Article: After 148 Years, Mississippi Finally Ratifies 13th Amendment, Which Banned Slavery

Apparently, the recent movie Lincoln influenced this decision due to a “mistake” in their paperwork.

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery, was ratified in 1865. Lawmakers in Mississippi, however, only got around to officially ratifying the amendment last month — 148 years later — thanks to the movie “Lincoln.”

 The state’s historical oversight came to light after Mississippi resident Ranjan Batra saw the Steven Spielberg-directed film last November, the Clarion-Ledger reports.

 After watching the film, which depicts the political fight to pass the 13th Amendment, Batra did some research. He learned that the amendment was ratified after three-fourths of the states backed it in December 1865. Four remaining states all eventually ratified the amendment — except for Mississippi. Mississippi voted to ratify the amendment in 1995 but failed to make it official by notifying the U.S. Archivist.

 Batra spoke to another Mississippi resident, Ken Sullivan, who contacted Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann about the oversight. Finally, on Jan. 30, Hosemann sent the Office of the Federal Register a copy of the 1995 resolution, and on Feb. 7, the Federal Register made the ratification official.

 According to the Clarion-Ledger, it’s unclear why the state never sent the U.S. Archivist its 1995 resolution. “What an amendment to have an error in filing,” Dick Molpus, who served then as secretary of state, told the paper.

CBS Interactive

When you think about it, it’s one of those news stories you hear about that is not too jaw dropping. Mississippi has always been a state that prides itself in racism and backwards politics, but like the rest of the nation, will claim it is among the progressive states. So, it’s no wonder why state officials claim that it was an “oversight”.

Oversight my ass. This reeks of all kinds of failure from multiple levels. What do you think?  


28 thoughts on “Article: After 148 Years, Mississippi Finally Ratifies 13th Amendment, Which Banned Slavery

  1. Oversight my ass (you probably should, it isn’t a cute ass).

    If this is legitimately an oversight, then it’s a testament to how stupid the government there is. But it sounds too perfect for the failure to ratify this specific amendment to be merely an oversight. I’m not sure who they think they’re fooling.

  2. Reblogged this on Dennis R. Hidalgo and commented:
    I often forget the power that historical material packaged in the media has in revealing the current state of affairs. This is one big vote for the film, even when it fails to show the contribution of Blacks in the history it purports to present.

  3. Mississippi is one of the most racist states next to Florida and Alabama. I am not surprised by this. When ever I hear the name of that state all I can think about is KKK and lynching innocent black people. I am not surprised.

  4. I’m not surprised.

    Its about as much of an oversight as Arizona’s “oversight” in recognizing MLK day. They never saw blacks as human beings deserving of freedom, that didn’t change. We’re supposed to believe that people who are so obsessed with southern pride and their confederate heritage just forgot it?

      1. Yeah, mighty whitey Lincoln movie suddenly reminds white people that “gosh, blacks are still slaves in Mississippi, huh? I can’t believe we didn’t know this! Now let me take down my Rebel flag, cancel the reenactment, and put up my Klan hood, clearly we’ve forgotten all about ending slavery! We’ve been so darn gun ho about those blacks being free and equal to us, can’t believe we let this oversight go for so long!”

        Black people were never free in the eyes of Mississippi, I bet they were hoping that they could take advantage of that “oversight” and start a trend or something stupid like that. Even though this has been noticed, I see no attempt to ratify the part that makes the prison pipeline so appealing to these states.

    1. Section 1 of the 13th Amendment states:

      Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      Notice the part where it says “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States”. And you wonder why the prison system is saturated with Black men.

      Get over slavery? YEAH RIGHT!

  5. If these ass clowns want to still fly their damn confederate flag and play Dixie none of us should be surprised about this either. And they like to do those civil war enactments as well. If they had access to some magical powers to time travel they would transport us back to Antebellum times and Jim Crow. That’s just how unprogressive these turdpiles are.

  6. Of course this is not too shocking. But We have to remember what the Emancipation Proclamation says. Emancipate means the “transfer of property”. Black people went from being owned by slave masters to being owned by the state. Nothing has changed for us. I know this maybe hard for some to comprehend at first. Do a little research and you’ll see I’m right. The only difference now is we’re industrial slaves.

  7. I’m sorry but the time has come to realise the whole black slavery thing is a giant swindle! Most slaves were white;Africa never had the population to support the loss of tens of millions as the books say,whites,especially Irish suffered horribly from slavery and there were many many black slave owners!
    Its time to accept new truths! Here’s Virginia’s first slave holder. “Here is a picture of America’s first slave owner in the 1650s. Anthony Johnson is referred to as an Angolan.”

    1. Why is it that we can’t criticize white people without them bringing up how “horrible” we are (too). We’ve been criticized for ions. Why not allow the same for your culture?

      Also, if you really believe this, you are in extreme denial about your past which isn’t filled with victims at the hands of us darkies. Then again, white people are the perpetual and only significant victim, eh?

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