Notable Links: 3-29/13

Man Confronted About Racist Tweets Cries Like a Baby 34-year-old Timothy Dluhos, a FDNY EMS lieutenant, uses an image of Hitler for his profile photo, calls a gold Nazi-era swastika pin his “most prized artifact” and doesn’t seem to have a problem making racist remarks about “chinks,” “coloreds” and Jews. Sounds like a really charming […]

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Fuck the Music Industry

The firestorm behind former security guard-turned-rapper Rick Ross’ lyric that promotes date rape is burning strong. The lyric describes how he will slip something known as a molly into a woman’s drink, take her home and have sex without her knowing it. Many people are pressuring the rapper to apologize for his words only to […]

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Payback Time: Africa For Norway

Tell me if you’ve heard this before. You’re watching television, and during the commercials, a PSA appears about how there are children starving in an African nation. (Sometimes they also have children from South America and Southeast Asia.) You see pictures of poor children malnourished living in extreme poverty and harsh environmental conditions. Who’s there […]

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Privileged Victims and Actual Victims

Picture this, you enter a world where the overprivileged are seen as victims while those at the bottom due to forms of unseen and unmentioned oppressions are regulated as nothing more than “problems”. The oppressed is screaming for justice and fairness, but the mainstream largely doesn’t buy it because the oppressed cannot afford it. While […]

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The Quotes of Chinua Achebe

His mission was to set the record straight through literature. His writing from the past still holds true today in the hearts of many people. Chinua Achebe was a titan in his own right. Even after his recent passing, his words will continue to live on, serving much needed wisdom in a revolution against modern […]

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