Fuck the Music Industry

The firestorm behind former security guard-turned-rapper Rick Ross’ lyric that promotes date rape is burning strong. The lyric describes how he will slip something known as a molly into a woman’s drink, take her home and have sex without her knowing it. Many people are pressuring the rapper to apologize for his words only to be shunned by an interview where he said that it was all a “misunderstanding“. SMH.

Meanwhile, the suits within the industry that promotes Ross will remain silent. They will continue promoting rappers that are more than willing to degrade women for the right price. Before we know it, another so-called artist will fuck up, probably worse than Ross and the whole cycle will start all over again. 

Fans of Rick Ross will support him. Those backing him will say how it’s the parent’s responsibility as to what they should listen to. There will be people blaming rappers like Ross on single parent homes ran by mothers. Some will put the blame entirely on the rappers. And there will be the usual “It’s just entertainment” excuse. 

At this point, I’m sick and tired of the music industry’s brand of what rap and hip-hop is. I’m sick and tired of the constant obsession with industry execs looking for the most lyrically laziest rapper in existence. I’m sick and tired of the industry obsessed with the gangster gimmick, searching for wannabes who will parade themselves around as bling-laced thugs with a criminal background when their rap sheet is nonexistent. I’m sick and tired of ‘mass-produced’ songs with virtually the same voice tone, same lyrical flow, same content and same beat, but by different corporate rappers. I’m sick and tired of the same, tired assed materialism, degradation of women, and glorification of drugs, intraracial violence and all around ratchetness as if it’s black authenticity. I’m sick and tired of the closed minded assumption that these songs and videos are “proof” that the entire black race thinks this bullshit is cool. Above all, I’m sick and tired of the (mostly) white male dominated music industry and their spineless slaves. 

Let’s get this straight. I still love rap and hip-hop. I’ve grown up listening to it since I was able to walk and talk. But, you can not deny that it hasn’t gotten this bad until music executives decided and determined what constitutes as rap and hip-hop. The music that was created as a voice for the oppressed against power became a voice for power while rallying oppression. In other words today’s beloved mainstream hip-hop artists, or any other artist for that matter, are nothing but mere slaves for the modern plantation

That’s right, these the rappers that are loved by many whose songs are played on rotation on radio stations across the nation and whose videos appear on music video channels are just house negroes who are just dogs for the oppressive music establishment. How ‘gangster’ can they be if they kiss the asses of their oppressors with their songs and images? 

This has been an issue for years. There have been numerous protests and petitions asking for a balance in content. It’s obvious that the industry could care less about the damage it’s doing. Like any other corporation bent on more profits, money speaks louder than words. What can be done to make them be held accountable for their “business practices?”

There is hope in the form of independent rappers who do not succumb to the whims of the troubled business. There are true artists who speak out against oppression, violence towards women, violence in general and any other social ill that the industry thinks is marketable. Those artists are not only outspoken, but are highly talented. They don’t dumb down their lyrics for anyone, not even for the sake of being spotted by a top record label.

The music industry will avoid any and all responsibilities for their part in this issue. As you know, the overprivileged hates to be held accountable for anything they’ve done wrong. Yet, if we are to push rappers like Rick Ross to be more responsible for their content, we must also pressure the industry to do the same thing. If we are going all the way, we must address this problem in its entirety as it’s more than just a media problem.

Violence against women were around long before the advent of rap and modern media. This is more than just a case of an ignorant rapper with a warped attitude towards women and sex. It is the entire culture of oppression against women, a culture where date rape is ominously common and hidden. It is imperative that men and boys – not just women and girls – must be taught the truths about rape and misogyny. It can start with action against the media companies that promote this form of oppression and profit by it thanks – in part – to musicians like Rick Ross that spread this nonsense, but by no means will it and can it end there. 


