Guest Post: Separate and Not Equal in Sports Criticism

by Lavern Merriweather

When I think about the incident where no talent bimbo and fellow tennis player Caroline Wozniacki was mocking superstar Serena Williams, it got me to thinking about how dogged and determined many white people are about protecting certain spaces that they believe are reserved only for them. In this case in certain sports it’s a given that some sports like baseball, football and especially basketball are currently dominated by those of a darker shade. But there are some sports so many white people hold sacred that they will practically draw blood if they feel that sport is being – in their mind ‘invaded’.

It irks me to no end how most white males in the sports media keep harping on Tiger Woods supposed comeback when they were the ones doing everything humanly possible just short of murder to get rid of him in the first damn place! They made no secret that Tiger wasn’t liked from jump-street. Even if he’s not fully African-American, he’s a man who looks just black enough to incur their hatred. You would have thought he stabbed his wife in the eye the way they were going on about his personal life. That frankly wasn’t really even any of their damn business, but that didn’t stop them, because they finally had a chance to knock him down a peg. Even if they had no other way to do it but the pettiest way possible, because that’s how they operate. They look for the lamest, weakest, stupidest point to attack.

In recent matches Serena has, particularly in last month’s Australian Open, been fast and furious with her temper to the point of breaking her own racket. And of course the media could be counted on to jump on that bandwagon like flies on fresh dung as they went after her with their very own fury. Usually with the coded language so typical of them, they would never just come out and say we hate that those darkies are taking over and winning in our once pristine lily white events. Always with some pithy little snide comment about how rough or masculine she is as if that has anything to do with the cost of a cup of hot chocolate in Alaska. It doesn’t matter about how obnoxious she is acting. It’s just another way for them to take cheap shots or let all of us know our true place.

For those of you too young to remember, there used to be a promising young black female on the figure skating circuit by the name of Debi Thomas, who is now Dr. Thomas if you don’t mind. Anyway, when she was just an up and comer going for gold at the Winter Olympics being held in Calgary, Canada, in 1988 there was something very unmistakable about the coverage by white American sports writers and journalists present. It was really annoying how they would fawn endlessly over her biggest rival and main competition Katarina Witt, a skater from East Germany. They spent so much time yacking about how supposedly ‘hot’ she was that I forgot if it was the Olympics or the Miss Universe pageant. Funny, the white men didn’t utter one peep about her looks when she was up against white American female Rosalyn Sumners in 1984 when it was being held in Sarajevo, nor did they harp incessantly on Katarina’s ‘stunning coquettish pout’ when she was in Albertville, France for the Olympics of 1992 where she faced off with Asian American Kristi Yamaguchi. No, it was only when she was competing with a lowly unattractive little black girl that she was the talk of the town. Only then was she seen as the most desirable beautiful woman on planet Earth.

At the Winter Olympics in 2006, being held once again at Lake Placid, New York, there was controversy with a black speed skater named Shani Davis. Apparently because Mr. Davis refused to participate in the team relay it cost his teammate Chad Hedrick a chance at tying the record of superstar speed skater Eric Heiden. Hedrick then went on to whine and pout to the media about what a ‘jerk’ Shani was, and they of course were all too happily eager to join in the hate chorus of Mr. Davis. While looking up this story for my post, I came across an article written by Chicago Tribune sports journalist Melissa Issacson who used it as an opportunity to paint Mr. Davis and his mother Cherie as ‘angry’, one of the typical words bigoted white folks in the media refer to us as to justify their stereotypes. She even said that because of his mother some white commentators were too afraid to mention his name. White people in the media never fail to disappoint when it comes to celebrating the most racist hate speak. Only they disguise it as just doing their job.

Well, god forbid a mother to look out for the welfare of her son, especially if that includes calling out the blatant prejudiced a**holes in the media who, on many occasions, are not the least bit subtle when it comes to promoting racism, which brings me back to the Williams sisters. I find it very telling that fellow player Andre Agassi has no relationship at all with his father, and his wife Steffi Graff’s father has been in and out of jail for tax evasion. Mary Pierce hired bodyguards to protect her from her father, and Jenifer Capriati is a one woman crime spree. Yet, it’s Richard Williams who gets the most malicious, vile, and obnoxious treatment from white males in the media. You don’t need an IQ pass Forrest Gump to recognize why that is!

So that must obviously mean that if you are an absentee father to a black athlete the media will harp on it incessantly. And even if you are an extremely loving father that is involved in your children’s lives and do everything possible to raise them right to be an absolute success in their given field, they will still talk shit about you. The classic ‘damn if you do damned if you don’t’ from white people hell bent on using whatever tactics they can to get rip to pieces those who they feel don’t belong. And what better places to defend than the last few bastions of whiteness.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Separate and Not Equal in Sports Criticism

  1. They hate Serena with a vengeance,when the Williams sisters first came on the scene the white people were incensed. Tennis is a white elitist sport how dare those darkie come into our lilly white territory. But I’m glad their father groomed them to be the queens they are today. I remember when Debi Thomas came on the figure skating scene people made comments about her figure and being chunky. Figure skating is for the pretty slender white princesses. When Surya Bonaly the French skater doing back flips, that incensed the figure skating judges I’m sure. The judges I thought always looked like they were suking lemons when she approached the ice. I’m glad Gabby Douglas took the gold in gymnastics. Now there is another young tennis player up and coming can’t think of the young sisters name but they say she is an exceptional player. But they criticized her and said she was grossly overweight. Black people will always be judged no matter what they aspire to.

  2. They white elitist want blacks to stay in their places. If we are not running sweating and throwing a ball then the golf course and the tennis court and ice skating rinks and the gymnastic exercises belong to them.

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