Final Thoughts On the Connecticut Shooting

This may sound callous, but I’m done talking and hearing about the Connecticut Massacre. I’m tired of it because there have been more violent events that occurred before, during and after the incident. Even now, someone is being murdered by a gun as you read this. Yet, as much as this nation seems to care – once again – about the lives of little white children taken by yet, another a mentally unstable but still has merits, white male who came from a nice suburban, mostly white neighborhood and raised by a kind and adequate mother who, for good unexplained reasons, stockpiled guns and taught her children, including the mentally unstable white male, how to use them only to be killed by the very thing she collected to ironically protect her. It’s the broken record that’s never thrown away.

Some people have made a lot of vital points about the whole incident and the reactions that followed way better than I ever could. It’s mostly due to the fact that society has been down this road before many times with the same general reaction. It shows that people are caught in some kind of loop where not only the same event happens over and over again, but the same reactions that followed are exhibited over and over again. We are no where closer to solving this epidemic as we were in 1999 when the Columbine High School Shooting occurred because society continues to miss numerous points mentioned in conversations and articles on how to stop this nation’s pathology of violence and the denial to basically pay no minds to it.

Here’s what we know: When white children are murdered, the nation stops and cries for them. When nonwhite children are murdered, and if they are black and brown children, the nation keeps moving without a care in the world. What happens to the former is always – always seen as unnatural, immoral and a tragedy. They are always seen as precious gifts, innocent and pure who do not deserve to die violently. However, and this is true, black and brown children are not seen in such a bright light or are not seen at all. When they are killed, the narrative is always trying to find reasons to excuse their deaths and not bat an eye. Some will go so far as to explain why they deserved -let me say it again in caps, DESERVED to die! To them they were either in the wrong place at the wrong time, as they live in violent neighborhoods, they did something to make themselves get shot in the first place and(or) they weren’t going to make it in society anyway. Whatever the case, the message is the same, “We don’t care about ‘those’ children.”

I’ve also saw some crucial points that no one cries for the children murdered overseas by U.S. military weapons. Society ignores those children while crying over children with more privileges due to their white skin. Yet, Middle Eastern children are not even seen as casualties worthy for acknowledgement let alone a prayer. No, this country will not only continue more military-style deaths, but will back nations with the same objectives. For instance, we will continue to support Israel’s terrorism against Palestinians out of believing the vicious lie that Israel is the “true victim” when their military outnumbers and overpowers that of the Palestinian people. Israel and America are like two bullying brothers who will double-team on a weaker person but will get upset if someone bullies a member of their family.

And still, society and its media will go spend all their time and energy trying to explain and excuse the cause of the tragedy, Adam Lanza. They will try not to paint him as some villain who killed for the sake of being evil. Instead, they will mold him as some good kid gone bad. They will turn his murderous deeds into a grave mistake that shouldn’t have happened in that area, and they will ignore the epidemic of gun violence while stoking the fears of the gullible and sheltered American people in which violence is only happens outside their communities.

All I will way is that this is white privilege turning on its head. Adam Lanza will definitely be in the same category as Tim McVeigh and James Holmes, but they and other men, mostly white men, will not be signs of a problem with white masculinity’s pension for senseless violence. That will only be reserved for black and brown men while desperate white racists, by any other name, will exaggerate their gun crimes as being the problem with society while ignoring men like Lanza and any other white male criminal that will come later.

These white male murderers will also not be seen as terrorists. To many whites only Muslims are terrorists. White men like Norwegian rampage shooter Andrew Breivik who murdered 77 people for the same of fighting Marxism and multiculturalism will not be seen as terrorists, but as militant, far-right killers who simply need rehabilitation.

I’m really tired of the same excuses, and people have done their absolute best to explain all things wrong with this tragedy and the reactions generated by it. It’s been said ad nauseum, but society refuses to learn. I’m tired of trying to explain only to have it fall on deaf ears.

I’m also tired of the lame attempts to blame those who are trying to teach people something. Those gun enthusiasts, right wing lunatics and color aroused clowns will go out of their way not to see this what it is, a multi-layered problem that requires urgent solutions. There is no reason intelligent or meritorious enough not to ignore it or continue the cycle going, but they will certainly try.

The bottom line is that it’s tiring talking about problems like this. I’m so tired, that I can’t even think of a good line to end this post. I’m at the point of apathy. Another mass shooting will occur and the reactions are predictable. What will be the turning point that this nation will wake up and do something? I don’t know, but I can safely say that it will involve the deaths of White Americans.


8 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On the Connecticut Shooting

  1. I co-sign everything in this post. There is nothing more to be said. RIP to all the young victims here and abroad they are with the angels.

  2. Man ,you people love complaining but solutions ,ah hell na.
    And I would chime in a few but I’ve leaned I’ll only be ignored.
    So defiantly fuck those albinic/white childern who will grow up to be just like thier racist parents;
    and to the countless black and browns who will be killed ignored and if relevent vilified – I see ya everyday and 90 percent of ya will go along to get a long and not say fucking word about this except to let me know I’m a worthless nigger that needs to be grateful for whatever garbage albinic/white throw my way.

  3. I have to agree. The more people talk about this shooting, the more it becomes clear they’re just using the tragedy to further their own agendas, and that’s sickening.

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