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This looks like a job for a Black Superman!

by Lavern Merriweather

With the ever growing numbers of murders continuing to rise on the southside of Chicago, it has caused some to shout a rallying cry for President Barack Obama to do more to curb the violence, including noted Chicago Sun-Times columnist Sheila Foster who criticized the president asking how can he let this problem continue to fester in his own back yard? And she’s not the only one who feels that way.

There was even a strong outcry on most black websites attacking Mr. Obama for the execution of Troy Davis, and to that, I say those people need to go fuck themselves. I mean seriously. First of all, the president has NO authority over who can or can’t be executed. Only a state governor can do that. Second, even if he did, it’s not his job to play Save-A-Negro and rescue every black person in America, especially those people supposedly in ‘his own back yard’ which really isn’t even accurate seeing how he grew up in fucking Hawaii, not Chicago.

Troy Davis had been in prison for 22 years before he was put to death. So, why didn’t those same black people bitch to Bill Clinton who was one of the presidents that could have freed Mr. Davis long ago? In fact I haven’t heard squat about Mr. Davis until he was executed, but because a black man is now in charge, it’s all of a sudden his job to work overtime just for those who happen to share his skin color.

I have had many arguments on countless websites with other black people about why it is that now black people want to be so damn demanding when they wouldn’t be nearly this bold if it were yet another white male in the White House, particularly someone like Al Gore who I highly doubt would be putting much effort if any into doing everything possible to appease us Negroes because we keep bitching at him. But that’s the whole problem. We don’t have anything to say when it’s a white male. We look the other way no matter what their behavior. We tolerate all kinds of sleazy, immoral, disgusting, selfish, and perverted nonsense from white men and, in the case of Clinton, were actually defending it. Yet, President Obama has to be pure as the driven snow. Not only that we slobber after white males and give them unconditional unrequited love while asking for nothing in return but expect a black politician to give us the Sun, Moon, stars and a couple of rings off of Saturn. You’d have thought Bill Clinton was the second coming of the Messiah the way black people were kissing his ass and damn near fighting to the death if any of his enemies even dare looked at him cock-eyed.

Celebrated author Toni Morrison even having the nerve to call him ‘America’s first black president’, a concept that is just foolish at best and downright stupid at worst I mean WHAT THE FUCK?!! Didn’t this woman go to college, and isn’t she far too educated to say something so asinine? The problem with that is that she wasn’t the only one who felt that way or said that dumbass phrase.

Then, you have those same black folks turn right around and question how ‘authentic’ Barack Obama’s blackness is. Now, I understand that just because someone doesn’t share my skin color doesn’t mean I can’t welcome them like family. In fact I eagerly celebrate such a thing. However, Clinton has done jack squat diddly to prove that they deserve to be treated like family by any black person, especially those who piss and moan at the drop of the hat if Obama doesn’t rush to Air Force One then run like a madman to hold the door open for them.

When the head of the Agricultural Dept. Shirley Sherrod was unfairly fired over a malicious leaked video that made it seem as if she were being racist towards a farm owner, the president had an outpouring of hatred from the black blogosphere community. Interesting how those same people got extremely huffy when I mentioned the shitty way that Clinton treated Lani Guinier during his administration. It’s as if there is some unwritten rule that not only should we never call out white politicians even when they completely deserve it, but we don’t want anyone else calling us out for not doing so. That’s bullshit!

Black people need to get it straight. Obama doesn’t owe us any more than we would expect from a white male, particularly since most black people wouldn’t ask shit of a white male. And if that’s because you don’t think they will deliver, then why do you show them so much love and support but want no reciprocation from white males? And yet, demand a black man to shine your shoes every morning before you even give him a chance? That’s something to think about just like when a certain commenter on a website complained when Obama made a stirring comment after the death of a Congressman who was also a former member of the Klan. Well, what the hell was he supposed to do, say “Fuck that guy I hope he died a painful horrible death and may he rot in hell?”

Black people seem to be forgetting or maybe they just don’t want to acknowledge that President Obama is the president of all Americans, and therefore has responsibilities to everyone, not just black people. That also goes for those people who were secretly hoping that there would be some form of revenge from Obama towards white people. If those dummies honestly expected that to really happen, then they are dumber than 30 box of rocks put together.

Obama is just one man who cannot and should not be required to change over 40 decades of history in just eight years. That would be impossible for a bunch of people, let alone one person. And it also goes for those who claim that Obama should be more ‘gangsta’ in how he reacts to situations. Okay Black Panther Jr., why don’t you run for office on a platform like that and see how far YOU get, which probably wouldn’t even be past the first debate. I don’t recall anyone saying that Clinton should have gotten all ‘redneck’ on his opponents and pulled out a shotgun or told them how they were going to be ‘taken out back to the shed’. No, he was respected as an individual and even had many blacks say that his critics shouldn’t be blasting him with insulting stereotypes. Yet, they embrace those same ones for Obama. As the Reverend Jesse Jackson used to say, “I’m just trying to make sense.”