As always, Davey D says it way better than I could. Check out this article and part I as he breaks down all things wrong with the Newtown school shootings, the culture of violence and the way the media tries to sell it to the public.

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Sandy Hook Massacre is not Isolated It’s Part of Something that’s Systemic

Newtown godbless Part of the challenge before us is to move this of this national conversation away from seeing these acts of violence as isolated, out of the ordinary occurrences and see them as systemic. This is not comfortable for many to do. The reason being is that when you look at mass shootings from a systemic level it calls into question our actions or lack of actions. It calls into account our own complicity in furthering this culture of violence. It brings forth our own contradictions. This includes the types of conversations and steps we take to ensure peace vs cheering on and fantasizing about violent responses to complex problems. Far too many of us say we want peace  and we want our children to live in peace , but our actions say otherwise. We applaud violence. We accept…

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