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News feeds everywhere is focusing on a recent attempted robbery gone horribly wrong in Brunswick, Georgia. A mother with her infant son was confronted by two teens who wanted money. When she said she didn’t have any, they shot at her. She survived, but her son did not. 

Police recently apprehended the two teens. One of them, when police entered his home, didn’t know why he was being arrested. He will be charged as an adult.  

The news is everywhere about this senseless crime. And no wonder, The mother is white, her son was Hispanic-mixed, and the two teens are African American. Expect this story to make the rounds on the popular hate sites. 

Anyone with a heart would feel bad for the mother. I can only imagine how painful it is to lose a child over violence. The ongoing saga of youth dying too young continues as well as society’s careless attitude regarding their lives which have created young criminals in the first place. However, as tragic as this crime is, I doubt many people will likely react more to the color of the suspects than the actual crime itself. 

Black-on-white crime is something many white people fear. In their minds the most vicious and savage person to avoid wears dark skin. It is the narrative of most right wing conservatives who search for any and all instances where a black person attacks a white person. Sometimes the fear is so outrageous that some stories are specifically edited, exaggerated or just plain made up out of thin air. From racial hoaxes to stories spun to fit the white racist mindset, the perpetual criminal black man is the Freddy Kruger of the white community’s nightmares. 

Are those fears justified? Should they fear that an entire population of tens of millions of blacks in this country will invade white neighborhoods and destroy everything is sight? So far, interracial crime of that nature is still extremely rare, and communities are still largely segregated. So, my guess would be no. 

However, to hear conservatives tell it, black people, especially our Commander-and-Chief, want to get back at the white man for slavery. Also, black thugs are attacking innocent white people in mobs because they are…white. The white race is under attack by blacks! Head for the hills!

In the first place, President Obama has not done anything remotely destructive against the white community. In fact, he has bent over backwards to show that he’s not a threat to their existence. One could say that he knows most whites are scared as hell of black men. So, his trying his best not to become a negative stereotype in there eyes, which is utterly futile since white people will believe what they want no matter what. They will think you’re a n**ger if they want to, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. 

Second, the stories of black flash mobs that sprung out all over the nation in 2011 were frequent. Black-on-white crimes are popular in the news. Yet, the crimes themselves are less than a few. Nevertheless, those stories are captured, edited and circulated by racist whites online. Some, as expected, have morphed the stories for more shock value. For instance, they may add that the victims were attacked by 20 blacks when it was only four, anything to stir up racial tension.

Yet, as with the fatal robbery attempt, some people are more pissed off at the colors of the victims and the suspects than the actual crime itself. Of course, this will be featured on sites like Stormfront, American Renaissance and Chimp Out – among others. But, if the suspects were young white males, none of those sites will so much as think about it.

How many white criminals have been featured and condemned on those sites? How many suicidal school shooters, serial killers, religious child molesters, as well as white robbers, rapists, murderers and whites who are charged with assault, battery, arson, domestic violence, etc. have appeared on websites and blogs supposedly founded for the upliftment and protection of the white race?

If these conservatives, white supremacists and so-called “race realists” really cared about the white race, why is it that only black crime grabs their attention? Do they honestly believe that white people don’t commit crimes, particularly against each other? Are they in extreme denial that intraracial white crime is not only a reality, but is getting out of control? Do these people seriously care about their people as much as they proclaim to be?

Most websites geared by and for people of color, women, LGBTQs, and any other marginalized group never shy away of the problems their groups face. Almost all African-American based social websites and blogs do not shy away from issues of crime and violence. Some will discuss or have a discussion on any report where crime or violence is the theme. There is no denial to be seen because people with common sense knows there’s nothing to be gained from it. 

However, these white supremacist sites believe that their only problems are largely the black community and liberalism. Aside from that, the white community is a restricted utopia where “wholesome values” still exist in a corrupted colored world. The worst thing a white person could do seems to be if he or she becomes an anti-racist. 

As the incident in Brunswick is played out, one can be certain that racial tension is sure to rise. We all know that the entire black community in the nation is guilty for the crime those two boys have committed, if they indeed are guilty. Then again, if they are innocent – much like the rest of the black community – they are still to be blamed. This incident will be marked at cruel as a baby was murdered by a young black thug ,while we forget the young white male who shot and killed numerous little children in an elementary school a few months ago. “The white guy was mentally sick. The black teens were just trying to be bad and cool.” 

Color coding crime is a distraction by white fanatics who are so obsessed with color that they will disregard their own criminals to suit their racist agendas. Will the followers question these motives? Hardly. As long as crime has a black face, that’s all that matters, even when somewhere in this country, another white child is a victim of crime where the perpetrator shares the same skin.