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Hey, do you all remember that woman who had acid thrown in her face? She said that a black woman did it, but it turns out that it was a hoax. Now, Bethany Storro is publishing a book about her phantom black attack and it’s available on Amazon.

KGW reports:

The Vancouver woman who burned her face with drain cleaner and claimed to have been attacked has written a book about the hoax called “Facing the Truth.”

Bethany Storro wrote the book with Portland-area co-author Mona Kruger, herself  a burn survivor.

A description said the book will “take the reader through a maze of mental illness to uncover the history leading up to the tragedy . . . Bethany’s desire is that others facing similar paths will find help and hope before dire consequences ensue.”

Storro said she suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in which a person focuses on a part of the body thought to be flawed, whether real or not. In a statement shared with KGW Monday, Storro said she was trying to move on with her life and “The need for some kind of closure compels me to try and explain what happened.” She went on to assure that she did not write the book to try and gain sympathy or attention.

Storro attracted national attention in August 2010 when she said a stranger threw a cup of acid in her face. She accepted donations from sympathetic people before she admitted to detectives she had made up the story.

Storro pleaded guilty to making a false statement to a public official and was sentenced to community service and ordered to continue mental health treatment.

“I am truly sorry for the people who I hurt, misled or caused trouble for,” Storro said in Tuesday’s prepared statement. “My hope in telling the truth about my journey is that someone out there might… get help in the early stages of mental illness…”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Storro continues to pimp off of sympathy of the gullible and naive who will cry rivers for a woman who carried on the tradition of blaming nonexistent black people. There will be people who will purchase this book, and feel sorry for her. And hardly anyone will consider the harm she caused, especially to the black community who is always suspect in this not-so-post racial society because you know, she has mental issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lifetime produces a made-for-TV movie about this.

What are your thoughts on this?