Shit White People Did or Said To You, and What You’ve Learned from It.

I figured I create this post where we acknowledge all of the things white people have said to annoy, frustrate, agitate, anger and depress us. You could call this a post where you reveal how whiteness rubbed you the wrong way, for lack of better words. Here’s an example from a recent event.

I was in a chat room in a website where a white dude made a crack about who my favorite Little Rascal is. He guessed it was Alfalfa. I guess he meant Buckwheat, the token negro in the Our Gang clique. Of course, I was a little taken, but I shrugged it off considering his asshole-brand humor. However, a minute later he dropped some more shit by asking, “Why do blacks feel like (whites) owe them something and deserve special treatment?” By this time a white woman joined in on the whole “What are black people’s problem with us whites” venting.

At this time – I don’t know why – I felt like it was my duty to be the wise old teacher to a couple of foreigners, foreigners from reality, history and intelligence. So, I begin to explain as simple as possible. Before I knew it, white meme after white meme came at me like a swarm of bees from the tag-team of white and whiter:

“Why didn’t blacks go back to Africa after they were freed?”

“Lincoln freed the slaves.”

Then it took a terrible, yet predictable detour into something white people gleefully bring up in any conversation about blacks, black crime. It was mostly engaged by the white woman where as the white guy stayed mostly silent:

“Where I live black people commit most crimes.”

“I have to protect myself in case a black man attacks me.”

“You’ve never been where I live! You don’t know what happened to me!” (This was repeated at least four times that evening by that woman.)

“Most crimes are committed by blacks. That’s why there’s a lot of them in prison.”

“I was poor growing up too, but at least my family knew right from wrong!” (Implying that black people who engage in criminal activity don’t know right and wrong.)

“If I see a black man walking down the street, I get scared.”

I asked her if she saw me walking down the street, would she be scared. She said yes, if I looked like a gangster and if my face looked a certain way. She never explained what she meant, as expected. So, after a few more white self-victimizations and a few raised points in my blood pressure, I left realizing that not only was she stuck on stupidity, but she had a lot of support from other people, all of whom are white.

So, what did white people do to you that pissed you off? Feel free to join in on the discussion.

It was that incident that showed me that I was one of those people of color who are optimistic when it comes to schooling sheltered, ignorant whites about racism. I was the one who hoped that my words changed their mindset after one measly argument. I hate to admit it, but I hoped she and her friend may have learned something. It’s needless to say that my words fell flat. White and whiter was not only comfortable in their security blankets of privilege, but are hostile when you take them away. They are part of the white collective that ignores and disrespects what a nonwhite tells them about racism, especially their own.

Sometimes I wonder why we bother to talk to people who prefer to hate and stay dumb than to love and be enlightened. One could say that part of us loves them enough not to see their hatred and ignorance destroy them. One could argue that it’s the doctrine of white supremacy that enforces people of color to love and honor whiteness no matter how much it hates anything and anyone outside of that box. One could say that it’s simpler than that; we’re fed up with the bullshit and will speak out no matter if it hurts their feelings. Whatever it is, some of us are prompt to defend our people, race, ethnicity or color whenever white racism creeps up to strike.

One thing is clear, it is not racist against whites, nor does it show hatred anywhere near the capacity white racism has on the world. What people of color say when it comes to frustrations about dealing with white people DOES NOT compare to the white race’s genocide, rape, slavery, forced relocation, desecration of land, overall annihilation of cultures, excuses in forms of justifications and the collective denial of it all against people of color.


33 thoughts on “Shit White People Did or Said To You, and What You’ve Learned from It.

  1. Thanks Brother Wolf. I admire and appreciate your forthright eloquence. You explained well the most important reason, perhaps, why things like this continue to happen: “sheltered.” The more people avoid talking and listening “sensitive” issues like their privilege; the more people camp among those that look and live like they do, the more they don’t know about a thing of what they do and think.

  2. They only have 3 or 4 “go to” (incorrect) comeback lines they revert to. I call it a racist’s default setting. Sorta like ya phone or computer when it crash.

  3. Brothawolf

    May I please make a suggestion? Stop talking to white people. Period. They have naught to add to the quality of your life. Being Spiritual vampires, they attack your chakras and steal your energy. They grow stronger while you get weaker, frustrated and angry.

    Ever wonder why they LOVE to come on our sites and read our posts? They feed on us. This war is not physical. That is their illusion. It is spiritual in nature and has always been that way.

    The more energy you put into “teaching” them how not to be prejudiced, the stronger and more defiant they become. Please stop wasting your energies with beings that are not from this universe.

    Research the Iceman Inheritance by Micheal Bradley. And Yurugu by Dr. Ani. They both explain the origins of white people, their natural born xenophobia, racial anger, demonism and desire for melanin. They are “grafting” their DNA with ours by marrying and fornicating with us so their offspring will live on and hopefully carry out their diabolical plans for domination. Ever wonder why white women are seeking out the biggest, blackest man to have sex with? There are no coincidences in the world.

