Only Black Folks Got “Special Issues”

Many people have a love-hate obsession with black people in regards to relationships, reproduction, family, politics, crime, education and any other part of human life. Most of the time, this bizarre fascination with African Americans, most of it is usually based on stereotypes and ignorance, reveal some things about the state of mind of the judgmental individual. Most of time, these people make blanketed statements based on – as usual – statistics. Those are the kinds of people who follow the numbers game in their lazy bid to turn the black population into a race of sub-humans unable or usually unwilling to be more like other races in America who – in their minds got their shit together. Non-black races in general are always compared with blacks, and the scales tip in favor of non-black Americans according to some.

Video blogger Jwriter4 (in the video above) pointed out that it reveals two things: It shows an emancipatory mindset that drives away mostly Eurocentric values. It proclaims that African Americans don’t conform to the oppressive, dominant culture. However, it also argues on behalf of conforming to the oppressive dominant culture. In other words black people don’t marry and then have kids which resulted in a high out-of-wedlock birthrate and broken families. Therefore, they need to marry and then have kids the same other people – including whites – do so the black family can be stable again.

It’s conflicting logic that gives those of us with some knowledge of psychology a glimpse into the mind of a possibly troubled individual. The fact may be that it’s not the group that has problems. It is the individual who makes that claim.

When it comes to African Americans, many people, including and especially some African Americans, love to cite information on all things wrong or supposedly wrong with the black community. The latter includes marriage rates, single-parent homes and out-of-wedlock childbirth, to name a few. People in this society have a fixation on those issues when it comes to black people, and some blacks take it, run with it and even circulate and preach it to the choir.

What doesn’t register, at least not immediately, is that those issues – and more – are not exclusive to African Americans nor are they at extreme levels only within the black community, at least not all of them and not without plausible explanations. What also doesn’t process are questions as to why issues such as single-parent homes are considered problems to begin with. Yet, what always seems to be the case is that black people have issues while everyone else is seemingly doing just fine. “Only black people suffer from extreme forms of self-hatred” is the belief.

Blacks who engage in such behavior may either feel better than “average blacks” and(or) is suffering from intense self-hatred. The latter could likely have been the end result of the individual’s personal trauma. Still, both sides seem to believe they are correct, and certain people from each group will start their mini-movements to keep from feeling alone.

This post is not to deny the existence of self-hatred within the black community. It is also not excusing or advocating anti-social behavior. However, it is not limited to the confines of the black community, and not everything done by blacks that go against the dominant narrative are symptoms. Black people are not a monolith and they shouldn’t see themselves as one. Blacks are a group composed of diverse, individual human beings like any other group and should be seen as such. It is not wrong to see yourself and your people as individuals. And it is not wrong to not be like the dominant group.


3 thoughts on “Only Black Folks Got “Special Issues”

  1. Jwriter4 is right on point. Every one of the issues that he spoke of is directly tethered into this fallacy that most refer to as white supremacy. White supremacy is a phenomenon that must be continually maintained through intentional mislabeling of others, stereotypes, law, lies, policies and outright discrimination. This phenomenon, when placed within either print or video media is the gist of what upholds it and controls our thought patterns of ourselves and what others think of us as black people. Is it fair, of course not? That’s why it’s imperative that blacks refrain from believing what white folks or any other group of people say negative about us in general. Believing in white supremacy is in fact its source of power. The potency and effectiveness of white supremacy will slowly wither away and totally collapse once this silly notion of the whites being superior is no longer believed.

  2. Reblogged this on The Critical Historian and commented:
    The subtle ways in which people of color are marginalized are often more effective than those that are obvious. By pathologizing Blackness (“special issues) the mainstream media creates a firm boundary between those who are “normal” and those who are “special”–downwardly

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