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by Lavern Merriweather

Recently, Brotha wrote a post about the outrage from black people over a show on the Oxygen cable network called All My Baby Mommas. Starring a rapper by the name of Shawty Lo and the women who got knocked up, which at last count was 10 women and 11 babies. So, what was this fool trying to do, create a harem or something? Lord, I hope not and maybe it’s not 100% fair to call him a fool without calling the women he made the babies with that also. Because I hate when any time a black male has a bunch of babies out of wedlock and is being irresponsible black people make it seem as if he reveled in the stupidity all by himself.

The women involved are just as much at fault as he is, if not more. So, because they had the option of saying no when they found out how many kids he already had. Instead, they wanted to be part of this mess, and hopefully someday, bask in the limelight of his supposed ‘career’.

Actually, that’s not what this post is really about. It’s about the fallout from the holier than black people who cry and whine when they think other black people are behaving in a way that makes us all look bad. This always makes me think, who are they so damn worried about? Is it white people they are afraid of seeing this? Most likely, that’s what it is despite their denials to the contrary. They will tell you that they don’t want their kids being exposed to such nonsense. Yeah, and I’m going to be the first female president of America. Woo-hoo!

Bullshit! Those people are fretting over what whitey will think, which I find rather odd seeing how they go very batshit any time another black person brings up the fact that many white people do the very same thing. Nobody has a problem with the show 16 and Pregnant or the show Sister Wives. By the way, those polygamist white males with their so called ‘wives’ are honestly no better than Shawty. The problem is that we have bought so much into the bullshit that whatever white people do is acceptable even while we are criticizing one another for the SAME behavior. We have brought into the lie that as long as white people put a shiny enough gleem on their bad behavior then it’s no longer bad or at least not as bad as when we are doing it.

And for those Negroes who say I don’t want to have to pay for this dumb nigga’s many mouths to feed, well guess what? Who do you think is paying for the white males and their many wives families? Most of those men are not independently wealthy. So, they have to rely on the very same source Shawty and his big brood will have to depend on.

I remember an interview with a man who was a neighbor of David Koresh and his branch Davidian followers when they lived in Waco, and he said that often times there would be several women from the compound who would go grocery shopping. And that those women would have 9 carts overflowing with food. I will give you three guesses as to how they could afford to pay for such a bill. Yet I’ll bet the high minded crowd wouldn’t have the time to concern themselves with that or a little thing like consistency.

It amazes me how black people can constantly complain about the dominant white patriarchal society yet turn right around and engage in their most blatantly hypocritical and racist practices. Bottom line, I couldn’t give two shits less about this dumbass or his gang of groupie baby dispensers. They have zero to do with my life, and I could care even less about what ‘image’ they are projecting and who would it cause to be the most judgmental, especially when you consider that they themselves are really in no position to judge. Unless, they want me to go there on all their baby momma drama.

I found it very offense when I saw on 20/20 about a black woman offering free weddings because she was sick of seeing black people having babies but no ring. Sorry, but frankly she needs to mind her own business. And how is she teaching them anything by rewarding their irresponsibility? I saw one couple that had three kids together. Oh, so you can pay for a bunch of kids but you can’t pay to walk down the aisle?

Some people, even black folks, are just idiots and don’t need a bunch of nosy ass Nellies leading them around by the nose trying to teach them how to be more respectable. They are grown and know what they are doing. It would be one thing if this were truly about concern for the kids who didn’t ask to be part of this stupidity, but it’s not. It’s about black people who say one thing but then do another for a group of people who are so defiant against the greater supremacist society. We seem to have developed many of their inconsistencies when it comes to morality.

America is not a moral place, and condemning it on the left while you condone it on the right is not doing anyone a favor, including you. Why stop at just Shawty? This is the same network that houses that foolishness known as Bad Girls Club while you are it let us also go after that shitty Next Top Model junk. Hell, I wouldn’t shed a tear if all the reality shows were done away with, but you won’t do it by selectively playing morality police and hypocritical singling out only certain people. The only power that someone else’s opinion of you has is how much you choose to give it.