Guest Post: Don’t Tickle Me Elmo

by Lavern Merriweather

It appears that Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash, who does the voice of beloved cute little red muppet Elmo, is in even more hot water now that a third accuser has come forward with proof of his amorous activities with underaged boys. (Recently, a fourth accuser has appeared) There are now voicemails from Clash himself where you can very blatantly hear him say he wants to hook up with one of the accusers some time later for what one can only assume is a late night tryst.

Hmmmm…I always hate when these kinds of stories come out not because I want to defend yet another black man who is alleged to have done something wrong because it does seem in this case that Mr. Clash has some splaining to do. It’s just that it feels like even when a black person who may very well be guilty is charged with anything, the media jumps on it like a pack of wolves on a dead body in a way they would never do to a white male regardless of their level of guilt. I can’t say for a fact if Mr. Clash did this or not but what I have a problem with is why is he taking more heat than white males like Congressman Mark Foley or recently outed predator former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky to the point where he eventually quit the show, which I can only assume was in response to the show’s producers telling him either you go voluntarily or you will get booted.

Just recently, I wrote a two-part post on this website where I talked about my disgust in how black celebrities are treated in this country and how white celebrities are treated any time either does something wrong, or in some cases, is just accused because for a lot of black male who are famous, all it takes is a pointing finger in their direction. Not so with white males. They are given the absolute benefit of the doubt.

I guess because they are just such wonderfully, glorious, human beings that even the possibility of guilt is impossible. Color me NOT shocked that the whole Jerry Sandusky affair has been swept under the proverbial media rug by most white males in the media with very few if any comedians making their snide, hateful little quips. You see no shock jocks taking countless potshots or smug snobby talking show hosts[cough Dr. Phil cough]psychoanalyzing to death why they are such lowlifes.

But let that be a black male and you have the TMZs, MadTvs and SNLs chomping at the bit and jumping at the chance to hate on them in the most mean spirited way imaginable. And before you high-minded Negroes start squawking like a hawk that we shouldn’t be like white people and just defend someone who is black no matter what they have committed, you don’t seem to realize that by ignoring white males completely and only attacking each other then you are acting EXACTLY like those white people because you are falling for that okeydoke. The bottom line is white males in the media love to point out all the flaws and faults of people of color (POC), particularly black folks, that they would never acknowledge in themselves.

But since I hate sounding like a broken record, I will just say this I truly hope that Mr. Clash is not the bad guy he is being painted out to be. However, if he is a pervert, then yes. He needs to fry, but not before a number of white males who get to skate by unscathed, even when they are guilty as homemade sin. And if not, black people need to take a long hard cold look at themselves and ask why are you joining in the selective persecution, and then, try to pretend that you actually have standards?

Part of stopping bad behavior is by stomping it and rooting it out no matter where it comes from. If you’re not genuine with your stance, you’re just wasting your time, my time and everybody’s time by putting on this phony baloney show of outrage. Any adult who preys on the sexual innocence of a child should have everybody in their ass, and if not, we shouldn’t be attacking anybody then. There is no fence sitting here, people. Either we hate perverts, or we don’t, and if we do, then all of them need to have their feet held to the fire. Unless, you like picking and choosing who you vilify which frankly says so much less about you than the people that you like to single out.

What are your thoughts on the Kevin Clash-Elmo scandal, and what are your thoughts on this article explaining how Clash should not be called a pedophile? No homophobic comments will be allowed. 


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Don’t Tickle Me Elmo

  1. I’m feeling some kind of way about this. I don’t know I feel something else needs is underneath. I don’t condemn molestation of underaged youth, But something else fishy is going on with this. Yes he was out of order for being inapproriate with these young guys but I can’t help but feel that these little gigolos want a payday. I kind of feel bad for Kevin Clash. I just don’t know what to think about this. Good post as always .

    1. It’s possible. One of Clash’s ex’s said the same thing. Still, one thing bothers me, why did they wait until now to sue Clash? I know he revealed himself to be the man being Elmo years ago and have been making headlines ever since. It’s going to be hard to prove that Clash molested these men if he did it many years ago. Plus, there’s something else.

      I dunno. I guess part of me wants this to be untrue. It reminds me of Michael Jackson being accused of molesting boys. One of them retracted his statement after his death. But if if he did have sexual relations with young men, he must own up to his mistakes.

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