Guest Post: The Apology Tour

by Lavern Merriweather

When Beyonce sang recently at the inauguration for President Obama’s reelection, it was later discovered that she opted to lip-sync instead of singing it live, and that sent the racist, jealous, hateful tongues of white people in the media wagging. I’m surprised they didn’t contact the FBI since those assholes were treating that moment like a crisis needing immediate national security attention.

The critics were relentless in their attack over something that was the epitome of petty, but don’t tell them that because to the media, every little thing black folks do that they deem out of order, they are going to pounce on until said famous Negro will desperately try and redeem themselves over nothing. To answer the bigots, Beyonce sang the national anthem live while at a press conference discussing her upcoming performance at halftime for the Super Bowl which led the racist-as-they-wannabe think tank of TMZ to attack her again, only this time for being ‘desperate’. Well isn’t that rich!

First, these prejudice dumbasses harp on her incessantly for something so petty and trivial. Then, criticize her for attempting some apology in the form of singing the anthem without the benefit of a pre-recorded track. They have the nerve to criticize her for finally giving in to their pointless childish bullshit. As much as I despise the obnoxious punks at TMZ, I think they have a point, because if that were me, I would have told those whiny, pathetic jizzwads to fuck off and find something more productive to do with their time. However, I know that won’t happen since this is just business as usual for a black person in AmeriKLAN. We apparently aren’t allowed to even fart in the wrong direction or look at a white person cock-eyed without having to get on our knees and beg for forgiveness. Even while they are doing shit that is far worse or are giving us grief for things that they have turned into freaking a lifestyle.

Tiger Woods was public enemy number one by a lot of white people both in the media and the public for behavior that countless white male athletes, politicians, movie stars, reality goons and rock stars are celebrated for. And speaking of black women at the Super Bowl, it’s already been a decade, but many white males are still obsessed with raking Janet Jackson over the coals for the now infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Super Bowl in 2003, despite the fact that at any point on a daily basis you can see white female sexuality on display sometimes in the most vulgar ways possible.

But see, that’s how a lot of white people operate. They can do the most offensive things ever. Yet, we get berated for stupid ridiculous garbage. That is the pettiest nonsense, and I know this might upset Brotha but I was really pissed that Tracy Morgan caved and apologized for the comments he made about his son.

Mr. Morgan said that if he ever found out that his son was gay he might consider doing something brutal to him. Granted his words were harsh but white rapper Eminem has been saying deplorable things about gay folks for over ten years and has never once had his feet held to the fire by the media. A few weeks ago when thug Charlie Sheen was invited to a Miami nightclub by his friend who is also the owner, he uttered an extremely disgraceful gay slur and white people were very quiet then too, even those who are supposedly so down for gay rights and love gay people so much – obviously not as much as they love their racism and hypocrisy though.

I also don’t recall very many white folks going after most white male shock jocks who seem intent on trying to outdo one another on just exactly how racist, sexist and homophobic they can be. There was also a shitload of silence from ‘good’ white folks when many white gay people were screaming the n-word at the top of their lungs because they were pissed about some California legislation called Prop 8 that passed, which would have given them the legal right to marry. However, once white people didn’t get what they wanted, they went after their main scapegoat, us darkies.

I was watching this program about Reconstruction on PBS the other day and found out that back in the day if you were black and a white person was walking down the street you had to move out of their way. Even if that meant stepping in a mud puddle in the gutter, you still had to haul your ass, or else you would be in big trouble. It feels like we are stilling living in that time when I see the utterly asinine and downright asshole way that white people will act over any little thing a black figure in the public eye does. And even if it’s not a petty issue, I still have a problem with the way black celebrities are treated mostly when nobody can answer me for why it is that they are so selective in who they talk shit about.

Recently Brotha wrote a post about the ongoing problems of R&B star Chris Brown where he said that it’s very frustrating that Chris doesn’t seem to get it or want to grow up and turn his life around. Which I am all for I would very much like to see Chris find some form of redemption, but I’ll be damned if I join in the “Everybody Hates Chris” chorus before I call out the white racist media regime who have never at one time ever vilified ANY white male that has committed domestic violence, and I could name about 10 to 12 white males who are famous that have. Yet, they get no criticism while we get ripped to shreds over the dumbest, most vapid foolishness.

It’s gotten to the point of where one would think that a crime was involved over something that is worthless. I don’t know about any of you but I prefer to not walk in a puddle just to avoid some white person that is in my way. In case anyone has missed it, 1925 is over and we need to stop pretending that it’s not. When President Obama first ran for office in 2008 I recall a commenter on another website saying that he had never seen a politician with so many members of the YGG (You Gotta Go) club because the dominant majority is extremely miffed that you aren’t playing the monkey to their organ grinder.

And it wasn’t just those on the conservative side. It was also so called white liberals who wanted Obama to toe whatever line they told him to. Then again, most liberals and conservatives tend to be one in the same despite their argument to the contrary. One point they can’t argue is how they expect us to say how high whenever they say jump.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Apology Tour

  1. Are they going to make that bastard Alec Baldwin apologize to the black female journalist calling her a drug dealing coon? Are they going to apologize to Forrest Whitaker for frisking him and accusing him of stealing in a high end bodega in New York? Are they going to punish that asshole for hitting that poor baby on the plane and telling the mother to shut that nigger baby up? Where is the outrage? Why aren’t people incensed about this ass clown hitting this baby?

    1. The answer to your questions are simple. When a POC verbally/physically attacks a White person, that is blasphemy. When it is reversed, anything goes.

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