The Black Leader Fallacy

The following is based upon Vent Session by A Black Man’s View.

Why the hell are Black people the only group of people in America that has to have “leaders?”

Who the hell are the White leaders? What about the Hispanic leaders? The Asian leaders? Or the Native American leaders?

Why the hell are we the only ones that need “leadership?”

And why in the hot ass Texas hell do all Black people get lumped into one category if one prominent Black person fucks up? Or if one Black politrickster says something, then ALL Black people are saying it?

Seriously Son? 

Are we not capable of thinking for ourselves? Did God not give us minds to think on our own? 


Dirty Red brought up excellent points in this first sentences alone. Why is it that black people need “leaders”? Whenever any racist gas bag farts from the shadows in any anti-racism discussion, you can be sure that those of the noticeably dimwitted variety will love to mention too names, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The theme is that they are the dynamic duo of the delusional and dysfunctional black community who needs some kind of Black superman to fight the injustices of individual, evil white racists, or they are the spokespeople to advocate for special treatment for black people who apparently don’t deserve it.

It all goes back to the collective, narrow-minded view many whites have of black people. Rather, they see us as the Borg from Star Trek. They think we all agree on every subject put forth to an individual black human being, not unlike that of the Borg Queen. In other words individual black people cannot think for themselves. We all think alive, and whoever’s on the mainstream, white male owned media in front of a camera speaks for all of us.

And it’s an agree-disagree/love-hate thing when it comes to whites. If we agree with them, even when they’re wrong, we love them. If we disagree with some actual information or proof, we are anti-white. No matter what, whether you like it or not, you represent the entire black universe to a white audience.

Yes, we all know this to be chock-filled with low-level thinking, especially about the definition of what a black “leader” is.

Black leaders originated from – you guessed it – slavery. They weren’t revolutionaries who fought for slaves rights. They were spokespeople appointed by slavemasters to spy on other slaves. Call them the prototypes of today’s black cop or the archetype for the Tom. Black leaders never served for the best interests of slaves, but their masters.

But black people don’t need “leaders”, especially of the slavery kind. Black people are diverse in backgrounds and basic human traits including emotions and thinking.

We don’t need a spokeperson speaking for us when we are capable of speaking for ourselves. We don’t always agree or support every black person on the idiot box or behind the podiums. We do not have a hive-mind, and we all do not fall in the few one-dimensional categories the mainstream can’t and won’t abandon.


8 thoughts on “The Black Leader Fallacy

  1. Is this what it means when they say “Black people are not a monolith? I’ve seen that saying on alot of black blogs.

  2. Yet another deception of our foes removed.
    Ah but there are so many more that lay yet hidden and in our own minds they bear the fruit of our submission and subservience to those who claim to be our better’s but are in fact our worse by their very deeds.

    I have one that is most precious in its pasting – scarcity ,that we have not enough – commonly used whenever the needs of the many are considered – when have enough money and resources to perpetuate the most wasteful and expensive military in the history of the world,enough for whose budget is not equal or Superior to any claimed enemy ,but 10 times the rest of the entire world combined!

    Oh but america is not an empire,this nation does not stand vanguard to the ill gained wealth and land of the entire white-european collective,to with unjust might defend those whose acts and ancestors acts remain indefensible.

    And what sickness and ignorance shall such people leave as legacy?
    To have been able to shelter and feed the whole world,to have been able to rid themselves and us all from the scourge of illness and disease but instead perpetuate poverty ,illness and crime.

  3. I am truly digging this post, and it Should go without saying that Black people are certainly noT a monolith! That being said, I do feel believe that there is a certain amount of neccessity for Black leaders (and, of course indiiduals as well)-Why? Because since the first Africans landed upon these American shores, they were endoctrinated with the mindset of Only loyalty to the White “master”, and conversely, nOne to be offered to their fellow tribesman/woman, or even their own offspring! Also, it must be noted that Arican-descended men and women were told (ans stiL showed) quite clearly that they are not considered to be full U.S. citizens-so, of course some people might feel a need to require a “leader” for them and their people-as many can attest to not ever feeling completely immersed or a part of this country, anway..

  4. We dont need leaders, but the title sounds good coming from the history of it. Carter G. Woodson talked about all of this in his book “The Mis-education of the Negro.” We dont need leaders but we have those willing to make it seem that way to exploit those so-called black “leaders”.

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