Guest Post: Deadbeat Dads

by Lavern Merriweather

What do Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Stephen King, and Andre Agassi all have in common? Well, besides being rich, white and famous, they all also grew up without a father in their lives. Yet, according to the white male media elite, growing up fatherless or in a single parent home seems to be a problem that exists solely in the black community.

Many white males, especially in the sports media, love to yack incessantly about the young black male athletes who had no father figure. Some even devote entire columns to the situation, but to me it’s all part and parcel of white males who can’t wait to point out flaws of black males that they are guilty of their damn selves. I’m pretty sure the people above who I just mentioned are only a few of the names of white celebrities that didn’t have daddy available when they were children. Just like I’m sure they are plenty of black male athletes whose father was and still is a part of their life.

Now, I may not be an athlete, but I did have my father around, up until the time he passed away in 2005. So, it really burns my ass when white males in the media try to make fathers who don’t give a crap an issue just for black males. I could also very easily go there with weasel scumbags like Levi Johnson or Tom Brady or actor Billy Cruddup who all three dumped their pregnant significant others to marry other women. Talk about some prince charming’s in the making huh?!

Granted, I understand that all of those so-called ‘men’ are making an effort to be in their babies out-of-wedlock lives. However, they could have had a much easier time of it if they had actually married their babies’ mommas instead of what they did do, which was to knock them up, and then, hurry to the next waiting person with a heartbeat and a vagina.

Then, we have the world’s biggest asshole John Edwards who not only cheated on his wife Elizabeth who was bravely battling cancer, but then he denied the paternity of the child with his mistress Reille Hunter. That whole mess looked like a Maury show begging to happen. Still, very few – if any – of the white male morality media brigade ever held that prick’s feet to the fire, nor did they make an issue out of the fact that he let his daughter go for two years with no male role model in the home.

I remember on the Tyra talk show when there was a young white woman who lamented about the stereotype of only black men not being there for their kids. She brought up the fact that her brother, who I assume is white as well, had a daughter, and that, he did zero to provide for her spiritually, physically, emotionally or most important, financially. So, I guess to him, his little girl might not as well even exist just like to white males the idea that there are those who look like them that don’t take care of the seeds they have sown.

And that’s another thing it really gets me how the holier-than-thou, haughty, white male media crowd will always harp on any famous black male with multiple children out of wedlock but completely ignore the white male celebrities with 15 kids by 12 different women. I suppose sports writer Mitch Albom felt some type of moral obligation to lecture football player Antonio Cromartie about the fact that he has several children the same age, not because they are triplets or anything, but because they were all born at the same time to different mothers. After reading his very racist and self-righteous load of tripe, I wrote Mr. Albom a not so nice email reminding him that there are just as many white males with babies born to women who they haven’t bothered to wed if they even ever planned to at all. But see, that’s perfectly acceptable since to white males, it will always be ‘do as I say NOT as I do’. That makes it so much better to be judgmental when you can point out the faults of others, but never yourself. It also makes it that much easier to live in your little world of glory thinking that you are above everyone not like you i.e. those filthy little minorities with their many babies.

This is why I believe a travesty like “All My Babies Mommas” gets green lit for a major cable network. They want yet another opportunity to point and mock saying ‘see we aren’t like those irresponsible Negroes who can’t keep their legs closed’, or black males who can’t keep their penis in their pants, then run like hell when the nine months are up.

There was even a snotty little Hispanic comedian who joked that the reason why 50 Cent’s song “Magic Stick” was such a hit is because it reflected what happens when a black man gets a woman pregnant, namely that he disappears.Right, because you will NEVER have a Latin man make a baby, then skip out on the woman whose life he has irrevocably altered, nor apparently do you have white males do it either. No, deadbeat dads are exclusively black according to their bullshit logic.

Just like to pissant no talent Sarah Silverman, the only teens having babies are black despite the fact that there are high profile teen white girls like Brittney Spears younger sister who had a baby at 16. And don’t even get me started on the MTV nonsense “Teen Mom” which not only ridiculously tries to make teen pregnancy among white girls acceptable but make them ‘stars’ on top of that. How pathetic. Never mind that it also sends the worst and extremely wrong message to impressionable girls of any race.

But the holier-thans can’t hear reason or logic with all the sand clogging up their ears, since that’s where they keep their heads. Maybe it’s up their ass. I really can’t even tell anymore.


11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Deadbeat Dads

  1. That;s the name of the game with whites. Deflect attention from their own troubles by concentrating on blacks and their ‘troubles’. These are the same clowns who vote against birth control to begin with, unless the white women want to fuck half the men in a town or city. The dummer white chicks are the ones who get pregnant, but then it is solely their fault. But no matter, they will get by as they are white. Besides, there is always the black folk to fall back on when they want to draw attention from their own behaviour. Whites are individuals after all.

  2. Great points Lavern! You nailed it pretty well. They always want to paint us with a broad brush. But they’ve been having babies out of wedlock for a looooong time!lol These people kill me.

  3. Great post, It’s always the pot calling the kettle black with some white people when they want to judge and criticize black people.

  4. I’m aching to respond to the common white male and female hypocrisy and double standards toward Black men and their families. They always want to point out the flaws of Black men while ignoring the fathering of out of wedlock children by nonblack men. Examples, Kevin Federline. Mr. Federline had two Black kids by Shar Jackson before marrying Britney Spears. Mick Jagger is another white man who fathered many children by different fathers. He publicly denied that he was the father of Marsha Hunt’s daughter, Karis, for many years. Meanwhile, racist Donald Trump had multiple wives and children from many women and no one bats an eye. In fact, his white male privilege shield him from criticism.

    My point is that nonblack men have out of wedlock children and deadbeats. It’s unfair and racist to paint Black men as the “baby daddies.”, forgetting that for centuries, white men have been the original deadbeat daddies. Look at American history: Strom Thurmond and Thomas Jefferson.

  5. LOL It’s funny that people on here are saying the same thing I just said recently on Diary of a Negress’ website about the slave masters being the original baby daddies. But as we all know, White privilege shields them from criticism whereas criticism of Black men is rampant.

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