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“If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium,” she said. “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the ones who are pushing, pushing, pushing…My principle objection is that they are all white men. The lack of diversity just shocks me, shocks me!”

-Ann Coulter

I have to be honest, I do not feel like arguing against another one of Coulter’s conservative crackpot clucks. In fact I won’t, and it’s not because she has a point. Goodness knows that she’s as close to reality as a stoned cartoon character and values honesty as much as a used car salesman. Not only that, she’s made a career of being hateful and wrong. So, there’s no use trying to make a leopard change its spots.

None of what Coulter said was surprising. We live in a society where we blame the less powerful for all of the national fuck-ups. When the economy tanked in 2008, who did some political pundits blame? You guessed it. Negroes. Who does society blame for the lack of jobs? Simple. All (presumably) less qualified negroes and illegal immigrants from south of the border. Heaven forbid we place the blame where it belongs and actually start working on solving the problems wisely.

While we’re not at it, let’s not bring history into this, especially the objective kind. What happened before the 1970’s is irrelevant. It was in the past. And the past has nothing to do with what’s happening today.

Lastly, let’s not talk white violence as a significant problem in America. Besides it’s not as all bad as the violence in black and brown communities where it happens way more often due to their dysfunctional culture observed from the evening news and from hip-hop videos. Let’s worry about white violence only when and after it happens while not giving a damn about minority violence even if other minorities are the victims.

Seriously, folks, Coulter’s thinking is nothing new. It’s been said time and time again. To the corrupt masses we are the problem, this nation’s biggest scapegoat for being who and what we are. There are no such people as good black people to these pseudo-patriots. Rich or poor, living or dead, even male and female, we are all the same to them.

Like Ms. Lavern Merriweather said in one of her posts, we shouldn’t care about those fools, especially the white ones. So, why do some of us worry about what they think about us when those – like Coulter – have made up their minds? Why try to engage in conversations with them if they choose not to listen? Do some of us still think of the white man (and white woman) as our masters? Seriously!

The black community knows damn well that there are problems with crime and gun violence in some of its neighborhoods. No black person has ever disputed that – ever. But to make some asinine statement that this country’s violence is on us is to do a great disservice. It’s basically an open invitation for more white gun violence to continue without so much as batting an eye.

Shame on you Coulter for ignoring your white community’s problem with gun violence in your quest to destroy all forms of truth and justice.