The Christmas Rant

WARNING: The following rant may not be suitable for all readers. If you love Christmas, believe in Santa Claus, God, Jesus Christ and Corporate America, you may want to click the ‘back’ button immediately. 

Well, the world didn’t end. What a shock. As such we in the midst of another holiday season. Yes, it is once again the time for giving and receiving, mostly receiving.

It’s time for innocent youth and some batty grown-ups to believe in a jolly, bearded, obese white man in red to visit the homes of every child on Earth living gifts made by him and his elves. It’s time for religious and spiritual folks to praise the birth of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also presented as a white man, sing songs of worship and tell stories. It’s time for people to decorate their homes with Christmas lights, Nativity scenes and, of course, renditions of Santa and his many reindeer whose numbers vary depending on…whoever. It’s time for the media to broadcast Christmas specials, some of which are the retelling of the ideal Christmas tale A Christmas CarolThe TBS station, in particular, will have another 24 hour run of A Christmas Story.

So, one would think that this is a feel-good time of year. We should all be in the so-called Christmas spirit. If not, then we are in need of some other-worldly, spiritual intervention the same way Ebenezer Scrooge went through. Some will even have the gall to tell us ‘Scrooges’ and ‘Grinches’ that we may end up in Hell for not being jovial about the anniversary of the supposed birth of Jesus. Whatever.

Right now, I’m not feeling merry during this Christmas season. I’ve never felt jolly since I realized that Christmas is nothing more than a contradiction of itself. It’s supposed to be a time of altruism and benevolence, but it’s more like a season of avarice. ‘Tis the season for corporate profits to jump as if they need more money, especially during the time of an economic coma.

You all should know the basic plot of A Christmas Carol by now. It’s the story about a decrepit old miser Ebenezer Scrooge who loves money and hates poor people. Sounds like a typical conservative republican. In fact he believes in more prisons and work camps for the struggling populace. Sounds like something today’s politician of any party would propose. It’s perhaps one of the reasons why this story is so relevant today that it’s told repeatedly ad nauseum through different versions, some live action and some animated. Charles Dickens would be flattered as hell.

Scrooge exist in mass produced forms in our society. His spirit resides in our politicians and the corporate CEO’s who worship the almighty dollar way more than human life and dignity. We live in an age where capitalism and free enterprise has gone into warp. The rich gets more richer, the poor get poorer, and right now, this is the way Scrooge’s drones want it out of the false and incorrect conclusion that such will create a strong economy while widening the class divide.

And so, corporations make it their mission to go into full force to advertise their products during the last few weeks of the year offering the best deals to the product driven populace. Many know they can’t afford to spend money this year, but they do so anyway. Why? Because it’s Christmas. We are ‘supposed’ to show kindness to others by giving tangible materials like toys, clothes and whatever else that’s been advertised on television during commercial breaks. Ironically, most Christmas specials always present a more selfless and noncommericalistic view of what Christmas is supposed about. They teach us that it’s better to give than receive while commercials tell the people about a special offer on another item some of us don’t really need and some of us can’t afford.

The quandary is that we live in a world where showing kindness means that you give materials to those who don’t have any. There’s nothing wrong with it, don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is that some acts of generosity doesn’t require money or products. Sometimes that gets lost in the era of commercialism.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Some of us can say how blessed some people are who have what they want, but we live in a society where blessings come with a price tag. God has been reduced to a corporation who shapes the cosmos in favor of the overprivilege and the well-to-do. He is nothing more than a proverbial semi-powerful magician who will only grant you husbands, wives, new jobs, cars and houses, but never world peace or an end to war, poverty and hatred according to many preachers and ministers. Yet, every December is portrayed as the one time per year where we are supposed to give up our primate human nature for a limited time only. Let’s be real. Human nature is riddled with contradictions and hypocrisy. We can not talk about ending our own problems with a straight face.

I no longer believe in a happy ass, fat white guy in a red velvet suit who could break into my home just to leave items instead of taking them. I have a harder time believing in a powerful religious figure who some people have said was a being of color but is constantly being shown as white and thus, is a symbol of whiteness and white supremacy. It’s hard to believe in saints in a world of sinners. This is a world where man, particularly the white man, power trumps the power of the one known as God.

So, while this season comes and goes, I realize that this is time repeating itself. It’s the same theme over and over again. Forgive me while I don’t join in on pretending to like fruitcake.


17 thoughts on “The Christmas Rant

  1. BrothaWolf you couldn’t have said it any better! I find myself sitting back and watching the sideshow every year begin! How can people be so damn gullible? I love you for writing this but how many will paid heed to the truth in your words? Keep doing what you are doing because it IS making a difference! Peace!


    1. Not too many people will listen, I’m afraid. And what I’ve said is nothing new really. I’m sure others have made similar points, but they too are largely ignored. All I can do is keep blogging, I guess.

  2. Its been a long jounery but basically its about being consistent.
    I became atheist when I was a child but I really had Know Idea what that ment.
    I didn’t know that I was “black”,was living in a “country/nation” that had kidnapped my ancestors,that i was living in a part of the city thats known as the ghetto because the “white/albinic” people that founded this “nation”
    hated and despised the black people like me whose ancestors where brought here against thier will to work for free.

    All i knew at the time was that my mother had me and my sister kneel down and pray to so “god” I never heard,saw or felt to this very day.

    And the only reason i went along with the holiday bullshit as long as I have is the same reason I’m still struggle to get to where know I/we should be.

    Most of my species does not have nor desire what it takes.

    “He is nothing more than a proverbial semi-powerful magician who will only grant you husbands, wives, new jobs, cars and houses, but never world peace or an end to war, poverty and hatred according to many preachers and ministers.”

    Maybe because most people especially white/albinic people don’t want world peace ,an end to proverty nor hatred – last time I checked that would render thier entire civilization obsolete and irrelavent –
    and as for black and brown people – lets face it we where and still are not smart or strong enough and thats if we are any different then white/albinic besides color ,less time I checked we are not – world peace ,an end to proverty nor hatred – we give f–k about too,not.

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of strength or smarts in that sense. What white people call as intelligence and power is actually ignorance, tricky and conquest. Sure, we can turn the tables if we wanted to and exact our revenge, but we haven’t. And I think a large part of it is due to us not sinking to that level.

  3. I had a realization about what these holidays are really about – gratitude and love – for yourself your fate your family your friends and all the things you like and love.
    Ever wonder why there’s a like button but no love button?!
    Anyway this seems to be the best time of year to say it althought I felt this way the first time I encountered you,abagond,truthbetold and ankhesen-mie my top four goto bloggers – I love you.
    I love you because of what you say and what you do ,I know love is a strong word and I don’t know any of you personally or even very well,but because of the seriousness of the the topics you all discuss and your sincerity as well as the hatred regularly sent our way I feel compelled and duty bound to exxpress this to you and all our friendly and unfriendly commenters as well.

  4. I dunno, i feel very lonely during the holiday season. I visit relatives and all, but something feels “gone”…maybe its because each Yuletide is a reminder of how many of already passed 🙂

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