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Have I seen the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Have I watched The First 48 lately? Do I want to watch Love and Hip Hop? The answers to all those questions should be obvious. If you are a regular here, you would know that television content like this is the kind I stay far away from. The reason why should also be obvious. These shows are a smörgåsbord of bitter-tasting, negative black stereotypes, and I will not support it. No one should support anything that continues the anti-black campaign in my personal opinion, but it still pisses me off that some of the viewers who watch and like this shit are black people themselves.

I know. Black people are not a monolith. Therefore, we all have different opinions and tastes. We don’t all like or hate the same things. Still, why do some are drawn to black negativity in the media like insects to a bug zapper? Maybe they feel that it’s just entertainment and that such shows do not represent the entire Black American population. But even so, if there is more “entertainment” like this as opposed to those of a different and more positive kind, and we live in a world where television is the information source for the gullible, lazy masses, then what does that say about society and its race issue? Furthermore, what does that say about those of us who prefer these kinds of buffalo chips as opposed to healthier forms of mental and emotional stimulation?

I especially like it when certain brothas and sistas complain about the lack of balance content in the media. They will moan how they is not enough positive images of black people on television, and they’re right. Hell, I’ve been saying it for years. What I do not like is how some of those people are drawn more towards the negative and avoid and reject the positive. Yes, there are positive images of black people out there. Why not take the time to find them, especially if the whole thing is just “entertainment”?

I’m not trying to diss anyone. I’m simply saying that what you think is entertaining is sweet-tasting poison for the mind and heart. We all know many people take it. Some will take overdoses. Yet, one can not assume that such content does not have an affect on the brain, and one damn sure can not conclude that such an affect can influence certain people in high places that make decisions that affect the lives of the less powerful. I do not and will not buy it.

There are black people who are making conscious efforts to counter the business of black pathology entertainment on their own, and that is not an easy task. Those who want to produce their shows, movies, music etc. need the money, tools, equipment and – if necessary – people to pull it off. Those like Issa Rae, Jasiri X, and Dennis R. Upkins are doing the damn thing and doing it good. Still, there is a lot of untapped talent out there that are looking for support. Most of them do not succumb to the whims of white supremacist entertainment. That is why they are revolutionaries. They are changing the dynamic, and they not only deserve support, but also standing ovations.