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In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I decided to drum up a sci-fi scenario. Picture this: On April 4th 1968, Martin Luther King disappeared. What happened? It turns out that he was transported into the future. He reappears in modern times seeing a new world. However, America’s problems remain. Racism, materialism and militarism are still prevalent today. Violence and hatred are both still around, but he also sees great accomplishments, one being the election of a Black President.

You do think his reactions would be to the world of the future? For instances, what would he say about America electing its first Black President twice? What he say about America’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What would he think about the entertainment and news media, especially the likes of Fox News? What would he say about the ongoing struggles of poverty and violence?

What are the social and political issues that effect you and how do you think Dr. King would respond to such issues? Sound off the comment section.