Guest Post: The Hypocrisy of Hip-Hop Politics

by Lavern Merriweather

Maybe my moral compass is a little faulty. So, forgive me if I don’t join in with the many other ‘high minded’ Negroes in this country who love to bash hip-hop and rap music. Why you say? Well, because I feel the argument’s sole basis is rooted in racism.

Think about it. None of rap’s staunchest critics white or black gave a rat’s hide about rap until white kids became rap’s largest fan base. Now, all of a sudden, rap and hip-hop is the scourge of all that ails black folks in America and is the number one cause of all black people’s problems. Negro please!

Black people need to come off of it. First of all, whatever problems we have in the black community were there long before hip-hop even existed. And even if rap music were to blame for the criminal behavior of some young black males, ever heard of a thing called personal responsibility? That attitude is very patronizing and is doing a complete disservice to young black men by telling them you don’t have to be held accountable for your actions. And what of young white males? This whole rap is evil nonsense has even gotten to the point where you have white people acting like if it wasn’t for rap, they wouldn’t be celebrating violence, misogyny, profanity, nudity, sexualized images, drug use and firearms.

Hold the freaking phone! Unless those people have been living in a cave, they would see that white people already celebrate and glorify those things! From porn films and Playboy to rock videos and reality shows white people have been glorifying negative, dangerous, sleazy, perverted entertainment for some time now. So, let’s stop pretending it’s because of those big scary black rappers that all of a sudden little Johnny and Becky have learned bad habits.

It would be one thing if the black people who nod their heads in agreement were also pointing out the disgusting images coming from white entertainment, but they aren’t. They just keep jumping on the bandwagon of bullshit, then acting like they are performing an act of ‘nobility’ instead of encouraging the racism disguised as morality from white media critics. Worse than that are the black women on many internet blogs that sing the daily song of misogyny bashing against rappers as if they aren’t getting the same level of disrespect from the media itself, Holly-white, comedians, TV shows, shock jocks or the lily white late night show brigade of male TV hosts. They act like the white males who criticize rappers for rampant sexism are doing it for their benefit and that’s pure grade A crap.

Spare me those white males could care less about black women. In fact I think the only reason they say those things is because they don’t want to see black women being sexualized. Since we have no definition of beauty and aren’t allowed to be sexy, we should only be the loud, bossy mammy or the brutish, angry female thug. I have witnessed a number of white female celebrity ‘nip slips’ where not only was nobody upset, but they were treating them as a good thing. That’s a very different reaction than when famed R&B singer Janet Jackson’s nipple went public for ten seconds at the Superbowl. You’d have thought she pulled out an Uzi and started spraying the crowd with bullets. Many white males in the media behaved as if she were public enemy number one which Ms. Jackson might as well have been seeing how she exposed the fact that not all black people are men.

Some of us actually do have lady parts (GASP!!) which is the main reason why I think she received so much hatred  from the white male media. That same media was very quiet about Justin Timberlake even though he was the one who yanked at Janet’s dress in the first place. No, sweet little Justin wasn’t at fault because white males are never at fault don’t you know, especially the ones who spent decades raping black females like the slave owners who weren’t actually rapists but ‘victims’ of those sneaky black female slaves and their voodoo. That shit was just so enticing that the white males couldn’t help themselves so we can’t be mad at them for doing as nature intended, right?

But black males, on the other hand, their nature is one of barbarism and brutality. That’s why they love that violent scary rap so much. I don’t hear the critics talk about the black kids who don’t listen to rap, yet go out and commit crimes anyway or the ones that do listen to rap yet have never been in trouble with the law. And we certainly won’t hear about the countless times that white entertainment has been a negative influence on white youth. Evidently, white people can do the very same thing as rappers, but it’s called ‘artistic’ instead of something bad like rap and hip-hop. And nobody is to blame, except the kids themselves. At least, that’s the rhetoric.

I heard of the Columbine shooting where two white boys named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree at their school killing several classmates and a teacher. Somehow, Hollyweird wasn’t at fault even when some of their friends stated that both boys were obsessed with the popular movie The Basketball Diaries starring Leonardo Dicaprio, particularly a scene where Leo gets even with the jocks by bursting into his classroom with a double barrel shotgun and shooting them viciously in the back while his friends clap and high-five each other. It should be noted that Leo was dressed in all black with a black trench coat on, the same thing the killers were wearing at Columbine.

