Guest Post: Is Blackface Ever Funny?

Robert Downey, Jr. in the movie Tropic Thunder

by Lavern Merriweather

For some bizarre, inexplicable reason known only to them, the powers-that-be at last year’s Oscars decided it would be a good idea to have Billy Crystal once again don blackface for a skit where he is playing the legendary Sammi Davis Jr. I know the Oscars have been sinking faster than the Titanic for a long time, but now those pinheads have hit a whole new low of mediocrity, and not just that it made no freaking ass sense, especially when in the skit they go back in time to supposedly to ‘kill’ Hitler. Talk about stuck on stupid!

I don’t get why that a-hole Crystal – first of all – still thinks he is hilarious, why he thinks it’s acceptable to pretend to be black people or why black people have never called his ass on it. Keep in mind this is the same dumbass that played Grace Jones, Prince and Tina Turner on a comedy TV show. Gee, objectify much prick?

And for those stupid white people who point to examples like the Wayans Brothers and their movie White Chicks, Eddie Murphy playing an elderly Jewish man in Coming to America or black British comedian Lenny Henry playing a white man in his debut film, that pales very much in comparison to a history of degrading black people by that obnoxious practice. Another thing, those people aren’t even real! They were fake caricatures. Sammi, on the other hand, was a real person and deserves a shitload more respect than some jag-off, who hasn’t been funny in 26 years, finding it amusing to portray him.

How much cash money you want to bet the ‘it’s ok if black people do it’ crowd would feel if say Chris Tucker did a skit show where he was playing Barbara Striesand,Frank Sinatra or Madonna and see how if they still want to agree, or if they get into a fight with another person and they only have 6 people with them while their opponent has 26 people? I hope they still find it all ‘equal’ then. The fact is it’s not equal, and it probably will never be equal. Those pissants who cry reverse racism don’t seem to remember that it was WHITE FOLKS who started blackface. So, what you call reverse racism, I call Karma coming back to bite you on your hypocritical whiny ass and rightfully so. Like it says in the Bible, what goes around comes around, and now you, want to hem and haw because you don’t like it coming back on you. Well, tough rocks.

I don’t think white people even realize how utterly stupid and ridiculous they look in blackface either. In one picture on Brotha’s website of a college ghetto party where white kids dress in blackface, one dummy looked like a burnt potato. But what’s even worse than white people defending the dumbness is misguided black fools who defend it as well.

There were some who say Crystal is just an actor playing a part. So what’s wrong with that? Well I’ll tell you, Blackface was never meant to be entertaining for us. It was meant to mock us and make us look like idiots while white people laughed. There is a very big difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone, particularly a group of people who can always dish it out but never take it themselves.

On top of that, Crystal himself would probably lose his you-know-what if that were a black comedian mocking real Jewish celebrities. As I said before, being an actor or comedian doesn’t give you free license to be a dickweed. You have to take your slings and arrows as anyone else would. Even more so, because you are a public figure making a fool of yourself in public. I haven’t seen the movie Tropic Thunder mostly because it looks so asinine. Not just because of Robert Downey Jr., but that is also a very big part of it.

I highly absolutely doubt that there is any black actor breathing who could do the same thing, and get an Oscar nod. Then again, those are the same people who gave an Oscar to a pedophile and wife beater. So, it’s not like their standards are anywhere in existence anyway. Still, that doesn’t justify the moronic attitudes. And for those who cry ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘artistic license’, why is it that YOU don’t have the same mentality when you get offended?

You should have read the angry racist comments by pissy white folks who thought that the newest Dr. Who played by Matt Smith was going to be either a black man or white woman when rumors were flying that the producers were going to cast off the grid, or when Bond star Daniel Craig suggested that once he gives up the role of the long running, popular superspy and the next choice should be a black male. For the record ,I’d pick Djimon Honsou or Idiris Elba, the amazing star of the BBC hit Luther.

Speaking of which, you should have heard the outcry when insecure bitchy white people were threatened with the idea that a Negro would be playing a traditionally Norse character in the hit movie adaptation of the Thor comics. Well, close the schools and save the children! How dare black people think white folks were actually serious when they said it’s okay for any actor to play any part regardless of creed, color or racist feelings of the majority viewing public? What what they really meant was the usual, that it’s only okay for them. Nope, no racism motivating that thought process like there was no racism when typical slutty dumb blond and shitty tennis player Caroline Wozniacki was making fun of African-American superstar Serena Williams. Oh, But wait! She’s supposed to be Serena’s friend and all. So, it was all in good fun.

Wow! With friends like those, who needs a Neo-Nazi as a next door neighbor. Hopefully he moves in right next to Crystal.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Is Blackface Ever Funny?

  1. I think Hollywood is just to stupid to reflect. Don’t forget when Whoopi Goldberg bought Ted Danson to some awards show in blackface. I still am shaking my head over that foolishness. I wonder does she ever regret doing that? Yes, alot of brouhaha over Idris in the Thor comic book movie the white people were up in arms about that. And the young actress who played Rue in the Hunger Games. Some whites are just unable to reflect. They think it’s alright to do this crap and get away with it.

      1. I’m happy to see a site as racist as stormfront and Best Good. Your blog is deliciously racist. I’m living it – please keep being as disgusting as ignorant as those you hate.

      2. In what way is my blog anything like Stormfront?

        Maybe you live in your parents basement jerking off all day like those asshole do. the Palm sisters are his greatest friends!

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