    All the rage they present to you stems from their behavioural issues due to having a calcified pineal gland. Leave them alone. The universe will weed them off this planet in about 100 years. They will not survive what’s coming and I’m waiting anxiously to be rid of them.

  4. “Sometimes I wonder why we bother to talk to people who prefer to hate and stay dumb than to love and be enlightened. One could say that part of us loves them enough not to see their hatred and ignorance destroy them.”

    I recall recently hearing someone say that Black people are too caught up in their own humanity. Blacks reach out to shakes hands in friendship only to have those hands cut off and thrown back into their faces. And some Whites like to play dumb by asking why Blacks do not like them and such, yet, they know that they never want to trade places with Blacks.

  5. This is a wonderful posts and you have managed to convey the sort of frustration that PoC feel when dealing with white people every day. I feel for you, that is just wrong, and yet I’m sure that this is a reality you and so many other people face. Having to justify your own existence to people is one of the most discouraging things that people have to do.

    Especially when they start with this. I hate this idea that we have to prove that we’re worth any sort of decent treatment through devoting time, energy and tears to their education, while they get to regurgitate crap from some white supremacist site without anyone checking them on it. Then they make it about themselves, and how “singled out” and “afraid” they feel.

    They could just listen to you, since you would know more about being black than they ever could, but whiteness can’t let itself be corrected. They just see nothing wrong with this.

    Frankly, its 2013. They’ve had a long time to get with the program, and they no longer get a pass.

    1. Frankly, its 2013. They’ve had a long time to get with the program, and they no longer get a pass.

      Yep. They’ve had more than plenty of time to learn, but they chose not to which makes me wonder if all of their crap about blacks being inferior is their projection about themselves.

  6. Brotha you always say whitness is a hell of a drug. And that’s what this really is about. Whiteness. Why is it when we try to tell these individuals what it’s like to be on the receiving end of their madness we are met with indifference? Only to be told we are whinning and we think we are owed something. That really makes me angry as well. But maybe we should just do overselves a favor and stop trying to make these insane beasts understand how we are feeling and just go about our lives. It would be much healthier for us in the long run to just go about our business and not look to them for acknowledgement or rcognition. We must be secure in who we are, We need to stop looking to them to be our saviors and save our damn selves. They have proved time and again they dont care care for us.

  7. If they claimed you liked Alfalfa then they have no clue about ‘Our Gang / The Little Rascals’! Alfalfa was the tall, skinny, freckle-faced white kid with a spike of hair sticking out of the top of his hair, which was otherwise slicked-down.

    There were many Black kids on Our Gang, including Allen ‘Farina’ Hopkins, Matthew ‘Stymie’ Beard, and the best-known was Billie ‘Buckwheat’ Thomas. Here’s a small piece from Wikipedia, if I may:
    “According to (Hal) Roach, the idea for Our Gang came to him in 1921, when he was auditioning a child actress to appear in one of his films. The girl was, in his opinion, overly made up and overly rehearsed, and Roach patiently waited for the audition to be over. After the girl and her mother left the office, Roach looked out of his window to a lumberyard across the street, where he saw a group of children having an argument. The children had all taken sticks from the lumberyard to play with, but the smallest child had taken the biggest stick, and the others were trying to force him to give it to the biggest child. After realizing that he had been watching the children bicker for 15 minutes, Roach thought a short film series about children just being themselves might be a success.[11]

    Our Gang also had its roots in an aborted Roach short-subject series revolving around the adventures of a black boy character called “Sunshine Sammy”, played by Ernie Morrison.[12] Theater owners of the time were wary of booking a series focused on a young black boy,[12] and the series ended after only one entry, The Pickaninny, was produced.[12] Morrison’s “Sunshine Sammy” instead became one of the foci of the new Our Gang series.

    Under the supervision of Charley Chase, work began on the first two-reel shorts in the new “kids-and-pets” series, which was to be called Hal Roach’s Rascals, later that year. Director Fred C. Newmeyer helmed the first version of the pilot film, entitled Our Gang, but Roach scrapped Newmeyer’s work and had former fireman Robert F. McGowan re-shoot the short. Roach tested it at various theaters around Hollywood. The attendees were very receptive, and the press clamored for “lots more of those ‘Our Gang’ comedies.” The colloquial usage of the term Our Gang led to its becoming the series’ second (yet more popular) official title, with the title cards reading “Our Gang Comedies: Hal Roach presents His Rascals in…” [13] The series was officially called both Our Gang and Hal Roach’s Rascals until 1932, when Our Gang became the sole title of the series.”

    Ignorant fucktards think they’re clever, especially when they’re able to push your buttons.

