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“Those with the most (societal) ‘advantages’ become overprivileged. They become sheltered within their own worlds devoid of reality and morality. As such they will most likely say or do harmful things to others and see nothing wrong with it as they are “protected” and even unpunished. Why? Because the society that upholds those with the most privileges helps to shield and support them somehow or another. This helps breed sociopathic behaviors.”

-From Overprivileged People, a Dangerous Creation

Marginalized people know it to be true that those with societal privileges tend to be the biggest assholes on the planet, especially when they open up their mouths or type online. Just recently, we’ve seen some of them attack a black woman who suggested that in order to fight rape, most of them being men against women, men must be taught at an early age not to rape. A few openly suggested that she gets rape herself. 

Plus, we had a young guy by the name of Sam Hendrickson make a Youtube video as to why he wouldn’t want to be an Asian. When people rightfully called his ass out, he goes on the offensive. He meant it as a joke. He didn’t think anyone would take it seriously. Whatever the excuse is, Hendrickson didn’t think he did anything wrong. 

Lastly, he had actress Michelle Williams who stared in Oz The Great and Powerful compared the munchkins in the movie to Native American’s fight for life and land in the U.S. Needless to say, there are people offended with that statement. As expected, however, there are those who come to her defense. 

In these three examples alone, and there are several more from this year alone, it illustrates the point that privileges negate common sense and basic morality for the sake of maintaining privileges. Yet, you can still conclude that these people and their defenders believe they are descent, wholesome, Christian, basically good people. 

Marginalized people are sick and tired of such people. So, I’ve made a list of signs that indicate that those who assert their protection over their privileges are not as ‘good’ as they think they are in their narrow minds and hearts:

-Your apology includes the words ‘if’ and ‘but’. 

-You use the ‘it was just a joke’ defense. 

-You didn’t think people would get offended. 

-You use the ‘First Amendment’ argument, and not expect any responses of the same caliber. 

-You blame marginalized people i.e. POC, women, poor, LGBT, disabled, youth, elderly, non-Christians, non-Americans for anything and everything wrong with America. 

-You create and/or support policies that oppress marginalized people i.e. Stop-and-frisk, school-to-prison pipeline, the War on Drugs, gentrification,  banning same-sex marriage, cutting funding for schools, anti-immigration, etc.

-Calling for women to get raped or killed – and wishing a black man would do it. 

-Calling women derogatory names i.e. bitch, hoe, cunt, etc. 

-Calling POC derogatory names i.e. niggers, illegal, butt pirates, porch monkeys, sand niggers, towel heads, etc.

-Telling blacks to go back to Africa.

-Telling blacks to ‘get over’ slavery. 

-Using any and all excuses (statistics, news articles, false science, stereotypes) to hate and fear racialized groups – justifying racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, ageism, classism, etc. 

-An inability to understand or strong defiance and hostility as to being accused of what you did that was hurtful and offensive. 

-Saying or thinking “He/She deserves to die!” and it’s usually a marginalized person you’re referring to. 

These are just a few signs. I’m sure there are more. If you have any, please suggest them in the comment section. But for now, this just shows that those who believe they are generally good people are not as good as they think they are. This is not to say they are evil per se. All human beings have good and evil within them. No human is born good or evil.

We all have our faults and terrible habits. But to be truly human is to admit you have them and learn from them to evolve. Some people refuse to believe they are capable of wrong doing even after the fact. Those are the kinds of people likely snuggling in their own privileges and will throwdown if he or she suspects that they are taken away. That is not being good. That is being a total sociopathic, corrupted jackass.