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They say that a man with nothing to loose is the most fearsome and destructive human being on the face of the world. I do not dispute such a claim . Yet, after much thinking, I realize that the opposite is true as well. Not only that, those with the most to lose will do whatever it takes to keep it and even obtain more. Whoever gets in their way will be paid a heavy price. They are the insanely overprivileged.

Why do I refer to them as ‘insane’? For that matter, why refer to them as ‘overprivileged’? Even Microsoft Word disregards that such a term exist as opposed to underprivileged. (Notice which word is highlighted by a red underline when you type.)

In my old post entitled The Privileged Mindset I wrote about how privileged people think and behave. I made a conclusion based upon having many advantages in a society that is built and govern on the premise  that certain attributes, many of them beyond anyone’s control, are given certain privileges based on simply possessing those attributes:

With many privileges, a person’s sense of self and reality can become completely distorted as power often corrupts. the privilege mindset comes to those who have achieved certain levels of social ascension by simply being born with that which is considered normal and admirable. However, the truth is that the more privileges you have, the less humanity you attain especially if you see nothing wrong with having more privileges than the next person.

Those with the most of these ‘advantages’ become overprivileged. They become sheltered within their own worlds devoid of reality and morality. As such they will most likely say or do harmful things to others and see nothing wrong with it as they are “protected” and even unpunished. Why? Because the society that upholds those with the most privileges helps to shield and support them somehow or another. This helps breed sociopathic behaviors.

This is why it makes sense that white, American, wealthy, heterosexual, relatively young, able bodied, Christian males are highly dangerous with white…females being a very close second. They can get away with all kinds of shit and can still have supporters, even the underprivileged kind.