Promotional Teaser Flyer: USU


This is a teaser flyer for the illustrated series a “friend” of mine is working on. He told me that if you want, you can reblog or upload the flyer on your website. 


4 thoughts on “Promotional Teaser Flyer: USU

  1. It is too mysterious IMO.

    I assume the author is worried about plagiarism or idea theft? Or maybe he does not want to spoil whatever originality he believes makes his book special. It’s understandable.

    Still, I believe he should come up with at least a basic description. Ideally – if we’re talking comics – a few sample pages (for instance with the balloons blanked to avoid spoiling the plot) to give the reader a better preview of the art.

    Alternatively, some clues about his intents and influences will do. He could also tell us about the characters or the tropes he is trying to “smash”…

    1. Artarius told me that he will make more flyers with more information and a short preview. Right now, he’s putting out teasers just to get people to ask, “What is this?”

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