Notable Links: 3-21/13

Kimani Gray

Kimani “Kiki” Gray (c. 1996-2013) was gunned down and killed at age 16 in front of his best friend’s house by plain clothes policemen on the streets of East Flatbush, Brooklyn in New York City. He was killed Saturday night, March 9th 2013, when he was coming back from a party with six of his friends. At least four days of angry, sometimes violent, protests have followed.

The police account and that of eyewitnesses are different on important points. The police said they wore badges and said they were the police, that Gray pointed a gun at them. Eyewitnesses say Gray was empty handed, that the police did not wear badges nor said who they were. Their car was not a police car. Eyewitnesses call Gray and his friends “kids”, the police called them a group of “men”.

NYPD Whistleblowers SayStop and Frisk Abuse Was Propelled by Quota System; Called ‘Rats’ By Fellow Officers

Two NYPD whistleblowers testified in the big court battle over the Stop and Frisk program this week.

Both allege that the abuse of the program has been propelled by a quota system, in which officers were pressured to make a certain amount of stops per month.

Both officers say they’ve faced harassment from fellow officers for speaking out.

Will Black Magazines Ever Share Their Covers With White Women?

On Monday actress Jada Pinkett Smith posted a mock-up issue of Essence Magazine with Charlize Theron on the cover to spark a conversation with her Facebook followers. Pinkett-Smith posted the image and asked her more than three million followers if black magazines should be more inclusive and include white women on their covers.

Pinkett-Smith also included a mock-up cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine with Queen Latifah to put things in perspective.

“To my women of color, I am clear we must have something of our own, but is it possible to share in the spirit in which we ask our white sisters to share with us?”, Pinkett-Smith asked.

Google Search Tells Us Seven N–gers Shot at a Chicago Nightclub

Now before get into a free speech argument, which I clearly understand.. this issue here is not that..For me its how Google goes about listing stories in its vaunted news feeds. There are lots of folks who covered this story.. Why was this number 2? Why is it that we have some sites that put out consistent stories of note that can never get listed.. Case in point the Black Agenda Report who deliver compelling articles on issues with the intent of holding the President accountable.. Their stories don’t get listed and they been around more than 10 years.. Maybe there’s a simple explanation or maybe the most vile and most racist among us have a tight SEO game.. who knows.. Middle finger to google for making that their number 2 story..

Ohio school shooter taunts his victims’ families by wearing a ‘KILLER’ T-shirt in court before judge jails him for life for gun massacre

Judge David Fuhry sentenced TJ Lane to life in prison without parole on each of three aggravated murder charges.

Lane’s attorney Ian Friedman told the court during a sentencing hearing Tuesday that Lane did not wish his defense team to present any witnesses, statements or other evidence to mitigate his sentence.

The 18-year-old entered the courtroom dressed in a light-blue button down shirt, which he then removed to reveal a white T-shirt with the word ‘KILLER’ written over the front with a black marker. 

Twitter instantly lit up with posts expressing disbelief and shock at the defendant’s callous behavior, with many commenters calling Lane ‘sickening’ and ‘not human.’   

When Lane addressed the court, he flipped the middle finger and used profane language toward those in the audience, including the victims’ families.


2 thoughts on “Notable Links: 3-21/13

  1. this is what happens when you have a generation of fugitive slave catchers i mean police raised on death wish and dirty harry movies. jada pinkett is no different than clarence thomas. stop and frisk is legal terrorism and you will find that white supremacy is either purposely or subconsciously woven into every aspect of american life

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