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Recently, I was astounded by the news that a certain woman who faked an attack and blamed it on a black woman who never existed has a book out on sale. Bethany Storro, the woman who captured national headlines in August 2010 when she reported that she was attacked by a random black woman who supposedly threw acid in her face, disfiguring her. Immediately, cops were on the trail, sympathy and donations poured in from all over the country and the hatred for the black female grew.

It wasn’t long before we realized that this is just a girl who cried wolf. There was no black female assailant, and Storro threw acid on herself! Yet, gullible people still feel sorry for her because after all, she’s a beautiful white woman who’s obviously troubled and need some support. Ain’t that some bullshit?

Now, Storro is continuing pimping on others’ sympathies by releasing a book about her self-deformation and what caused her to join the ranks of Susan Smith, Ashley Todd and Charles Stuart, to name a few. What’s worse is that there will be people who will buy this piece of shit literature and believe that this woman is sincere about her wanting to help others! That makes me want to barf chunks.

One name was mentioned when I pasted the news report about this “woman” – Tawana Brawley.

In 1987 in New York Tawana Brawley was a 15-year old girl who accused six white males, some of whom where police officers, of raping her. Her case received nation attention and public support. African American communities stood by her and charged the media of stereotyping a young black female teenager.

However, Brawley was ultimately framed as a liar and deceiver based on “evidence” that have shown that she was not a victim of rape and that she made the whole thing up. She was sued by the prosecutor Steven Pagones, who was accused as one of the attackers, for defamation. Recently, 25 years later, Pagones is not done with her as he still wants all of his money. Brawley never paid him in full.

To this day Brawley is painted as a malicious, lying crook who wanted to pimp society into feeling sorry for her and demonize the white community. They also blame Al Sharpton and – as expected – blamed the African American of supporting a deviant black child.

Also to this very day, Brawley and her parents still say that she was a victim of rape. After 25 years, they still maintained that their daughter was a victim of a racist attack.  Yet, Brawley is still seen as a black troublemaker, the representative of “the problem” with (White) American society and is the face of black humiliation among some members of the African American community.

I joked about how Storro’s book will likely lead to a movie deal that will appear on Lifetime, a network where white women can be criminals, victims and loved nonetheless. If this does become a movie, the producers and directors will portray Storro as a mentally depressed soul who made a mistake and should be forgiven. You and I both know that will be the direction they will take as they want you to cry and cheer for her, not sneer and loathe her.

I’m also willing to bet that her racism will not be centerstage. The subject will hardly be mentioned throughout the entire two hours – including commercials – of the film. The producers will include Storro’s “phantom black woman” ploy and its revelation as a momentary plot device, but the focus will ultimately be on her mental illness, her “struggles” and therapy. Of course, some events will change to make Storro more worthy of sympathy. In that case there should a disclaimer before the opening credits urging people that the movie will make some people nauseous.

But to be real here, what if there was a black woman who match the fraudulent description? The black community would’ve been under heavy fire then. Don’t believe me? Let’s go back in time to 1989 to the Charles Stuart case, the apparent victim of a violent carjacking in Boston that resulted in him getting wounded in the leg and the murder of his wife. After he called the police about this incident, the police combed heavily for suspects who matched Stuart’s description of the suspect which was a black male. Inevitably, racial tension heightened. After all, a black man wounding a prominent white man and killing his white wife is unforgivable!

But surprise, surprise! No such black male existed! According to Stuart’s brother, Stuart was the one who shot himself and murdered his wife, and he lied to 5-0 to keep his ass out of trouble. So, he came up with the lie white folks and the police will believe, a black man did it. But the joke was on the police when they tried to look for him. Stuart committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. 

This is the same shit pulled several years later in my homestate of South Carolina by a woman you may have heard of, Susan Smith. Smith was a mother of two young boys. She reported that she was carjacked by a (drumroll) black man who drove away in her car with the young boys. The nation was all over this case due to the face that a black man was supposedly behind it. Smith also provided a description of the suspect and it became a police sketch. Wouldn’t you know it? Police arrested someone who resembled the drawing.

Of course, it was exposed to be one big, fat lie that once again White America fell for. Susan Smith, a woman who seemed like a caring, distraught mother who pleaded with the nation to find her sons, was the murderer! It was revealed that she allowed her car to roll into a lake with her two sons drowning inside. What’s even more heinous is that she confessed that she wanted to discard her children to continue having an affair with a local wealthy man who has no interest in a “ready-made” family. 

In the meantime Tawana Brawley will not likely get such a royal treatment. Black women who are victims of interracial crimes are not seen as sympathetic victims who need support. Brawley still contends that she was indeed raped by a gang of white men, but many people believe in the court system as being ‘fair and just’. They don’t think that the U.S. court system is manipulative and shady, let alone racist and sexist. Thus, since the court says she was lying, it must be true.

Funny, this reminds me of one of history’s darkest secrets. During the times of slavery – yes, I’m going there, black female slaves were raped and sexually assaulted by their white male slavemasters. Some had multiple -yes, multiple children through different female slaves. Word would get around about the sexual depravity of the slavemasters among slaves, but they did nothing out of the real fear of retaliation from a system of white supremacy, a system that still exists. White men raping black women went on unpunished, and black women are morphed into immoral stereotypes. Sounds familiar?

So, why shouldn’t this historical fact apply to Tawana Brawley or any other contemporary case where black women are assaulted or raped by white men? Why should  people automatically assume police reports or court verdicts are true when they conclude or rule that nothing happened? Is this to say that every black woman who accuses white males of a crime are telling the truth? Not in all cases. However, why would the racial and gender group of white men suddenly no longer lust for black punany enough to have perverted and sickening thoughts about them? Also, why is it that almost every case of a black women assaulted or raped by white men concludes with white men walking to do as they please?

When you realize that it’s not possible not to have at least a segment white men in a sea of millions fantasize about having sex with black women based on racist stereotypes, you must conclude that it’s still possible for white-on-black rape to happen today. Yes, you heard me right you so-called “race-realist” types who love to exaggerate about black-on-white crime every chance you get. White-on-black rape is real.

As for Bethany Storro we all know that her lying ass will still have people crying their eyes out for her. We know that the red carpet treatment of white females and white males will continue first and foremost, even – to an extent – if and when they are revealed to be con artists.

This subject is reeking all kinds of wrong. A liar gets a book published and a victim gets sued, and it all comes down to color.

In 1992 world famous R&B group TLC released a song on their their record Oooooooh, On the TLC Tip entitled His Story. The song was dedicated to none other than Tawana Brawley herself. The introduction reads as follows:

“Yo, this is a story of a male female threat to society. You know being misjudged and not respected for what we are. But I want to send this special shout out to my girl Tawana Brawley cause no matter what we say or what we do, They’ll always believe his story…” 

And her story as well.