Guest Post: Fuck the Police

by Lavern Merriweather

By now we have all heard about the sad senseless and tragic death of Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton, the latest in a very long and horrible line of recent deaths giving unwanted attention to the city. What is also bringing attention to the young girl’s death is the fact that many of the residents in her neighborhood, as well as in Chicago period, have flat out refused to assist law enforcement in their efforts to find her killer. There are two suspects in custody, but some in the media claim that they would have found them a lot sooner if the people who lived in that area had been more cooperative.

So of course, the high minded Negro brigade has to whine yet again about the whole ‘stop snitching’ mentality in many poor urban black communities. They appear to be completely oblivious to the fact that most – if not all – of the animosity from black people is the very fault of cops themselves. Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Michael Stewart, Bernard Monroe, Malice Green, Tynisha Miller, Latanya Haggerty, Rekia Boyd, Eleanor Bumpers, Timothy Thomas and Oscar Grant are just a few of the names of black folks that have lost their lives at the hands of police often times for bullshit reasons or – in the case of Oscar – apparently no reason whatsoever, and many times with little to no repercussions for the guilty officers who brutally murdered innocent and unarmed citizens.

In fact most of those thugs get nothing but a fucking slap on the wrist, always with the excuse that they were just doing their job or felt under duress. Now tell me, how the HELL are you going to be under duress when you are the one who started the conflict in the first damn place? If they felt so in fear for their lives, maybe they shouldn’t walk around with their dicks on their shoulder itching for a fight. There is an old saying that goes ‘people who go around looking for trouble will most of the time find it’. Yet, cops who harass and bully private citizens just minding their own business very rarely face any repercussions with many of them still retaining their position of authority that they can continue to abuse, and non-black people wonder why we hate them so much.

The problem is that those who complain of ‘stop snitching’ never delve deep enough under the surface to figure out why there is so much disgust and distrust from African-Americans to the boys and girls in blue. I distinctly recall two white DJs having a discussion about this subject, and the lady remarked that the relationship between cops and blacks is a dilemma. Well gee, you think?

But what makes it so terrible is that nobody wants to talk about the dilemma. They just want to bitch about stop snitching, and then call it a day.

Before any of the angry Andys start yapping, I’m not defending those that are black who commit crimes or do bad things. However, what gets me is that so many cops will talk about the 90 percent as opposed to the 10 percent. Then, turn right around and treat all black people like that 10 percent.

I’ll bet damn near every black person reading this post can vividly remember some unfortunate run-in with a cop who was probability white and wanting a fight. Not to say that some black cops can’t be dicks too. Hell, some of the worst offenders with other blacks are black cops. It seems that once they put on that blue, they think the black part doesn’t matter. BULLSHIT! If they think that stupid little gold shield will shield them from the overzealous racism many of us suffer, then they can guess again.

I believe it was the ABC classic “Barney Miller” where we saw that very scenario played out when a plain clothes Harris played by Ron Glass was violently confronted by fellow officers. Because as one of them put it, we thought he was just another…Then, he cut himself off before things got a little too real. Well, unlike the ones who actually wear the uniform, we don’t get that luxury.

There is nothing to protect us in the moment. Only angry rhetoric coupled with a few protests and maybe a riot or two with nothing being resolved until the next shooting. Then, the somber pattern gets repeated again and again, all while the high minded crowd live in their little high towers of ignorance thinking that’s it’s totally the fault of the teenager running with the loaf of bread or the pound cake.

I got news for those folks, none of the black people I mentioned above were ever involved in anything criminal as far as I know, not that it matters. Just like it most likely won’t matter that the cops involved will continuously come up with bullshit and lies to justify why they were there to begin with or do everything possible to slander any black person that becomes the victim of their arrogance and bigotry. Let’s not kid ourselves here. It aint at all a coincidence that the majority of police shootings are black regardless of age or gender. Keep in mind, I said majority. I don’t disregard that white people get it too, but it will never equal the decades long violation of basic civil rights that black people get denied on a daily basis by cops.

Even celebrities aren’t immune .Almost every young black men who is famous has a story in his past about an incident with the police. It’s practically become a rite of passage if you are black in America, and it shouldn’t be. But what makes it sadder is the black people with the loudest most respected voice use them instead to point fingers and play blame the victim. Right, a five year-old in handcuffs and a nine year-old in handcuffs must have just had it coming according to them. Next time, I say we have some black people in the high minded group be forced to deal with the police and see if they are still on the cops side then.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fuck the Police

  1. Well Kushite beat me to it. I was going to reference NWA as well. That’s pretty much what it boils down to.

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