Notable Links: Late Edition: 03-09/13

I apologize for not uploading Notable Links on Friday, March 08, 2013. I had a busy day Friday, and I completely forgot about it. 

The Bar Loves Homo Hop

Much of the nation was introduced to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis this past weekend, thanks to their appearance on Saturday Night Live, a major accomplishment and promotional tool for any musical artist. Considering the indie-rap duo’s already growing popularity with their chart-topper and multi-platinum seller, “Thrift Shop,” it is important to examine the impact of their success.

My Media Litmus Test

A little known fact about yours truly.

Since the release of Hollowstone and garnering a respectable following online through places like Ars Marginal, I’m often solicited to review and endorse books, tv shows for virtual strangers and their websites. For many I’ve taken up the opportunities, as many of you are aware and for others I turn down these requests.

It’s interesting because while the solicitors don’t know me well or at all, for some reason they think they are entitled to my time and energy. However if they knew me for five seconds they would know why I might be turning down endorsing the media. Like most people, said time is precious but more than that I have a Litmus Test that I use whenever I ponder on considering new media to consume. Now while there are obviously exceptions to the rule, more often than these are guidelines I run with.

Do Cops Make Schools Safe> Students Answer (VIDEO)

Since the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, we’ve heard plenty of federal and state-level talk about how to make schools safer. Leaders in at least 20 states have proposed new or expanded “teacher-carry” laws that would allow educators or other school staff to carry concealed firearms. The proposals are sketchy, the debates divisive. But some districts have already moved to increase their school security forces. More than 200 Utah teachers have voluntarily undergone firearms training to respond to shooters. Just weeks ago the small city of Jordan, Miss., moved the entirety of its eight-member police force into city schools. And last week Los Angeles announced it would spend $4.2 million on an extra 1,000 new unarmed security officers for public schools.

Indiana Man Apologizes for Viral ‘Why I’d Hate To Be Asian’ Video

Samuel Hendrickson is sorry.

The Indiana student sparked widespread outrage this week when he posted a video listing all the reasons he wouldn’t want to be Asian.

“Most Asians look alike,” Hendrickson says in the video. “I don’t want to look like everyone else.” The video also includes dumb remarks like “If I was an Asian man, chances are I’d probably be with an Asian woman and guess what? I don’t find Asian women attractive. Kill me.”

Hendrickson also lists not wanting to get “double chink eye” while smoking weed.

New York City Tries To Shame Its Teens Into Not Having Babies

A 27 percent drop in teen pregnancy rates over the past decade apparently isn’t good enough for politicians in New York City.

This week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office announced the launch of a new ad campaign aimed at making adolescents understand what it calls the “real cost of teen pregnancy.”

The advertisements, which will run on subways, buses, and social media platforms, feature a multiracial cast of babies in various states of distress accompanied by text that explains how hard their lives will be because of their parents’ ages. One image of a dark skinned little girl includes the message, “Honestly mom…chances are he won’t stay with you. What happens to me?” Another features a crying toddler with curly blond hair telling the world, “I’m twice as likely not to graduate high school because you had me as a teen.”

Code or Wake the Fuck Up Folks!!!!

Code talk and behaviour!  They’ve now made a scholarly discipline out of it.  Some of my Favs!  Firstly, what are some of these codes?  Code is the everyday bombardment experienced by black people in their respective countries.  It may vary according to the area which one resides of course.  In a nutshell, they are the slight, everyday indignities perpetrated on blacks and other racialized people.  However, blacks tend to be their favourite targets.  Hence, I will concentrate on my own fellow black folk.  There are several kind of micro aggressions that scholars have lent scholarly terms to. Here are some!

Remembering Hugo Chavez, A Titan’s Career in Quotes

“Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity.” — Chávez, in 2003, on the discovery of the New World.


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