Notable Links: 2-15/13

Appeal to Melanin 

Appeal to Melanin: If a brown person says it it must be true – but only if it supports my argument. Example: “My Mexican wife hates illegal aliens.”

Why Dwayne McDuffie Was Better Than You

While some writers and editors today are busy engaging in rape culture, or attacking female fans, or just being a homophobic bastard, McDuffie was penning epic and inclusive tales.

Most people think that because McDuffie was black he only campaigned for blackness in comics. Not true. McDuffie stood tall for all POCs, women’s rights as illustrated with Rocket’s story, gay heroes as proven by Static’s partner Gear, and trans protagonists such as Marissa Rahm in the miniseries Deathwish.

In short McDuffie was fighting for social justice long before it was the fad with spoiled white kids on Tumblr.

“Bad” Kids Don’t Deserve to Die Either

After much clamor and many entreaties, finally President Obama has decided to come to Chicago to address the rampant gun violence plaguing communities of color. Perhaps in a newfound fervor stemming from the security of a second term, Obama seems to have become more intentional and aggressive about addressing the issues that have a greater resonance with impoverished communities of color. Of course, to suggest that it’s “about time” is an understatement, but it’s nevertheless comforting that national attention is crystallizing around Chicago’s gun violence. Especially since Obama’s visit to Newtown after the tragic shooting sent a powerful message to marginalized groups about whose lives were reallyvalued in the nation. Had it not been for the recent senseless death of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15 year-old Chicago youth killed just a mile away from Obama’s house, public attention might still have failed to center around Chicago’s violence.

Yet ANOTHER Ex Police Officer Confirms Rampant Racism in LAPD

As authorities try to determine if the remains from a cabin fire are actually those of Christopher Dorner, yet another black ex-LAPD officer confirms the rampant racism occurring within the department.

Brian Bentley, who like Joe Jones, understood Dorner’s grievances but did not support his actions, discussed his experience working for the LAPD in a book and also in an interview with eurweb…

Official FBI Report of 10 Police Officers Arrested in Atlanta for Protecting Drug Dealers

ATLANTA—Seven Metro Atlanta Police officers, two former DeKalb County jail officers, a contract officer with Federal Protective Services, and five others have been charged with accepting thousands of dollars in cash payments to provide protection during drug deals in a federal undercover operation.

As Christopher Dorner Sage Continues, The Truth Is Still Out There

The search for former Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner may be over…but hopefully, the questions he has raised are not. Which makes Davey D’s interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman all the more relevant.


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