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We need to wake up and be aware that America has a disturbed attitude when it comes to women and violence against them. In recent months, rape culture seems to be on overdrive against anyone who challenges it.

We’ve seen it when Zerlina Maxwell appeared on Fox News to discuss that the best way to fight rape and sexual assault is to teach young men what it is, how it’s destructive and what can be done to stop it. In almost no time was Maxwell instantly attacked online and threatened by a few lonely, crazed trolls.

We’ve seen evidence that rape culture played a role in protecting the two high school students convicted of raping a drunken girl at a party in Steubenville, Ohio. It was also behind the coverage behind that case. As expected there were quite a few individuals who defended the two teens while threatening the victim. 

Next, we have Rick Ross whose recent single advocates date rape within the song’s lyrics. Rosa Clemente, a long time hip hop activist, called out the former correctional officer-turned rapper with this video as she asks all men in hip-hop to step up and stop the continual disrespect of women: 

Along with the issues of rape within the military, politicians playing politics regarding the passing of the Violence Against Women Act and the asinine forms of entertainment that see rape as a punchline and as sexual healing, it’s safe to say that we live in a pretty disturbed society. 

When there are those who stand up and oppose the culture of rape and violence against women, there are people who misinterpret it as an attack against men. Sometimes people bring up the argument that males get raped as well, which is true. Men do get raped. We have young men who are raped by trusted officials like teachers and religious leaders. No one is arguing against that. Still, activists want to put an end to the entire culture all together, and it must get to the heart of the issue which won’t be comfortable (as if it’s supposed to be) but necessary all the same. And the issue is that men need to be taught how to not rape. Point blank. 

Yet, some people see rape culture as a part of human existence the some way they also see racism and homophobia as being “natural”. Many folks believe that rapists, particularly males, can not help themselves. They argue that they are just “guys being guys”, who were just horny. Some may even go so far as to say that if a man wants sex, he should get it, and a woman’s rejection is actually her way of saying ‘yes’. Whatever the argument is, blame and responsibility lies with the victim or victims, another culture this society seems hooked on.

If we see rape as something that cannot be stopped, guess what? In the end, it won’t get stopped. It won’t stop no matter how armed and aware women are. Men will still try and get what they want even if the woman fights back and stops her attacker. Still, even an unsuccessful attempt can be traumatizing. 

It is imperative that society teaches its males as openly and honestly as possible. Why men? Because most rapes in this nation are caused by males and we live in a society where patriarchy is institutionalized. Sure, there are instances where women rape men, particularly young boys and teens. This is all part of the heinous culture that must end. 

Lies and myths must be confronted and challenged. Support and defense of it must acknowledged and stopped. And the code of silence must break. All that is asked is that men do more and help fight. What’s so wrong about that?