Bethany Storro Wrote a Book on Her Acid Attack Hoax

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Hey, do you all remember that woman who had acid thrown in her face? She said that a black woman did it, but it turns out that it was a hoax. Now, Bethany Storro is publishing a book about her phantom black attack and it’s available on Amazon.

KGW reports:

The Vancouver woman who burned her face with drain cleaner and claimed to have been attacked has written a book about the hoax called “Facing the Truth.”

Bethany Storro wrote the book with Portland-area co-author Mona Kruger, herself  a burn survivor.

A description said the book will “take the reader through a maze of mental illness to uncover the history leading up to the tragedy . . . Bethany’s desire is that others facing similar paths will find help and hope before dire consequences ensue.”

Storro said she suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in which a person focuses on a part of the body thought to be flawed, whether real or not. In a statement shared with KGW Monday, Storro said she was trying to move on with her life and “The need for some kind of closure compels me to try and explain what happened.” She went on to assure that she did not write the book to try and gain sympathy or attention.

Storro attracted national attention in August 2010 when she said a stranger threw a cup of acid in her face. She accepted donations from sympathetic people before she admitted to detectives she had made up the story.

Storro pleaded guilty to making a false statement to a public official and was sentenced to community service and ordered to continue mental health treatment.

“I am truly sorry for the people who I hurt, misled or caused trouble for,” Storro said in Tuesday’s prepared statement. “My hope in telling the truth about my journey is that someone out there might… get help in the early stages of mental illness…”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Storro continues to pimp off of sympathy of the gullible and naive who will cry rivers for a woman who carried on the tradition of blaming nonexistent black people. There will be people who will purchase this book, and feel sorry for her. And hardly anyone will consider the harm she caused, especially to the black community who is always suspect in this not-so-post racial society because you know, she has mental issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lifetime produces a made-for-TV movie about this.

What are your thoughts on this?


49 thoughts on “Bethany Storro Wrote a Book on Her Acid Attack Hoax

  1. I love AmeriKlan. I really do. Only in this country can a white woman lie and almost get black women killed and turn around, cry, claim to have a mental illness, get sympathy and write a book about it…and get famous.

    Brothawolf, I say this with no emotion:

    When white people get what’s coming to them, it will be the most magnificent spectacle ever witnessed.

  2. I can’t believe she still holds the sympathy of the press after all this. She blatantly admits to the hoax and people STILL feel for her.

    Oh who am I kidding, this is America.

  3. This trifiling b***h. They can’t say nothing about Tawana Brawley if they give this cow a pass. And Truth Be Told and Tehnoun are right only in America will they give a liar depending on the color of skin sympathy and she not have to suffer the consequenses for her actions. Well if she is going to play crazy which is so easy to do. Then give the sister in the Duke lacrosse scandal some help that sister was troubled too. If we are going to label people with mental illness. This is all about white women’s tears and white privilege.

    1. I hadn’t heard about Tawana Brawley before now (Not surprising, I suppose, given that I was about 6 at the time the case happened, and the media never bother to to retrospectives when black people are involved), but I went and did some reading, and I really can’t see any where she can even be compared to the shithead with the drain cleaner. Based on what is known about both the treatment of POCs and the treatment of rape victims in the U.S. court system, and on the statistics of rape, the parsimonious explanation is that Brawley has been telling the truth the whole time, and got screwed over by a deeply racist and misogynistic court system. I doubt she’ll ever get anything resembling justice at this late date, but it’s blisteringly obvious to anyone who isn’t willingly blind to reality what happened there.

  4. Yeah, They are going to make a Lifetime movie about this turdpile. Like I said give the sister in the Duke lacrosse scandal some help. Pay her for her illness. Give her a book deal. Give Tawana Brawley a book deal let her get paid for her mental illness. This is some horse manure.

      1. All joking aside, I agree with your earlier statement. I could see them doing a film about this deranged lunatic. They’ve done films on murderers like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. Even that “Long Island Lolita” Amy I remember they even got Drew Barrymore to play her in a made for television drama. It just boggles the mind how they are so obsessed with these killers and lunatics. They will do anything for profit. Never mind what the families of their victims think. I guess thier pain and suffering is irrelevant,right?