  8. @BrothaWolf When have they pissed me off? How much time you got?lol I would be here all day but I can list a few.
    1. I had a white co worker tell me the Civil war wasn’t really about slavery.
    2. I used to work at a hospital around mentally disabled people. The ambulance brought in a mentally disabled white woman one day. They had her sitting in the trauma area and she was cursing at the cops. When I walked by she said “Look everybody it’s a n**ger! He’s a filthy n**ger! He looks like a monkey!” She begins grunting and making monkey sounds. It was hard but I just kept walking by and said nothing. It was very difficult to do.
    3. White co worker told me that there were many slaves that were happy with their condition.
    4.Had a co worker that was an old fat redneck. Would constantly try to tell me racist jokes about Asians,Mexicans,Puerto ricans and Jews. I told him to please stop because eventually you will try to tell me a black joke–and I’m going to get pissed! He got the message and stopped the racist jokes.
    5. Also at that same hospital a female nurse told me a story. She was telling me about how a mentally challenged patient got violent with the staff. She told it took six people to get him under control. She said he was a black man about 6’4,250 pounds with muscles. She also said he was breathing very heavy like a “gorilla”. WTF?! I was speechless.
    I could list more but that’s just a taste.
    So what do you think?

    1. So far, so bad.

      I think white people expect you to love them unconditionally, but they don’t have to love you in return. That’s why they continue the shit they do and get upset when you call them out on it.

    2. I am so sorry this happened to you. Especially the mentally ill woman brought in. Wow.

      I came over to this post & thread linked from a 2018 post of BW – so I hope you are still getting comments sent to you from this thread. xx

  9. I heard two co worker talking about the Oscars. Daniel Day Lewis’s portrayal of Speilberg’s Lincoln. Yes Day-Lewis is an amazing talented actor. They went on to discuss his portrayal of a native American in Last of The Mohicans. The conversation went like this “If any one has a right to complain it’s the Indians. Everybody else needs to just shut the fuck up”. I just want to punch other people that complain in America”. “Wow”. I believe the Native Americans have a right to complain as well. But that was a fucked up comment. I am just saying. You can’t tell white people shit. They are just blinded by their whiteness.

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  11. Hello BrothaWolf, I’m B.R.(first time commenting on your blog). Im a 25 year old black man from NYC(u know the so called colorblind & international city thats really the white supremacist capital of America) and I honestly love your blog as well as the other truthful black bloggers(Dairy of a Negress, Abagond, Black Not White Dipped in Chocolate,etc.). As I examine my life, I have to admit that as a black person I have been really f**ked up by white supremacy. Blessings for blog for showing the truth!

    1. To be honest, I’m screwed up by white supremacy as well. It could be a life long process to deconstruct yourself from this programming, but in the end, it’s worth it.

  12. Thank you for your reply BrothaWolf. To answer your topic, I will tell my story of transforming from a weak black nationalist to an Uncle Tom to a very socially aware Pan-Africanist.

    Im a first generation West Indian(family is from Trinidad & Tobago) and as said I was born and raised in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. When I was growing up during my early teen years(13-15 yrs old), I had some knowledge about black nationalism(e.g. Huey Newton & the Black Panthers, Malcolm X) however when I went to high school(my school was mostly Black), I ran into some “lets get over slavery ” integration minded Negroes and some Negroes that were just plain ghetto that they really did not have a clue or concern about anything in life(let alone race relations). Since I was dealing with two radical opposing forces to my developing idea of understanding Black Power, I too became an Uncle Tom(trust me, I aint ghetto, so I could not go down that road). Also being from New York City, I fell into the stupid idea that New York is “international” and a “melting pot”(New York is just as racist as Alabama but its a great pretender). So I started to bash black women(too ghetto), bash black men(too lazy),bash black people in general(pull yourself up by the bootstraps),say I got Indian in my family as I have wavy hair from my mom who is a mulatto (African/European ancestry), say I aint that dark(trust me, Im dark skinned), I need some light skinned babies(I only wanted light skin black girls as partners) and I even mistrusted the other Afro-Caribbean groups(e.g. Haitians, Jamaicans,etc.). I was an “UPPITY NEGRO” ready for the white world or so I thought!

