More Guns

I know I was going to shut up about the Connecticut Shooting, but this latest information that I got from the email left me shaking my head once again. The National Rifle Association (NRA) held a press conference on what to do to prevent more gun related tragedies like the Sandy Hook mass shooting. Their solution, according to the head of the organization Wayne LaPierre, is to put armed guards in every school in America. In other words America needs more guns to fight the gun problem! If you want to see the whole conference, check out the video. Feel free to vomit anytime.

What I got from the NRA was finger pointing, which was the main point of the conference. They blamed everything from evil, gun-toting criminality in the streets to the mainstream media who hides “the truth” to videos games where killing someone in different brutal ways is the gameplay. Their basic stance is that they are what’s causing the gun violence in the nation, and they are the ones who blame gun owners. I know, I blame the media for a lot of things, but the NRA purposely denies any responsibility for being part of the problem.

I remember during my days in high school that every now and then, there would be cops inside the entrance with a metal detector waiting for incoming students. Usually, it was the result of some crime that occurred on campus. Whatever happened, seeing cops and metal detectors didn’t make me feel safe. Instead, I felt like I was going to prison.

This is why hearing the NRA in this video was nothing short of mind boggling. All I’ve heard was some old guy completely detached from common sense and reality convincing the people that the real victims behind this outrage over gun control are guns! I also heard was a false sense of compassion towards those who are assigned guns to protect society from crime and terrorists. Yet, I didn’t hear how some of those same “protectors” use their guns to exact their brand of justice on innocent people based on nothing more than pure suspicion and fear. All I heard was that there has to be  armed police at every single school in America to prevent another school shooting. The end.

Yeah, go back in time and tell that to the children at Stratford High School in Goose Creek, South Carolina who, in 2003, witnessed a drug raid. Armed police burst into the school with guns drawn forcing children to the ground. There was a suspicion that there was drug activity with the possibility of guns on campus. Police found no drugs or guns! Yet, several students were arrested for not cooperating “fast enough” for the police who screamed at them as if they were criminals. Did the children feel safe then?

What would’ve happened if the cops started shooting students out of a dangerous mix of fear and suspicion even though, as stated earlier, there were no guns found anywhere? That would mean that they shot at unarmed children! How would you think the students and faculty feel if they witnessed it? Safe? And let’s not even think of the strong possibility that they will walk out of the building with some mental trauma.

This whole fight firearms with firearms talk is played out. It will only exacerbate the problem further. It will not make schools safe. The students won’t feel comfortable seeing armed police, especially students of color. This whole subject is way more complex than just a simple solution as ‘more guns and cops’. It has already been done in the streets with very little positive results. What makes these people think that it will be any different in an environment of learning?


7 thoughts on “More Guns

  1. Because all we need is a bunch of Zimmermans running around on our school campuses picking off children for wearing the wrong clothing or running through the halls to get to class on time.

    The solution is not “training” volunteers and sending them into schools with an arsenal. The solution is adding some humanity to how we view other people in our societies. The solution is remembering the value of ALL life. The solution might be making it harder for people to get these weapons, and keeping military grade weaponry out of the hands of the average citizen. I’m all for keeping a firearm if you need one as long as you handle it responsibly and keep it locked up (also as long as you pass a mental health check and are properly trained). But there is no reason why someone should be remotely able to stockpile assault weapons, let alone have them in places where a potential shooter can grab them.

  2. This over-reaction from the NRA is a typical one. Their racist agenda and propaganda is sickening and quite transparent…

    People with this mindset lead to things like these:–184552291.html–184459951.html

    The NRA should be a massive joke, much like the Teabaggers – sadly, the extremists make them ominous. There is a shadow organization called the “Oath-keepers” that really need to be looked at under a microscope.

    Extremist nutbags have multiplied like rabbits, no?

    1. It’s getting beyond insane. I just don’t buy into the usual “more guns and police” crap. It’s been done over and over and we continue to see more chickens coming home to roost.

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