  5. In a statement shared with KGW Monday, Storro said she was trying to move on with her life and “The need for some kind of closure compels me to try and explain what happened.” She went on to assure that she did not write the book to try and gain sympathy or attention.

    Yeah, right…she needs ‘closure’. For what?!? She smeared drain cleaner on her face to try to gain sympathy and attention (and maybe get some free cosmetic surgery out of it), and it worked. She’s doing it again because she can, and she has tons of undeserved support behind her. She should hook up with Coltom Harris-Moore, the “Barefoot Bandit”! 🙄

  6. There are no surprises here! Black men (sometimes black women) have always been thought of as, painted as and criminalized as the “boogeymen” or fall guy in Amerikkka. We are essentially the as usual suspects that always seem to fit the description or profile as some crying, white women tell the authorities that a, “a black person did it.”

    To me, cases where white women allege that a black person committed a crime against them has a whole lot more to do with the media’s long history of intentionally demonizing blacks in general. Subsequently, the sick minds of those who want to place themselves in a position of a white damsel in distress, is just another portion of the puzzle in an attempt to further validate the bestial notion of black people in the feeble minds of white Amerikkka.

    Susan Smith in 1994, Bonnie Sweeten in 2012, Amanda Knox in 2009 and Bethany Storro in 2009. Of course, this isn’t counting the countless incidents where these same types of people made the same type of allegations that didn’t gain national or international notoriety.

    Indeed, the sickness continues!

    1. This was a man instead of a woman, but don’t forget Charles Stuart who shot and killed his 8-months pregnant wife in a Black neighborhood, arranged for someone to shoot him in the stomach, and lied and said that “a Black man did it.” The only reason the truth came out was because his brother could not take the lying anymore and told the authorities.

      It does not surprise me that there will be a movie about this drivel. Lifetime made one about Amanda Knox and a scene was cut a night before the premiere because it showed Amanda, her boyfriend, and a Black guy forcing themselves onto the victim, Meredith Kercher. It caused some controversy. And Amanda tried to blame her roommate’s death on another Black guy, who was found to be innocent and sued her for defamation of character.

      It appears that all of these people suffer from Blame-A-Nigger Syndrome.

      1. I heard about that case too, there are no words to describe how insane that is. I also heard of another case where a white police officer shot himself and lied about a black man doing it. These people are sick as hell to harm themselves and blame it on nonexistent black people.

        Blame-A-Nigger Syndrome. I like that lol.

  7. And the scary thing with Susan Smith was that the innocent man that got pick up looked like the composite drawing. That’s the danger in this finger pointing and lying on black people.

  8. Nothing but pure disgusting! I just love how they make that woman look innocent. I agree, her lies will be made into a crappy movie and be put on life. The day that happens, I hope that it will be petitioned and stopped.

  9. I think I have a legitimate use for this cow’s “book”: I’ll tear out the pages and stuff them into tissue boxes, then sell them as “White Tears Tissues”. Whiny white people will be able to wipe away their white tears with someone ELSE’S white tears!

  10. The most frightening thing about this (for me) is how this proves how little we’ve changed from decades ago. Even now, a white woman can lie about being attacked by black people, and people will still treat her like a victim. However, they will carry her accusations and take them out on any black person regardless of whether or not she was telling the truth. You see how quickly people were willing to believe her at first?

    This is the crap that gets people killed, and it takes me back to every lynching and how the majority of them were due to white women lying and claiming some black man (and therefore the entire race) attacked her. This led to entire towns being razed to the ground, and black men, women and children being utterly destroyed.

    Any person who claims white women and black women are on the same level clearly has not followed these cases, because yet another white woman has potentially stolen a black persons life for attention.

      1. Yeah, she gets more sympathy for a fake attack than a black woman gets for a real one. There’s something so wrong with that picture. I can just imagine what would have happened if some black woman was picked up for it.

      2. Yeah, it’s just so ridiculous. Its almost like they are so racist that they still want to believe some black person did it to her. People need to wake up, this is not okay, and I wish that more people of color were openly infuriated by this. Enough people have been killed because of people like her always having “a black person did it/will do it/could do it” in the back of her mind, and societies willingness to agree with that is why she’s getting this treatment instead of what she should get.

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