Guest Post: I Feel Pretty

by Lavern Merriweather

I absolutely despise the FOX show Glee with a fervent passion, and I have never actually seen one episode. Although, I don’t think I even need to see one to know that I’m right about the show being a huge steaming pile of crap. Still, I kept hearing about one of the leads played by actor Cory Monteith. So, I decided to check it out just to see for myself how hot he really is.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a big sucker for a tender young piece of yummy eye candy to the point where I will even sit through a show I know is pure garbage to catch a look. That is, until I actually saw him, and I thought to myself, “Shut the front door!” THIS is the guy that supposedly has all the girls swooning and is even the object of desire for the lead teacher played by Matthew Morrison’s wife? You have got to be kidding me! That kid is butt-ass ugly, and yes, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and taste is subjective, but if you tout some male as being ‘hot’, I better be beholden something better than him.

So, it got me to thinking how we consider many white celebrities good looking or attractive simply because they are famous or because we think white people are just better looking by default. Even when they are not, I am sick to absolute death of hearing what a stud Justin TimberFAKE I mean Lake is. Puhh-lease! Helen Keller wouldn’t find him appealing, nor would she find most of the white males that the media celebrates as being hot when they are most certainly not.

Take fellow Chi-Town native Vince Vaughn for example. He is pasty, slovenly and his face looks like battered dough, but for some reason, Mr. Vaughn is considered a leading man by who people with glaucoma. How about blonde Amazon star of Kill Bill Uma Thurman? Her smile is crooked as all get out, and her face just looks weird, like she’s Alien Jane or something. Not only do I not see it, I just don’t get it.

Just like the former star of the CBS hit King of Queens Leah Remini. I mean seriously what the hell is up with homegirl’s mouth? It’s all twisted like a freaking pretzel, and the rest of her features look they are trying to fight each other for space. Yet, somehow because she is white and well known. That automatically makes her pretty.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being a hater. I love beautiful women and like I said before, I like male eye candy, but if that person doesn’t qualify, don’t keep shoving them in my face trying to convince me otherwise, especially when you have some kind of mental deficiency that makes you think your skin color makes you better than others in every way. Yeah don’t think so.

And don’t even get me started on that stupid ridiculous People magazine 50 ‘most beautiful’ list which is no better than the founding fathers and the Constitution. Meaning, it’s only determined by a select few and is very biased if you are going to only find ‘certain’ people attractive even when they are not, then come right out and say that. Don’t pretend that you are including everyone or know what you are doing. Even famed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said the year he was put on that list that People made a very wrong choice. There is even grumblings among some white females for the latest ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ pick Channing Tatum who doesn’t exactly float my boat either, but maybe in his case that’s just an age thing. Either way, I don’t find it the least bit surprising that the majority of males they have named are white and some that really don’t fit the bill. Who died and said People gets to pick who is most beautiful?

On an episode of the now defunct NBC comedy show Last Comic Standing former contestant Alonzo Bodden who is black returned to be a judge for the newest group. And he told a fellow contestant by the name of Rebecca Corrie that she was beautiful causing well known comedian Gilbert Gottfried who was also a judge to respond, “What Alonzo really means by that is that you are just white”. Therefore, you must be an attractive person despite the fact that not all white people are. What kills me the most is those ignorant Negroes who think a white blood mix will solidify that they have a pretty baby with ‘good hair! Arrrrrgh!

I guess those people have never heard of Rain, Pryor Richard Pryor’s daughter who has a white mom or Tia and Tamera Mowry who are also bi-racial. You even have a bony, ugly, pasty girl like Kristen Stewart being called hot. How much do you want to bet those white men saying it wouldn’t look at her twice if she wasn’t famous? Same goes for Justin Bieber who has millions of little girls screaming like Banshees for him. Yet, by the time they are 22, they will realize gee he really ain’t all that and will want to sue him for ruining their vocal cords for nothing. Matter of fact, I have never seen a member of a boy band besides Timberlake still getting praise once the tweens have all grown up and noticed that the guys they were so in love with aren’t that much better looking than the guys at the DMV.

And those girls on reality TV shows who call themselves ‘models’ aren’t much better, right? I have seen hotter chicks on America’s Most Wanted. I remember on another website where this woman wrote a post on how she doesn’t get why so many men both black and white are infatuated with Scandal star Kerry Washington. She was then reminded by some commenters that there are plenty of white female celebrities who aren’t as special as the media would have us believe. I think we all need to be reminded of where the self-centered ideology that some are just naturally born better comes from so that we don’t keep foolishly promoting it amongst ourselves.


14 thoughts on “Guest Post: I Feel Pretty

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the sexiest man alive. I remember when I saw that I was astounded. Does he not look as plain as day? I can go down to the gym and find a dozen men who look just like him. But then, I must remember, society likes its status quo.

  2. @Lavern I totally agree with you. Hollyweird loves to make it seem as though whites are the epitome of beauty and everyone else is chopped liver. My sister always tells me that Tom Cruise,Mel Gibson,Justin Timberlake,Brad Pitt,Bradley Cooper and Vince Vaughn do nothing for her. She doesn’t find them the least bit attractive. And as a black man,I get bombarded with these blond bimbos I’m supposed to see as the romantic ideal. The media makes a big deal about women like Reese Witherspoon,Jennifer Aniston,Gwenyth Paltrow,Nicole Kidman,Anna Hathaway,Sarah Jessica Parker,Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes. While black women that very attractive like Gabrielle Union,Nia Long,Meagan Good,Kerry Washington,Sanaa Lathan,Tika Sumpter and Reagan Gomez-Preston don’t get even half the exposure their white counterparts get. It’s a damn shame in my opinion!

  3. @Mickey; I totally remember Joan Collins making that statement. White skin and blond hair don’t always equal beautiful. I’m convinced that white supremacy brainwashed our people into thinking that the european standard of beauty was the superior one. We have got a long way to go in terms of being healed from the brainwashing of white America.

  4. Brother wolf where did you find Lavern Merriweather – is deeper than you.(just kidding)
    Ya killin it with the critique – and three in a row – dammn…

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