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by Lavern Merriweather

When the baby mama drama sex scandal involving former box office star and governor of California Arnold Schrawzenegger first broke, one of the main things I remember is all the nasty, vile comments directed at his and Maria’s former nanny and mother of his child out-of-wedlock Mildred Baena. It’s as if Arnie was in no way responsible for his own actions, like she put the whammy on him or something. Last time I looked, he was a grown assman capable of making his own stupid choices. So, I’m pretty sure Ms. Baena didn’t have to resort to magic for him to lay down with her. Apparently, all she had to do was be in the room and available. Yet, because of the society we live in, any time a white male who is rich, successful, famous, and considered good-looking finds himself with a non-white woman, there must always be something afoot.

For almost the entire time, they were together John Lennon and Yoko Ono had to battle with the people spreading rumors that Yoko was constantly keeping John under the influence with the drug opium. And therefore, under her control, she was even given the hateful, cruel and frankly racist moniker of ‘the Dragon Lady’. Wow! I can smell their originality from here.

It isn’t enough that they hated her with an immense passion and never let her forget it, but then they have to be racist on top of that. Because God forbid (and apparently, He does) that a white male celebrity who is beloved by millions and also has millions have anything to do with some lowly little woman who ain’t even white. According to them, she just has to be doing something to keep him under her thumb. No way would he be with her willingly.

I especially recall the way the bullies kept harping on Ms. Baena’s looks. So, what? Arnie looks like Richard Gere or something? No, he is butt ass ugly. But the bottom line is he is a white male who is very popular. Despite his sleazy behavior he very wealthy and already has a beautiful loving white wife who comes from a very popular and wealthy family of her own (despite their sleazy behavior). And that makes all the difference in the world. It doesn’t matter that he is the man and obviously the more dominant of the two.

I mean really she has to coerce this asshole when he is stronger than her and could easily overpower her. Not that I’m saying it wasn’t consensual on both parts, but this whole notion from other white males that it was somehow a ‘forced attrition’ on her part is ludicrous when you consider that he is the one that is more capable of physical aggression. So if anybody was forcing anybody it would have to have been him!

But they will never see it that way just like they could never imagine that there is actually something appealing about this woman that would make him turn to her for sex, for comfort or a shoulder to cry on. That just can’t possibly be it. He can’t ever truly be in love with her because she’s not on his level.

When rumored longtime mistress to Thomas Jefferson Sally Hemming’s’ offspring took a DNA test to prove once and for all they were related to the late president there was still quite a bit of skepticism from his white descendants. Even after the undisputable evidence, they obviously felt that it was downright impossible that their ancestor would play horizontal bump-bump with the help. I got news for those people, it happened a lot more than even most of them will ever realize, and I’m not just taking about 150 years ago either.

America’s favorite bigot Strom Thurmond got all hot and heavy with his family’s black female maid, leaving her a pregnant teen girl with an out-of-wedlock biracial baby while he goes on to the Senate doing everything humanly possible to make his half black daughter’s life as miserable as he could by voting against every single right she was entitled too as he leads a nice happy typical suburban life with his white wife and kids.

Still, despite the fact that ‘daddy’ was a racist hypocrite and statutory rapist, because he was 22 and she was underaged, you have white males like Chris Matthews saying it could have been ‘true love’. Okay, everybody say “Aww”. The same way you have America’s biggest blowhard asshole Bill Maher replicating that sentiment about the relationship between Mr. Jefferson and Ms. Hemmings. I fail to see how you can have anything remotely resembling love when one person owns another person, especially when said person is seen as being no more human than the cattle kept in the barn and where any type of resistance to his advances will be met with a whip.

Granted, times have changed, but obviously, not enough to where the white male is being held just as accountable for the part he plays in a sexual liaison with a woman of color, at least not nearly to the same extent that she is. Damn those sneaky slave women and their evil plotting ways! I mean come on there is just no way would he ever be with her of his own free will especially a black woman. Ewww.