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It was almost four years ago that Oscar Grant, a young African American male, was gunned down by a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer. It is a crime that many people will never forget as Grant was one of many young black males and females gunned down by police. Now, young film director Ryan Coogler will give the people a first-hand look into the last day of Oscar Grants existence in his film Fruitvale.

Fruitvale premiered at the Sundance Movie Festival and is already getting many positive reviews and top prizes. This is Coogler’s latest film after a short movie about a prostitute who wants to leave the lifestyle to care for her daughter. He has received two grants to produce the current film.

Coogler works as a social worker at a juvenile-detention center in San Fransisco. He has been counseling youth since he was 21. His attention is now focused on creating a graphic novel.

Cooglar was a security guard at a rave when Oscar Grant was murdered.