassing former home run king Babe Ruth. About six years ago a sportswriter, whose name I forget, said that when he did an interview with Mr. Aaron, and he brought up that ‘special moment’, Mr. Aaron refused to talk about. He claimed that is was too painful, and I can only imagine the reason for that is all the hatred and vitrol he received from white assholes who were angry that he had passed their precious Mr. Ruth.

That is why I became very angry when I saw the posters from white folks at baseball games taunting Barry Bonds and invoking the name of the legendary Mr. Aaron. So, those *bleep bleeps* are just completely oblivious – as usual – to what their relatives and ancestors have done to bring hurt and anguish to a black man. I can’t say what I really want to about those people here because it’s way too vulgar, but trust me when I say those self-righteous folks would get quite an earful no doubt.

Their hypocritical ignorance is yet another example of many whites in America who never acknowledge their own wickedness. There was even one absolutely, full of it columnist who had the utter gall to imply that all the death threats and profane phone calls Mr. Aaron got was a result of Jim Jones followers trying to start a ‘race war’. Are you fucking kidding me? I swear to God white people would blame their shit on animated tweety birds if they thought they could get away with it. But they can’t, just like they have no business whatsoever saying one word to Barry Bonds about Hank Aaron, unless they want me to go there with all the vile and racist phone calls made by their family members. And if you haven’t heard them, believe me when I say it’s worse than you could ever possibly imagine.

He was called every nasty, hateful name in the book, but instead of trying to rectify the shitty way Mr. Aaron was treated, those assholes would rather find a new target, and then, attach his name to it. One even had the nerve to say that Mr. Aaron did it with ‘class’. Right, while people that looked like you were just showing the part without the CL.

It also brings to mind those white people who love to whine that they aren’t responsible for what their ancestors did 150 years ago. My math is a little screwy, but I don’t think 1974 was that long ago. In fact it’s only been 39 years since then. So in all likelihood many of the haters who verbally brutalized Mr. Aaron are still very much alive and apparently raising a new group of bigoted slimeballs.

The media is also a target of my wrath, because I feel that they enjoy fanning the flames of racism while they sit back and pretend they are unbiased and above it all, but don’t be fooled. They are just as racist and hatemongering as those in the public – actually more so, because their words – sad to say – carry a lot of power. Don’t get it twisted. Whatever mentality is creeping through the minds of John and Jane Q. Whitey, it came from the mouths of the media first.

They are even still doing it to this day when former superstar Frank Thomas made a disparaging comment about the exceptional groundbreaking Jackie Robinson. A lot of supposedly pious white males in the media gave him crap for it. Yet, when loudmouth pinhead sportscaster Mike North got a phone call from someone who made a valid comment about all the racism Mr. Robinson received from unbelievably racist fans, North hung up on him. Doesn’t surprise me, that’s how a white person would react. They can be all high and mighty until someone, and in this case literally, calls them on it. Then it’s discussion over.

How much you want to bet that the whole little grandstanding by those phony pissants would end real quick if I were to very unkindly remind them of how disgracefully Mr. Aaron was treated by whites for of all things breaking a home run record. Although I don’t think that’s what those arrogant little snots were so pissed off about, it was that a Negro was doing it and doing it successfully. I vaguely recall when that happened, but I’m sure under any other circumstances, that would have been a pivotal moment in his life, one that he would and should have been able to treasure and look back on with the utmost of pride. But because of stupid, hate-filled, whiny, crass and bitter expletives, he can’t.

Just like I can’t take seriously any of the bellyaching from pissy white people lecturing Barry Bonds over what is more childish temper tantrum throwing bullshit meant to look like ‘outrage’ over cheating. Spare me, those punks are only complaining because they can’t handle that there is already one black man in front of their wonderful little Ruth. So, God forbid there be two. Especially one who doesn’t exactly fit their definition of humble, as if he should be to a bunch of hypocrites and fools caught up in protecting records that don’t even belong to them exclusively. Newsflash pricks, there already IS a black man in front of Ruth and he did it with flying colors. So, you know what you can do with your supposed disgust.

One thought on “Guest Post: Hank Aaron and the 700 Club

  1. Wonderful post, Lavern! Thank you for putting this one your site, Brothawolf! I am such an admirer of Mr. Hank Aaron, just looking at that pisx makes me think of all the ball games I went to in the 80’s as a kid-and I always wished that this Legend was one of the players that I could have had the privilege to witness in action!

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