R.I.P. Hadiya Pendleton

Usually, I reserve the R.I.P. series for famous and successful achievers who have passed on. It hasn’t changed. Though many have never heard of her, she had a promising future, only to have it snatched away by a bullet. Hadiya Pendleton was a regular girl. She was a gifted student who performed in a band […]

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The Saga of Chris Brown

Chris Brown never ceases to amaze and disappoint us. Some of us wish he either would man up or just disappear altogether as his constant involvement in violence have been more at center stage than he has at any concert or awards show. It’s gone past the point of caring with many people (myself included). […]

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Notable Links: 1-25/13

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing back the Notable Links series. Enjoy! A Racist Later to the “Filthy” Filipino Community What the hell? This was shared on¬†Facebook¬†and passed along by several readers… This letter, purporting initially to be from the “California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Barbering & Cosmetology,” was apparently mailed to Derek […]

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The Entitlement Argument

I was in a less-than pleasant argument in a chat room with a couple of obviously, sheltered white people loaded with tired-ass explanations on who black people are and why they just don’t like them. One of the arguments mentioned was that they both felt that black people think that America owes them, and that […]

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