11 thoughts on “Fuck the Music Industry

  1. The soulless bastards that are the music executives do not care about black people or the welfare of black women being violated and objectified. The artist need to be held accountable for the trash lyrical content of their music. I agree with this thread. Yeah, Brotha Wolf, The music industry is a shitbox.

  2. I wish someone would give that bastard Rick Ross a breast reduction and sprinkle some dexatrim in them damn blunt he smokes….. Damn just damn!!

  3. Old school rap…yep those were the good ol days.

    I still remember those times. From the early to late 80’s, that good music was sounds to my soul. Whodini..Cyress Hill, The Sugar Hill Gang, UTFO( remember ” Roxanne Roxanne”..lol! I didn’t think the verbal battle would stop) and others. I loved those groups for being original, clear and sending a message to their fans.

    These days , I can’t say that with most of hip-hop. To describe it, it’s depressing. It’s the opposite of how I describe old school rappers. If they aren’t rapping about money( Im so sick of it), its about B——s! as some of them like to say. Ooh..just listening to some of those guys blast their car radios with that music disgusts me to the core. You can’t even understand what is being sinaid in the lyrics these days. It’s like me trying to learning French ..its just difficult to grasp. Even with the late Easy-E( I only listened to a microscopic sample and never listened to him again. I hate that the rap world knew about him because of gangsta rap), Ice-T and other old school gangsta rappers, nasty as some of the lyrics was in their music, you could understand what they were conveying far more than what today’s hip hop rappers are rapping. With the exception of a few, hip-hop just seem repetitive and meaningless.

    Im just as nauseous as you and some of these other guys about it. In the day, when people was rapping it was about fun,now as you hear it with sports and TVshows, its about a business. Music execs don’t care about all of that and you can tell it because a lot of what you hear these days is incoherent and they still get paid for the mess. Not that long ago, I complained about what I call the new ” Blaxploitation”. No, it’s not about Black people making a fool of themselves in some B- rated movie, this time Blaxploitation is about Black people being exploited by music execs. Oh no! Im not going to let hip-hop rappers get away with this because they have a responsibility also. They don’t have to downgrade themselves, women or their communities like that but as the saying goes “Money talks and fools walk”.

    1. Sorry but I FAIL to see how the hip-hop industry is any more souless than Hollyweird or any other form of entertainment. Daniel Tosh a very unfunny comedian made a joke about rape I don’t recall everyone here being up in arms about that. Or when you had dumbasses in Hollyweird defending a child rapist aka Roman Polanski. Or when the sports medi was silent as mice about TWO rape accusations against Steelers quaterback Ben Rotheliseberger. And a rape accusation against sportscaster Marv Albert I’m really disappointed that you all choose to play the media’s game of singling out black men only. As for Stuebnville there was alos the ‘spur’ posse composed of only white males the football players on the all white Unviersity of Colorado team and the many rapes reported at Woodstock 99. Either you all are going to get real on the issue and criticize everybody or you are going to be just guilty as white people in engaging in selective persecution.

      1. Very good points. I think it’s because certain people are compassionate about hip-hop and are concerned with the direction it’s in. Of course, it is no different than mainstream media, which is all under the control of mostly white men. Still, it was something that was started as a voice against oppression, but then got turned into a voice for oppression the moment certain people took over.

  4. @ Lavern I think you made some good points and comparisons about the differences in hues if you will, between those who are Black men vs others who are known to have gotten “freaky” like ole’ Marv Alpert, the annoying Tosh, etc. I also understand where Brothawolf (and many other men and women, like myself) are coming from when idiots such as Ross and so on spit out stupidity as they do, because hip-hop lovers (the truE ones) really, really, care about this form of expression. Especially since it was for many people one that has spoken to them the deepest-and besides, White males can get away with saying and doing ridiculous things more, so even though 2 wrongs don’t make a right-at the end of the day POC are more harmed by the negativity of those such as Ross & Co. and it is only understandable that they would want to speak out on, and combat these harmful Puppets of the so-called Industry’s corrosive messages…

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