Guest Post: The Perversion of Blind Devotion

by Lavern Merriweather

Much as a lot of people in this country would hate to admit it, we have an immense and frankly creepy love affair with white celebrities, famous names, public figures and politicians. We have a fascination, especially with white male celebrities, to the point that if there is an instance where a white male is coming under fire, we will throw a black face – any black face – under the bus to protect them. There seems to be an almost obsessive desire to celebrate and glorify white people that are famous.

Despite anything that they do wrong, the mindset seems to be that they can no wrong. Not only that, but many times when white males are accused of a crime regardless of how heinous, they will always have many in the media and greater public rush to their defense. When Mel Gibson’s former arm candy and baby’s momma taped some of the disgraceful, sickening things he said to her during an angry exchange over the phone, many people on the message boards criticized her for ‘setting him up’. Excuse me, but if I understand correctly, Mr. Gibson is over five decades old and perfectly capable of being responsible for his own actions. But you’d never know it to hear the apologists.

On the website of a fellow blogger, I got into a heated debate with another commenter who is under the impression that white celebrities get the same treatment as black celebrities. I say that’s laughable. I can’t even count the number of times when I question many in the media as well as some comedians why it is that they never target white celebrities, and I get either silence or a defensive attitude. I always wonder why. I mean if they care as much about the issue as they pretend, then why are they getting so defensive when I mention that they are being selective and hypocritical in whom they pursue? I also can’t figure out why it is that if they do care so much, then why are they picking and choosing who they target. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if their feelings are as genuine as they make them out, then they wouldn’t be sorting through who it is that they want to mock or vilify. I seriously doubt that they would keep being so automatically dismissive any time a white celebrity is accused of something as if they are just incapable of ever doing anything bad or illegal. And they certainly wouldn’t be giving a free pass to white people as blatantly as they do.

Both Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen gave the entire comedic community more than enough material to keep them going for months. Yet, most – if not all – comedians were very quiet when it comes to either of those men. Same thing goes for the Catholic church, which at this point is basically a punch-line all its’ own. Hell, if you just even say the words Catholic church, the jokes can pretty much form themselves, but try telling that to most comedians who were so tight lipped about that religion and all its many scandals. One would think they got some hush money as well. In fact the only comedian I have ever heard taking shots at pedophile priests is Rich Vos.

It was also that scenario when many big name, white morons in Hollyweird were signing a petition to ‘save’ famed director Roman Polanski in spite of the fact that he disgustingly raped an underage teen girl when he was in his forties. And who says there are no role models in America? What is even more disgusting is the level of fawning that many white people in the media give to white celebrities. Even though these are the very same people that keep whining how we shouldn’t make celebrities our heroes then turn right around and do just that. As long they are white, that is.

The commenter I was arguing with about this obviously is unaware that Charlie Sheen has recently been making the talk shows rounds on all the late night gabfests. With not ONE of them going there with the assault that he committed on his ex-wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas day in 2011. It was as if that incident never even happened. But, let Shaquille O’Neal shove a guy into a wall and you’ll be hearing about it from the media for the next 75 years. That’s how the media operates, it’s something I have spoken out about several times in guest posts on this website. Yet it continues with little to no complaints from black people in the media which really baffles me.

I think it’s because they care more about protecting their job than calling the white dominant media out on their bullshit. Either that, or they only care about saving their own ass and are too chickens**t to tell it like it is. There is also the foolish consensus among black people that we shouldn’t imitate white people’s obnoxious practices of defending our celebrities no matter what, or that what white people do doesn’t mean anything to us, and I couldn’t disagree more. If an issue outrages you, then you should be pissed off about whoever is guilty of it. Otherwise, you are just engaging in the same hypocrisy that you attack white people for.

It makes me wonder many times just what is the agenda of those black people. You can’t have it both ways. Either it is wrong or it ain’t, and what is very wrong is constantly turning a blind eye to the behavior of those who resemble you because they are a ‘good’ performer, or getting swept up in the mob mindset.

There are a number of white celebrities I find entertaining or attractive and I think have fascinating personalities. But ,the last thing I would do is let that blind me even when they commit behavior that would not be tolerated from the average citizen, or from a celebrity who is black. Wrong is wrong, and right is right, and there is nothing right about delusional worship.


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