Notable Links: 2-1/13

Jeremiah Wright

Reverend Jeremiah Wright (1941- ), an American Christian minister, was the head pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side of Chicago from 1972 to 2008. He is best known for being Barack Obama’s pastor from 1988 to 2008, the one famous for saying “God damn America”.

Trinity United is the largest of all the churches of the United Church of Christ. While his church is mainly black, the United Church of Christ is mainly white. These days it is a liberal mainline Protestant church. It goes back to the Puritan Congregationalist churches of New England. They condemned slavery, took part in the Underground Railroad and, after Emancipation, set up schools across the South for blacks. Some of these are now black universities, like Howard.

Next Steps in Seeking Justice For Denny Chen

Are you still wondering you can do in the fight for justice for Private Danny Chen? After the courts-martial of all eight soldiers connected to his hazing and tragic death, four were ultimately discharged from the Army. And earlier this month, President Obama signed several anti-hazing provisions into law. 

But this is not over. There’s still unfinished business. If you’re in New York, OCA-NY, which has been spearheading this campaign from the very beginning, is holding a planning meeting next week to discuss where the community goes from here in seeking justice for Danny Chen. The fight does not stop.

Happy Birthday Langston Hughes

With today being the start of Black History Month, what better way to kick things off than by paying our respects to the great Langston Hughes.

Among the finest poets of the 20th century, Mr. Hughes’ words continue to capture the hearts and minds of people across the world.

With the Fox News Empire in a Ratings Slump, Has Roger Ailes Lost His Magic Touch?

Fox’s latest Nielsen numbers are bad. Really bad. Its worst in 12 years. And early indications are the slump may be part of a larger, systemic problem that could cause bigger headache as fast-climbing MSNBC continues to post gains.

President Obama’s first term proved to be a ratings winner for Fox News as the channel gleefully projected the inner demons of the right wing and marketed itself as the final defender of freedom. Early 2013 indicators though, suggest that ratings cycle may be played out.


2 thoughts on “Notable Links: 2-1/13

  1. Dr. Jeremiah Wright is a truth speaker. Lots of white Americans had an issue with Dr. Wright for speaking truth. I learned today would have been Langston Hughes birthday. I have just finished The Ways Of White Folks. I loved it. Now I’m reading The Best Of Simple.

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