    When I went out of my predominately black environment and starting dealing with the wider Eurocentric society, I was feeling good. I “MADE IT” as us black folks would say.A series of THEN happened to me. First, the comments started coming “You dont act black” or “do black people do this and that”. Then I realize that even though I though I spoke with white folks, I never really had any major social dealings with them. Then I started to look around New York and I saw the contrast between the black areas such as Central Brooklyn and Harlem and the white areas like Bensonhurst and Staten Island(unless a black person is in an interracial relationship with a white person, you rarely see Negroes in these parts of NYC). Then, I started to research how white supremacy affected other non-Europeans(e.g. American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, Maori, Native Hawaiians,etc.). In fact, the Australian Aboriginals had freedom rides and a Black Power movement in Sydney to free themselves of white rule.Then I found a blog called Afroerotik that shocked me, as I saw how color has a HUGE role to play within sexuality. Then I found your website and other black bloggers that basically confirmed my feelings for a long time about White America(I was not a delusional Negro,lol!). Then I found some websites that explained that white supremacy has a possible social(nurture) construct as it is rooted in a capitalism framed to exploit non-whites. Then I found some information that explained that white supremacy has a possible genetic/biological construct(e.g. Iceman Inheritance).
    Forgive me for my long post, but hopefully my story could help other black people understand how truly damaged we are by mental colonialism.Once again, I respect what you and the other black bloggers are doing to help us heal because we are damaged human beings. While I fell into the Uncle Tom trap, I feel that everything in life happens for a reason to help us understand things because I had no idea how deep racism was within America even when I was weak black nationalist. Now, to be clear, I follow the laws, I am respectful to every person I come in touch with, and I am not a radical. So what did I learn? I will probably never be a strong black nationalist like Louis Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam, the late Sonny Carson or the Bobo Shanti Rastafari group in Jamaica but as an aware Pan-Africanist, I learned that as black people living in a Eurocentric society, ALWAYS BE ON YOUR GUARD AND DONT BE COLORBLIND!

  13. -One other thing I learned BrothaWolf, and I hope that you, and every other self respecting Negro and recovering Uncle Tom & Aunt Jemina should know about dealing with White America. White people are not racist due to ignorance or fear, White people are racist because they are SMART! They know the value of their whiteness and how it places them in a higher human category than you and I. So, once again, never be colorblind cuz they sure aint!

  14. Those racist fools you were chatting with said what they said only because it was an online discussion. Racist white people get “brave” behind the computer, in the safety of anonymity. If that conversation had taken place in person, you know, face-to-face, those comments would not have been offensive. They would have minded their tongues.

    I’m Puerto-Rican, and when I’m walking down the street at night and I see an oncoming white woman, many times they’ll cross the street before passing, and sometimes, if they do pass me by, I can sense their worry and/or fear. They grab the straps of their purses and move to the furthest part of the sidewalk while passing. First it was offensive, then it became funny, now I ignore it. I think they do this because they know they will eventually have to answer and pay for the wrongs against blacks and hispanics, both past and present.

    Don’t let those people stress you out.
    God bless.

  15. I can’t tell the worst thing in any detail because it involves abuse & rejection by family members as I am the only dark child of my parents ‘mixed’ marriage. It’s my dad & me & then everyone else came out pale or at least passing for pale. I’m not into people using the internet to disclose super personal things – so just imagine the worst!

    However here is another little vignette for your enjoyment: During high school I was invited to dinner at my super waspy corkscrew blonde haired close girlfriend’s house w/ her family. They were American but had lived in Rome & London. So – oddly – she had an American accent & her brother who was about fourteen had an English accent. I’m sitting there appreciating their warm hospitality & eating their excellent home cooked food & drinking their red wine when the brother says animatedly in his English accent about London “… greasy Arabs…”. Then my (former now) ‘best girlfriend’ who was sitting next to me turns to me and says “Oh but we don’t mean YOU… but you really have to see them…”.

    I looked her up several years ago & now she runs a yoga studio (& is married to some millionaire whose NYC family owned a string of famous US theaters). So I emailed her & described how eviscerating that was to me. She wrote me back an ‘apology’ that had the words ‘if it happened’ in it. I wrote back (yes I did) saying the ‘if’ pretty much negated her apology (fauxpology?) – since I was not *lying* about this traumatising event she couldn’t even recall. I told her “I was SIXTEEN.”

    Her not remembering it shows how little it meant to her. Even though the entire family – the blindingly pale four of them – had fallen silent as soon as she said “Oh but we don’t mean you…”

    Lol… another thing that messed me up about that was I used to have oily skin then. So they gaslit me also! I would think ‘Well it’s true I don’t have dry skin… & come to think of it neither does my father…”. But “greasy” from this blond London boy meant ‘dirty’ as it does there & not necessarily oily… Because you know the people who invented soap & glass & bathed constantly & were horrified when they first encountered Europeans who did NOT – are the “greasy” ones. For years later w/ ‘the wit of the staircase’ I would imagine myself saying that to them: ‘We invented soap… Phoenicians/Lebanese…’ And if I ever write a memoir focusing on people hating us & having to metabolise that every day; I may call it that: ‘We Invented Soap’ …

    More recently a pale & blond Irishman (& total stranger) described my colour as “sallow”. I was so floored by that I had to look it up to reassure myself that it meant what I remembered it meant. It did. It’s like describing someone’s skin as ‘grey’. It was said in a really warm friendly manner also! Just sandwiched in there… smh

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