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So, here’s the deal. A friend of mine has finished a graphic novel. He told me it will be an introductory book to a series of books he plans to work on. I checked out his book, and it looks promising. He told me that a local art teacher said that it was “exceptional”. In fact he thought it was so good, he contacted someone who works for Marvel to check it out. That was a few months ago. And my friend told me that there’s still no sign of him. 

Regardless of me saying so, my friend is disappointed that this guy is a no-show for reasons unknown. He told me he did some research on which way to go, but he is still undecided. However, he is looking towards either self-publishing or publishing the series online. 

My friend told me that he didn’t want any of the comic book giants to get their hands on it, and that it’s likely they won’t accept it anyway because of its originality and the fear that it may be based on another idea. Besides, he prefers it to be an independent/grassroots series.

The series will feature many characters from many different backgrounds. The main character is a young black male who fits outside most mainstream images of black men. There will also be people of different races, classes and religious faiths. I can’t go into too much detail about what this series is about, but it sounds like a story that needs to be told, and that is the main reason why it won’t make him money, or so he says.

My friend told me that he’s not interesting in getting rich so much as he wants his world to see his creation. He knows that he won’t live off of it. He believes no one will risk paying for something they may or may not be as good as they hoped. I hate to admit it, but he may be right. Unless, the characters are familiar or popular, a budding comic book creator and author may not want to get his/her hopes up of being a millionaire in a short time. 

So, what is my friend to do with his creation? Do you have any suggestions? Please comment below. 


19 thoughts on “Publishing Suggestions

  1. I would definitely suggest that he network with other black artists and writers, their support can make all of the difference. They can also help him with hosting or plugging his story. Also, going to sites and blogs that focus on PoC books and comics to plug his work probably would help get the word out.

    As a person who is also attempting to eventually publish a graphic novel/story that heavily features PoC and other typically left-out groups, I can definitely share some personal experience:

    He should be prepared to deal with the naysayers who see anything involving “something other than white” and decide it must be “afrocentric” aka “not worth reading because it *must* be reverse racist”. The comic book industry is notoriously hostile towards people of color, especially if they are written in ways that do not fit the acceptable cliches and racial tropes, but if he networks and stands by his work then the powers-that-be will have a difficult time saying no to this.

  2. yeah and you could plug him on your blog brotherwolf, if he where more technically savvy and independent thinking he would not have even tried contacting marvel ,would have just started his own blog ,uploaded and went from there.

    But I understand the limitations and restrictions imposed on us that we in turn impose on ourselves – you endure suffering and misery until the pain forces you to pursue alternatives then you have options.

    1. Yea, but the thing is, he didn’t contact the guy from Marvel. A local artist did. He told me that he didn’t want any mainstream corporation to get a hold of it and just needed some pointers. He also told me that he thinks the guy may be afraid of stealing the thunder. I shook my head.

  3. I co-sign on everything that’s been said. As a WoC who writes novels featuring PoC, I know that I have to do everything myself. If your friend is serious about getting his product out to the world, he must sit down and plan a course of action. He should blog, network, and attend conventions and things of that nature to get his name out there. It takes time, but if he believes in what he’s doing, then it’s time well spent. I would recommend that he don’t show it to anyone else, because ideas can be stolen.

  4. Has he thought about starting a wordpress about his work and story? They actually have layouts made for digital comics, so it could be a decent start to generate interest and establish an online portfolio…

  5. a string so success is better than one big hit. He wants to build a fanbase and know his reader well. Good luck to him =D

  6. I just saw these guys. While I’m not a fan of kickstarter, you can see that Black comic artists go through unconventional means. If anything, your friend and you, since you too make comics, Brothawolf, can apply to be animators for a Black comic book group.

    But if I remember correctly, Brothawolf, don’t you frequent some comic book outfit for Black folk?

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. Did you write an article on it? I must have missed it. I’m now very curious. I was always expecting you to publish.

  7. I just looove comic books, and seeing more from POC would be a breath of fresh air! Perhaps his lead character could solve cases of misjustices, or something of that nature?

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