Guest Post: You Mad?

by Lavern Merriweather

I can’t stand Chris Rock! There, I said it.

Truthfully, I have never liked him or his brand of ‘comedy’. He is a hateful, childish, mean spirited, stupid, obnoxious, wussy little sellout who has become so offensive that he is now cringe worthy. And I agree 100 percent with his critics who say that the only reason why white people in the media like him and call him irreverent is because he mostly targets other black celebrities. In fact they say that punk couldn’t get arrested until he started persecuting other famous black people to an extent that he would never go after whites, which basically sums up the majority of black male comedians. Even when black males are being selectively, crucified that doesn’t stop them from jumping on the bandwagon to join in the attack. I guess that old saying is true about black folks, we really are our own worst enemy especially when it comes to those that do stand-up for a living.

I would have no problem with them criticizing other black people if they were also just as quick to pick on famous white males, which they are not. A perfect example would be music superstar Michael Jackson many black males took great delight in partaking of his daily mocking by white males in the media. The same white males weren’t so damn vocal about white male celebrities like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Don Henley, Victor Salva, Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael Kennedy, Doug Hutchison, Ted Nugent, Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, Gary Glitter, Congressman Mark Foley and even Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler.

The entire media, along with those black comedians, also were extremely silent when it came to the Catholic Church despite the many years of allegations and abuse, not to mention dozens of checks paid off to the parents for their cooperation in allowing pedophile priests to get away with the sexual abuse of children.

When I see black people continuously engage white people in their blatant racist hypocrisy, it then makes me question why it is that black folks are so quick to cry racism except when it’s staring them right in the freaking face! You can’t tell me that the same media that terrorized Michael morning, noon, and night from midnight to daylight and all times in between did so because they so love and want to protect children. Hardly. They did it for the same reason they always do, white males hate it when a ‘Negro’ acquires too much fame, success, money, and adoration, especially adoration.

Nobody cared about Michael when he was just another singing and dancing minstrel with his four brothers, or when he had a hit album in 1979 with his first solo effort “Off The Wall”. It wasn’t until the runaway popularity of 1983’s “Thriller” that his haters really started to take notice. That’s because that’s the moment when Michael became not just a superstar in America but all across the planet and was just as beloved internationally. Oh no!

A lot of white people in the media couldn’t handle that. He was supposed to only be popular with his own kind, not people of every race and certainly not with anyone white. Now, for those of you who want to join the chorus and say “Fuck Michael! He wasn’t really ‘black’ anyway”, Well can you blame him? Black people were the nastiest when it came to attacking him, and as for the plastic surgery and skin lightening, ever heard of a thing called when in Rome? We spend just as much time if not more than white people telling each other how unattractive and ugly black features are. So, why should we be surprised or offended when someone who is black that has the money and available resources to change those ‘horrible’ features would willingly do so?

We may not want to admit it but black people are the biggest problem when it comes to self-hate. Not to say that we should all run out and do what Michael did to compensate for our low self-esteem issues, I’m just saying that why do we complain about racism and white people’s negativity towards us yet rush to engage in those very same practices ourselves? We are the only ones who can break that messed up cycle yet we don’t!

When I had a debate with my brother about how I didn’t like the way a lot of black comedians only went after other black people he said to me that maybe they were more ‘comfortable’ talking shit about their own. It was easier to pick on safe targets. Well, that seems to be a complete contradiction to those black folks who say comedy isn’t supposed to be ‘safe’ or comfortable. While hosting the 2008 Oscars Chris Rock made some disparaging comments about British actor Jude Law. Which led to fellow actor Sean Penn, who was also a presenter that night, to correct Chris in front of the millions watching, and by correct, I mean he put that mouthy Negro in his place by letting him know better than to talk shit about a well-liked white actor.

It seems to me that black comedians are too afraid to talk crap about white people, even those who go out of their way to provide material. I’m referring to the well behaved law abiding upstanding citizens like Lindsay Lohan, (and her whole family), Britney Spears, the Kennedys, Charlie Sheen, and newly found freak show Mel Gibson. It doesn’t matter how fucked up a white star acts. Black comedians will leave them alone making me question why they are so vocal about the very racism they support with their crabs in the barrel comedy routines?


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: You Mad?

  1. Chris doesn’t want to lose his meal ticket. Those white people are his connections. So he goes after the black folks.

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