Guest Post: Crazy Card vs. Race Card

by Lavern Merriweather

After the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut, we have had the inevitable rush by many white people in the media to wring their hands and once again question ‘Why someone would do such a thing?’ They invite various psychiatrists, therapists, and pundits on their broadcasts to psychoanalyze what would cause these white males to act so violently. Plus, we get the always reliable and classic excuse for absolving white males of brutal acts, mental illness.

I say white males because I have never once heard anyone in the media label a black male or any male of color who commits a massive act of violence as crazy or mentally unstable. Even if those terms might just as easily apply, it’s blatantly obvious that because the shooter at Virginia Tech College in 2003 was a Vietnamese man, he won’t be getting the same rhetoric as Adam Lanza or James Holmes.

The same thing goes for the shooter at the Fort Hood military base, and because that man was Arab and perceived a Muslim, it was considered a terrorist act by many of the white people in the media whining and sobbing any time that a killer is white.

I have been observing for years that most times white people in the media are not the least bit subtle when it comes to racism. They lay it bare for all the world to see what the problem is, and for so long and so many times we have never held their feet to the fire for it. In fact most of the time we go right along for the ride.

Several days ago a black former LAPD officer named Christopher Dorner, pissed off and disgruntled with his bosses, went on a killing spree that included the daughter and fiancé of his ex-captain and three fellow cops. Rather than criticize the media for their flat out racist propaganda, some black males themselves – instead – also attacked Dorner and saying that he’s not a ‘hero’, or are referring to him as ‘dangerous and out of control’. Funny how those are not the words they use for Lanza or Holmes if they even ever mention them at all.

Black people in the media seem to have an unwritten subversion to never speak out about or condemn white males no matter how disgraceful and horrific the behavior. I forget the year, but I remember distinctly when a black man named Colin Ferguson went on a shooting rampage on a New York City subway and all the outrage that followed. How convenient for white people in the media that they never had to – at one time – worry their pretty little heads about being consistent with the crazy defense. Of course, to them Ferguson wasn’t insane or unbalanced. He was just another big scary black man with a gun and bad temper, the worse combo that there is.

Just like the infamous D.C sniper John Muhammed, an ex-Green Beret soldier who for weeks on end terrorized the state of Washington and held a grip on the nation’s attention until he was finally captured. Neither Mr. Muhammed nor his stepson were ever afforded the ideal that maybe there was something wrong with them either psychologically or emotionally.

I wrote a post before about how mental illness is seen as something of an anomaly in the black community. When a black man commits a sadistic crime, it’s not seen at all. The worst part is is that this arrogant racist bullshit practice isn’t limited to black men exclusively. Brotha himself wrote a post about how liar and fraud Bethany Storro is now trying to capitalize on her despicable and criminal hoax. Bethany Storro is the young white woman who burned her own face with acid. Then, claimed that she was doused by a jealous, angry black woman. And since we all know just how rabidly jealous black women are of white women, that story just had to be true right?

WRONG! Storro was a complete fake and her story was completely made up. Yet, that didn’t stop many whites who fell head over heels for her con to later defended her by saying she MUST be nuts to do what she did. Yeah, she just couldn’t be a cunning, manipulative, deceitful asshole who was looking for attention and got it the quickest way she knew possible. That just couldn’t possibly be the answer to white people.

They also applied that same load of garbage to Ashley Todd, a former campaign worker for President Obama’s then-opponent John McCain who carved a capital B in her own face then lied and said that a black male Obama supporter did it. Ah, you got love that whole ‘a black man did it line’. That phony wad of tripe is still going strong YAY!

I don’t find it at all shocking that ‘the black man did it’ lie is still being used and abused by scheming, little white people and many white people are quick with the quickness to believe it. Because just like the previous people I mentioned, to the racist white male media regime, any illegal act done by a black person is just our nature taking its course and that they are such pristine angels who can do absolutely no wrong that there just has to be something else motivating them to do bad things. They just don’t have it in them to ever commit violence or crimes. That’s why they have to ponder and wonder then why is it that one of their own would stray from the norm of perfection.

Newsflash white folks, if John Muhammed, Colin Ferguson and Chris Dorner aren’t crazy then neither are Adam Lanza, Charles McCoy, Buford Furrow, Russell Weston, James Holmes, George Hennard, Jared Lee Loughner, that scumbag who shot up the McDonalds in California and any number of mass shootings done by a white man. White people keep looking to mental illness as a reason rather than what it really is, an excuse for you to deny your guilt. I totally understand that post- partum depression is a real affliction that almost all new moms suffer from, but it shouldn’t ever be used as the middle-class, middle aged, white, female, suburban, soccer mom’s get out of jail free card.

Like with Andrea Yates, Marilyn Lemak and Diane Olds, how much cash money you want to bet that if an Arab woman killed her 5 kids, then said she was sending them to Allah that she would not have one white person crying post- partum to justify what she did? Whenever I hear the expression “they think their shit don’t stink” I always have a sneaky feeling in the back of my mind that in the case of many white people, they actually honestly believe that it’s true.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Crazy Card vs. Race Card

  1. With white folk, it’s everything external. With black folk it’s internal. In other words, it isn’t the white person’s fault he want’s to go out and kill a bunch of people. However, if a black person does this it is a result of some sort of internal defect. Besides being kind hearted and loving(history has shown us this), one should take pity on the poor white dears. The negro can go fuck himself and wallow in his dysfunction. Please help those poor white folks, please!

  2. The VA Tech shooter was Korean. The sad thing is Koreans here and in Korea including the Korean president apologized for his actions. All incidents including those by people of color were and are mental illness. Not just by whites. If sorrow or rage drives one to commit murder, then in my opinion this is insanity however temporary.

    1. That’s the thing that got me, Koreans everywhere apologizing for the actions of one. It’s similar to POC feeling collective shame if one of their own goes rogue. Yet, whites never feel the need to apologize for anything.

  3. Watching that Documentary on blacks being forced out of a community really pissed me off. The responses by many whites left me wondering if it’s going to take this country being conquered for white people to really see their own arrogance and racism.

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