Chart: Where Are All The Good Single Black Men?

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22 thoughts on “Chart: Where Are All The Good Single Black Men?

  1. LOL. Even if one accept these requirements and figures, there is still lots of bad logic at play here.

    Brotha, could you add a “hate” button at the bottom of this post, please?

  2. But this assumes all of the women are “Good Black Women” and we know that is not the case. If this chart is only comprised of studies and stats exclusively limited to Black Men to make Black Women feel better… has done it job. Lets apply this same set of studies to Black Women and we can then have a dialog… know what? It still wouldn’t be a dialog…It would be one group measuring the short comings of the other.

  3. Another one of those,eh?(sarcastically referring to that stat map)

    If I had that “Where are the Black men”mentality, I would be crazy right now.I do my best not to look at the stats and look what is in front of me.All stuff like that is to keep Black women down. I’ve never had a problem meeting Black men and never had problems meeting quality Black men.

    It’s funny how they make it seem that only Black men seem like bad news.I come across non Black men who fits this criteria everyday. They are not always good looking, in shape or childless and some of them are living pay check to paycheck. If there is any thing I’ve learned about juñk like this is that its for people who are susceptible to believing the worst.

  4. The funny thing is, I don’t interpret this as being an attack on Black men. If you read it the way I do, you see only the social problems creating this situation. The stats about jobs and jail, for example, just point right back to discriminatory hiring practices and racial profiling.

    In a country like America, with its history being what it is, one has to look beyond words and numbers like these to the underlying root of the problem. I read information like this and my first thought is, “God damn…Black men really go through it in this country.”

    I myself currently work with several professional Black men who struggle to keep a home and take care of spouses and kids on the bullshit salaries they pay us. And I think it’s time we start casting a light on men like those from hereon out because America’s been singing the Deadbeat Black Man song for a long while now, and that tune is officially old.

    Yes, there are a lot of Black men who have kids out of wedlock, but it’s takes two to have a child. I myself have been very critical of women who keep having children with men who don’t want to be a husband and/or father.

    Yes, there are a lot of Black men in jail, but America loves locking up brown people just ’cause. Black men, Native American men, Hispanic men, you name it. It’s already been established white boys tend to get more leniency. So we’ve reached a point where a brother having done time doesn’t always mean what it sounds like.

    Yes, a lot of Black men chase white women…and? 8.5% is nothing. Notice they put the “70% of interracial couples are BM/WW” up top. But last I checked, only 1 out of every 12 couples in America is interracial.

    Like I said…gotta read between the lines.

    1. The “70% of interracial couples are BM/WW” is untrue. Most interracial couples are White men and Asian women. If you are only focusing on Black/White relationships, the last time I checked, the BM/WW ratio was 60%. I am not sure where the stats are today, but BW/WM was not that far behind. This just goes to show that you cannot trust the media.

  5. This is such a tired meme. The Black woman can’t find a decent man trope. We really need to move on to something new. Don’t you think so?

  6. The One That gets me is “qualifying black men” for every “available black women”
    So According to the producers of this chart “black men” must qualify but black women just have to be available.
    It would be interesting to see a reversal and what black men are looking for in a black female and their (black womens) qualifications.

    Never mind the broad generalization and negative stereotyping.

  7. I say why look at these things. They leave out so much and who wrote this and why. I think it is important for black women and men not to tear at each other and keep an eye out for others stirring the pot. At the same time having so many black men in jail or not available is frustrating if, black men are your preferred or exclusive choice for a mate. Perhaps, if these stats are anywhere close to the truth black women who want black men will have to do some adjusting or look elsewhere for a mate. Also, is it me or are these requirements kind of shallow?

  8. I’m a black male but I’ve been to jail and I don’t have a job ,much less earn or 30,000 a year ,maybe this is why no matter where I go there are few available and qualifying black females and the few I do see are defiantly not interested.

    But the salt in the wound is the constant interest and availability of every other type of female.

  9. black men are viciously attacked brutalized imprisoned and poisoned in america followed by a we deserve it theme. no the way this is presented it is a plea for melanin donation from whites as they partake in their favorite past time demonizing black men to all especially their own. after all they have convinced many of us to kill ourselves and to be feared while ignoring the evil that engineered this satanical agenda

  10. I am black.
    I am heterosexual.
    I prefer black women.
    I have never been to jail.
    I have a college degree.
    I make over $30k/year.
    I have an average body build.
    I do not have any kids.
    STILL, attempting to converse with black women is becoming increasingly difficult.

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