Lessons From 2012

Well, here we are at the end of another year, and at the beginning of a new year. Many of us will ring it in celebrating through partying at clubs or going to church for watchnight services. Some will stay at home and watch the famous ball drop in New York City while today’s hottest musical stars and their audiences rock in a new year. And kids will celebrate with their cache of fireworks making noise, lighting up neighborhoods and leaving clouds of smoke in their wake.

As 2012 comes to a close I think back on the numerous events of yesteryear. It makes me ponder on what the near future will hold, and it makes me fear that history will likely be repeated or worse. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. Internet trolls are sad, pathetic, annoying lowest forms of humanity I ever met through cyberspace. They hate it when people speak their minds that doesn’t correlate with their views usually seeded in isms and phobias. If anything, they are fear the freedom of others who use their will to speak against their fears and disdain, and they will take it upon themselves to inform you whether you ask for it or not – usually not. Most trolls are cowards who won’t dare speak their minds in public. Thanks to social media’s freedoms, trolls can stay hidden behind a computer and spread their diseases with the microscopic possibility of getting caught. Those who are caught are more frightened than roaches on the kitchen floor caught in the open.

Do I wish they would go away? Yes and no. Trolls are frustrating as hell, especially when it comes to making intelligent points. But most trolls don’t deal in smarts. They go by raw negative emotions. It’s like dealing with spoiled children who want everything their way. You refuse to give in and they will continue their whining relentlessly unless you do something about it.

On the bright side, and they never fail in doing this, trolls will prove you right. If you talk about the wrongs of misogyny for instance, they will demonstrate that point by being misogynistic in their fruitless attempt to argue against you. You may be stunned at the level of ignorance and denial, but they’ve shown that the issue is indeed a major problem in society, and that they are infected with the virus.

2. Racist trolls are especially infuriating because many of them, if not a few using multiple screen names, have this fixation on black crime being the primary problem with society. They love to wag their scraggly fingers at the black community for not taking responsibility for their problems. They adore using statistics and news articles to prove their points. And they love to bring up past unpleasant experiences with one or a group of black people as if they are legitimate reasons to hate and fear a group of millions. In short they hate black people because they think we are a race of criminals who hate whites for no good reason.

However, this year has been rocked by crimes that rocked the media landscape. We’ve heard of the murders of black youth at the hands of white men. We’ve heard of mass murders committed by white men. We’ve heard of white people committing acts of terrorism against nonwhites and other whites. We’ve even heard of white men taking the lives of children.

Some white people can not face the glaring truth that the pathology for murder resides in them as it exist in every group on this earth. Racist trolls focus so heavily on crimes of nonwhites that why ignore their own bullshit for the sake of making the white race look good. This leads me to conclude that some of these people don’t really care about white people. They are more concerned with maintaining their ‘good name’ as oppose to facing their problems.

If these so-called race-realists and white supremacists really cared so much about the mighty and superior white race, they would have the testicular fortitude to have discussions on why white people are killing white people. They would have forums on the problem of white crime in their communities. But no, that topic is not on the radar. Only black and brown crime is. It makes me wonder about the people who think they’re superior is scared to death of being a victim of a black crime which is very rare but doesn’t raise a stink about white crime which happens far too often.

This is not a racist statement as some would love to claim. This is fact. I’ve yet to see any white supremacist or race realist site or blog that has an honest discussion on intraracial white crime. At the same time there are black websites and blogs that address the problem of intraracial crime. They don’t hide it. They are upfront and honest about it. What is the excuse of these who parade around how mighty the white race is while innocent white people are robbed, raped, assaulted and murdered by other whites?

3. While I’m on the subject of whiteness, I’ve seen an ugly habit of white entitlement. People of color (POC) are never seen as good even if they are responsible – you know, doing what we’re supposed to do like go to school, go to college, get a career, all the things conservatives preach about. Whenever POC are being responsible, it seems there’s a cry from the right that they are using affirmative action. When that happens, they, usually whites, try to help the now oppressed white people who more than deserve the privileges they already got. In their minds white people always earn their way to the top while POC got to the top with the help of affirmative action.

In a white supremacist world POC can’t have anything without being hounded for getting it for nothing. You see, if we’re at the bottom, we got there on our own. If you’re at the top, something’s a miss. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and are on your way, you benefited from affirmative action. So, what is there to do?

4. Obama’s re-elected, and already, we’re seeing white entitlement cry havoc from his first term. Goodness knows what lays in store for him in his second term in office. Yet, even though Obama has tried to appease white people to get them on his side, some of them aren’t having it. Some still don’t think he deserves to be there. Some are still afraid he will have revenge for slavery. Whatever it is, a black family living in the home resided for the leader of a powerful nation is driving white people bat shit crazy.

5. Conservatives and Republicans especially want Obama gone, and replaced with a white man who will bend over backwards for the One-percenters. What’s strange is that Obama has been doing that, to a certain extent. So, what’s the fuss? I can only conclude that he’s not a white American male from a privileged background, and that seems to make all the difference in a society supposedly post-racial.

Politics in America for the last few decades or so have been about money for the ruling class from the well-to-do and disadvantaged communities. The rhetoric appears to be that the teeny-tiny population of the super wealthy is what will save America and keep it alive. However, in 2008 it is that population that fucked up the economy in the first place and has been slowly doing it for years during the eras of Republicans and Democrats. American politics and its wealthy population is working together to destroy the nation they say they love with words but is expressing their hatred through their avarice and lack of common sense and morality.

As 2013 what can we expect? I look forward to a new year, and dread it at the same time. I’ve learned quite a bit during the year 2012. (Some I didn’t discuss in this blog.) What has 2012 taught you? Sound off in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Lessons From 2012

  1. Wishing you all the best in the New Year ! Keep doing what you’re doing! Peace and blessings to you BW! =)

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