Damali Ayo

Author, performance artist and conceptual artist. Damali Ayo is a woman who will share her world through a variety of different mediums that pain illuminating pictures. 

Ayo’s accomplishments include a long line of books, radio stories, visual art shows, original performances and web based media.

Books (satire):

How to Rent a Negro’’ (2005)

Obamistan! Land without racism: Your Guide to the New America (2010)

Books (contributor):

How to Be Black by Bartunde Thurston (member of the “Black Panel”) (2012)

Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound by John Biewen (contributor) (2010)

Radio Stories: 

Celebrate Obama but Acknowledge Us Too (2009)

This I Believe: The Potential for a New Life (2008)

Visual Art Solo Shows:

Yarn (2006)

Living Flag (2004)

Original Performance:

National Day of Panhandling for Reparations: Annual National Participatory Performance‘’ (2007-9)

Living Flag (2003)

Web Based:

-rent-a-negro.com (2003)

-You Can Fix Racism (2011)


To view the full list, click visit the Wikipedia webpage

This is Damali Ayo’s media biography from her website:

damali ayo and her work have been featured in over 100 publications world-wide including Harpers, the Village Voice, Salon.com, the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Redbook Magazine and Book TV. She has been a frequent guest commentator and essayist on public radio. damali is a dynamic personality who brings energy, inspiration, and positivity wherever she goes.

An expert story-teller, damali’s books and presentations offer humor, insight, and creativity and make our culture’s toughest topics manageable and fun. How to Rent a Negro was acclaimed as “one of the most trenchant and amusing commentaries on contemporary race relations.” It was granted a 2005 Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Book Awards from the Gustavus Meyers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights. Obamistan! Land without Racism: Your Guide to the New America debunks the myth of a post-race world. Her writing and art have engaged issues including the creative process, spirituality, chronic illness, sexual assault, healing, music, and trash.

damali’s new memoir takes its readers on a journey through a year of reclaiming her own femininity and the unexpected impact that had on her life. Through her trademark humor, bolstered by a remarkably vulnerable and open telling of her story, damali shows the reader that life is an ongoing process of growth and evolution.

“damali has a story for everything.” A friend once said this about me. I am not sure if he meant it as a compliment or a criticism. Either way, it is true. As an author and speaker, the real stories of my life are central to all I do. Two audience members recently said “damali is the most real person I have ever met.” and “I had so many epiphanies during her visit.” I used to wonder why I had experienced so many rich, varied, and often difficult things in my lifetime, now I know why.

To see Ayo in action, check out her Youtube page


6 thoughts on “Damali Ayo

  1. She is just the just like serendipity. I think her gift is talking about something as difficult as race and making people feel relaxed not anxious. When I saw her talking to that turdpile Bill O’Riley, I just knew he was going to be an asshole. But he was actually charmed by her. I thought to myself “Damn, that sister had O’Rilley at ease and he wasn’t tried to be threatening in that way he can be a dick. It was like he was enjoying her company and it was a surprisingly nice interview. I have been a fan ever since. Her blogsite is really nice. You should visit it. Thanks Brotha Wolf, You have made this sister very happy this evening.

  2. I read Obamistan. The world needs more legitimately scathing and awesome satirists like her instead of the white hipsters who think they can do it effectively and just come off as pricks.

  3. Damali is smart as well as beautiful. She has some great insight on politics,race and gender issues. I just wish she was more popular. I’ve met quite a few people who are not that familiar with her. I just think she needs a little more exposure.

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