While We Grieve, Think: The Connecticut School Shooting

This nation is no stranger to gun violence. It happens everyday. It is also not unfamiliar with shootings that happen on institutions of learning and education. However, the most recent shooting was especially tragic. This mass murder’s victims were not just adults but little children.

On December 14 Adam Lanza murdered his mother at her upscale suburban home in just outside Newtown, Connecticut. He stole three of her guns to continue his carnage. His path of destruction would end at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Lanza took two semi-automatic pistols and laid waste to entire classroom of young children and taking out several more in another classroom. He also took out the school’s principal Dawn Hochsprung and a few other adults before he eventually took his own life. The families of that town were shocked and crushed that something this horrific could happen in their neck of the woods. None were more traumatized than the victim’s families and the survivors who witness their world shattered in a matter of minutes. The entire nation grieved for the community of Newtown. Even President Obama himself cried when he made a public announcement expressing his condolences to the families.

Perhaps the most painful reality about this is the fact that the victims were little children. To the mainstream media this makes the situation all the more heartbreaking, and it is. Nothing is more crushing than the death of a little child. However, there are few things we need to ponder while we are in a state of mourning:

“Other” Children

Think about the deaths of numerous children trying to survive in this country’s poorer areas, some of them are, no doubt, children of color. Consider Chicago’s increase in the shooting deaths of black and brown youth, the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, the many youth killed by U.S. soldiers abroad and  those destroyed at the hands of nations that the U.S. supports. Let’s not forget the dozens, if not more, black youth killed by overzealous vigilantes and color-aroused cops. Don’t they deserve not only sympathy but a call to action?

When President Obama said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, the young, unarmed black male teen murdered by Florida neighborhood captain George Zimmerman, people suspected it was nothing more than a political move. There was no consideration for mourning at the time of Martin’s death as grown people made it their mission to excuse the murder of a young teenager as something that needed to be done as they did, and are doing, with many other murders of black youth. It was more than obvious that not only black youth’s lives mean little in today’s society, but they also expected to die, and no one should start grieving because somehow they “deserved” it.

Gun Control

This also is a grim reminder of the ongoing controversial issue of gun control. There are many people who demand better and wiser policies that concern the use of guns. However, there are those who see the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, as the basis of their argument for more support to own more and more guns. To them this is a call for action for hyper-protection against anyone or anything.

No one can deny that the United States isn’t a violent nation. It’s history is soaked with blood and troubled with destructive violence within and outside its borders. Part of that violence comes from paranoia combined with a pension for violence, and with guns in the mix, it’s no surprise that this nation is among the leaders of gun-related deaths.

Yet, the conversation of what to do with guns seems more important than actually doing something about it. Politicians will spend hours upon hours on the issue and get further and further away from reaching a viable solution. And while they’re debating, blood is spilling, especially the blood of young children.

While this mass shooting will light another candle for this nation to reflect on it’s pension of, and for, violence, this will pass over. Then, another mass shooting will occur. More shooting deaths will pile on on on. In the end society will turn a blind eye to this and other senseless tragedies all for the sake of maintaining their paranoia while allowing more psychopathology to fester and more guns to fire.

Never Considered Terrorism

Lastly, no one will bestow the title of ‘terrorist’ to Adam Lanza who took out many people, including his own mother, before throwing his own life away. Yes, I know some will say that is the least of their worries, but why are certain people considered terrorists and others are not? There is no question that if they was caused by a Muslim or someone of Arabic-Middle Eastern descent, the mainstream media will call him a militant Islamic terrorist, and visions of 9-11 will reappear like ghosts.

There’s something else. We all know this is white privilege at work. Never being seen as a terrorist or thug, and awarded the privilege of individuality are two givens. But, the issue of violence by whites is overlooked, yet again. Not even the thought of intra-racial white violence, or white-on-white crime, will ever cross the heads of many, and that is a white privilege blessing in disguise – of something uglier.

Upon viewing the footage of the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting, I can’t help but notice that most of the people there are white. So, I can only assume that most of the victims were white. If so, then to ignore other examples of white people killing each other would be a huge disservice to the white community.

Violence by white people across this nation must be addressed. The only thing keeping that from happening is ignorance and denial. As a result more and more white people will be the victims of crime and violence by other white people way more often than they would like to believe. While they are worried about being victims of black perpetrators, real of imagined, they can’t seem to fathom that their assailant is most likely the same color as they.

These and other issues are something to contemplate if not for yourselves, for your children – all children.


21 thoughts on “While We Grieve, Think: The Connecticut School Shooting

  1. My heart hurts for the children who lost their lives in this tragedy. I hurt for the parents and loved ones of all those who were affected by this tragedy. With that being said, My feeling is that when all those deaths in Chicago and other major cities was taking place there were no flags flown at half mass, It was just something that mainstream white America associated black people and people of color with. While two young black men have died at the hands of two white men because of wearing hoodies and eating candy and one didn’t like the loud music coming from the automoblile of the other dead black youth, no flags were flow at half mass for those young men. Mainstream white America wants to associate violence to blacks and say this is something that is just typical of us. Well they may need to evaluate their thinking when they are in their tight knit communities. Where such things just never happen. Again Rest in Peace to all the victims of this horrendous tragedy. And mental health issues in America need to be addressed as well.

    1. @ Mary

      I truly can’t imagine the pain the parents must feel and I honestly have considered home schooling after this. I agree with you completely on how the same respect is not shown for black victims. We are expected to morn and have vigils yet whites don’t do that shit for us when we have victims. All I hear is bitch and moaning from racist whites about how racist we blacks are, but we are not too damn racist if we mourn their loss and they call foul at us when it is time we mourn our loss.

  2. I read on another blogsite that the shooters mother was an avid gun collector, The boy had some serious mental health issues yet she took him to the gun range and he ended up murdering her. This very telling about the environment he came from.

  3. And another thought when black children and women are missing they drag their asses issuing amber alerts. Another example black lives are meaningless.

  4. Thank you for putting into words exactly what I was thinking and feeling. I did not want to say anything out of my anger on how quick a bunch of dead white children becomes a national tragedy and we are dealing with death of black and brown children almost daily.

    I am also angered that every time a white person kills someone then they go around the world and back trying to prove they had some type of mental defect. Why do they not just call it what it is? A white person that does not give a shit about human life. A killer.

    1. I did not want to say anything out of my anger on how quick a bunch of dead white children becomes a national tragedy and we are dealing with death of black and brown children almost daily.

      I am also angered that every time a white person kills someone then they go around the world and back trying to prove they had some type of mental defect. Why do they not just call it what it is? A white person that does not give a shit about human life. A killer.

      But…I don’t mind speaking out of anger, and have done so!

    2. Agree 100 percent there is this mentality among white people that if a white person does this he must be ‘crazy’ instead of just a sadistic bastard who wants to hurt others. It kind of makes it hard to feel sorry for white people when something like this happens. When you walk around thinking your shit don’t stink and then you finally get a whiff one day it will be bad as all get out.

  5. I’m waiting for the attempts to defend this man as a poor, misunderstood intellectual with a mental illness. It’s like that every damn time a white person goes on a shooting spree.

  6. One last thought on this subject, I’m glad something will probably get done where gun control is concerned. Although I’m not sure the problem will be solved because you can get a gun just as easy as you can get a can of soda. But I guess when violence and tragedy happens in the black community i shouldn’t expect white America to care. White people fix the problem in their communities I suppose we have to do the same. We have to fix our own shit. We can’t expect white people to fix our problems period. We have to find our own solutions.

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