Yet, there is no daily outcry since that tragedy from the rap critics for Hollywood to clean up its act and get its shit together and to stop being such a wrong influence on white youth, nor did black people speak out against Hollywood either despite the fact that black kids or kids of any race for that matter are just as susceptible to what they see in the movies. Still, when I do call out the black critics they piss and moan about how they don’t like that type of thing as well. Okay, then why aren’t you bitching about what images white people express to the public with the very same ferociousness you use to attack rap music? Plus, why do you get so freaking defense when I bring up white people, and why do you wait for me to expose how hypocritical you are being before you acknowledge it?

As I have said before in another post, I’m not saying that rap isn’t problematic. Some of it is, but it’s also problematic when we are selective with our morality. Black folks of all people know good and well that a lot of the criticism we get from whites in the media has an agenda behind it. This is exactly what white people said about rock and roll music until white males like Elvis and Johnny Cash came along. Then, it became the greatest thing since the wheel was invented. I’ll bet Bill Gates billions that if there were more white males in rap, white male critics wouldn’t be so critical. In fact they probably be just like the ones from the 50’s. Namely, it’s trash until we say otherwise. And for those black people who keep falling for and embracing the bullshit, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Hypocrisy of Hip-Hop Politics

  1. While I agree with some of what Lavern has to say, I take a few issues.
    First, rock n roll became even more of a problem once Elvis came along. He was the devil enticing women to promiscuity with his gyrating hips, which is why he was only shown from the waist up. Same with the Beatles and their long hair (it hung past the top of their ears, lord help us), which enticed our teens to rebel against social conformity. That stuff was bad; it was wicked; it was the devil.
    Fast forward a decade or two and Elvis and the Beatles were saints with their beautiful music, but now other forms were wicked and corrupting. 60’s rock inspired drug use, 70’s disco and punk- drug use, rebellion and promiscuity, 80’s glam rock – more drug use and promiscuity, 90’s rock – social rebellion, Metal and Marilyn Manson (actually singled out for Columbine) corrupted children to devil worship and misanthropy. This list goes on and even further back. In the 20’s, jazz was the culprit.
    The truth is, rap and hip hop are just what is most popular now and therefore is enemy #1 in the corruption of youth. However, as Lavern said, the real problem is personal responsibility. But unfortunately, personal responsibility is not a part of American culture. America is a culture that always looks to pass the buck so the blame will never truly land. Is it rap? Is is rock? Is it hip hop? Jazz? Media? Technology? Parental control? Our institutions? Our government? Our culture? In reality, it’s a little bit of everything (except jazz– I mean, c’mon, jazz? It doesn’t even have words. pah!)

    Although, despite all that, I do agree that rap and hip hop is likely housing some covert racism within its blame with which white media hasn’t had to contend. A belief I base solely on the American patterns of systemic racism. However, I won’t deny that there is the possibility that I could be looking for these things because of that history. As it stands, rap and hip hop stand in the same place so many genres before it have stood. Once it became popular, it became the corrupter (although in the case of punk and metal, they never became mainstream before being blamed).

    1. There’s some truth in fact there is alot of truth to what you said but when I say racism I’m talking about how many of the same white people who damn hip-hop turn right around and celebrate shows like The Sopranos or Sex and the City. Or many slasher films and mafia movies and magazines like Playboy,Stuff,FHM,Maxim that are perverse and wicked while hating on rap. And yes heavy metal took a beating but it wasn’t anywhere near the same degree that rappers get it.

      1. I would agree with you there. The Sopranos is just entertainment, but rap is destroying our youth? Seems quite biased.
        Although, I don’t know if rap is taking a greater beating then heavy metal (seems about even). However, I’m originally from the bible belt, so perhaps I have a different perspective.

      2. I don’t think heavy metal gets as bad a rap as rap gets, unless it is white supremacist heavy metal and it gets some criticism, but not as bad as rap gets.

      3. Not only that, how about the bashing that Obama got for having a (gasp) RAPPER perform at the White House? The phony outrage behind that nonsense was papable, yet not a peep about that racist, misogynist, gun-totin’, confederate flag-waving has-been Ted Nugent and his rabid support of Mittens and any other white teabagger.

        As far as heavy metal goes, it gets a bad rap from time to time, but definitely nowhere near the levels against rap and hip-hop. “Rock-‘n-Roll” was virtually banned from white airwaves until it was diluted down for their ears with the likes of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis – hell, even hard-rock bands like Led Zeppelin stole some great blues songs and skyrocketed to fame with them…and now, even the blues is going the way of the dodo because I hear more white artists being played on so-called ‘blues stations’.

        Getting off the soapbox…good post.

      4. Wow. Hypocrisy knows no bounds as to who’s to blame for anything. Like a high school student once said, it’s never wrong unless black people do it.

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