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I’m not too much of an Oscar fan as I know the winners will most likely be of Caucasian descent. However, I was surprised to hear that little child of color was nominated. Quvenshané Wallis, child star who appeared in the motion picture Beasts of the Southern Wild, was nominated for Best Actress only to be lost to Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook. (See? I told you a white person was gonna win.)

But it didn’t seem enough to some people that young Ms. Wallis lost. Some people felt the need to rub salt into the wound. A certain one of those people work for the Onion, a parody news site who pokes fun at – anything and everything. Only this time, the joke went too far as they posted a tweet about the young actress that reads:

Everyone seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenshané Wallis is some kind of c***, right? 

The tweet disappeared as fast as it came, but those of us familiar with how the internet works understands that even though something fucked up is gone, there will be people with enough savvy to capture it, record it and display it for the world to see. It has happened, and no amount of “I’m sorry, but…” and “It’s just a joke” faux-pologies will excuse grown-ass people who thought it was funny to call a little 9 year old child an expletive.

There is nothing funny about calling a woman a disgusting word, and it’s even more pathetic to refer to a little girl as such. I saw there are many others with enough sense to see how that was a call for a good, ole’ fashion ass whooping, internet style. However, you shouldn’t be surprised – You SHOULD NOT be surprised that there are some who considered the tweet as a LMAO moment. Get the fuck outta here.

Bottom line: Anyone who thinks its hilarious needs to have their heart examined. Anyone who defends the tweet in any way needs a heart transplant because it is surely needed.

Wallis is a little girl with a promising future ahead of her. She appeared in a movie as a star and not as a stereotype, extra or a running gag as Holly-white does people of color on purpose. She got to do something that’s rare for a lot of little girls her age and color.

And speaking of color, there is a good reason that racism is at play. Unless, the Onion has pulled any other misogynistic puns out of its ass against white women, then it’s a safe bet to assume that they targeted Wallis not just because of her gender, but her color as well.